Wicklow Way attempt - cycling

Melanie SpathOct 2, 7:17pmHi and sorry for invading the running forum with a cycling topic....

I'm planning to cycle the Wicklow Way (http://www.wicklowway.com/) tomorrow in an attempt to break the current female record, which lies at 12h 4min by Beth McCluskey (achieved together with Peter O'Farrell, Paul Mahon and Eoin Keith). This time was also the previous male record until my boyfriend Ryan Sherlock broke this record with a completion time of 8h 17min almost exactly one year ago. Last year I supported Ryan in the car, tomorrow he is returning the favour. Eoin Keith holds the current running record with a time of 13h 46min.

I am planning to leave tomorrow (Saturday 3rd of October) morning some time shortly after 8:30am at the start of the WW in Marley Park and hope for a completion time of 10+hours, arriving around 7pm in Clonegal.

I am announcing this record attempt on this forum (and a few others) as a way of "officializing" the attempt. The attempt will be recorded with my GPS.

If you would like to follow my progress, Ryan will update his twitter account: http://twitter.com/ryan_sherlock continuously.

Melanie Spath.
Eoin KeithOct 2, 9:01pm
Best of luck Mel, and enjoy the journey! I hope conditions hold up for you.
John ShielsOct 2, 9:47pmBest of Luck Mel,
We'll keep an eye out for you tomorrow
Fidelma AyresOct 3, 8:08pmJust read on twitter that Mel Finished in 8hrs 55min - what a brilliant achievement! Well done Mel and to your back up crew for supporting you. Put your feet up now and have a well earned rest.
Melanie SpathOct 3, 10:06pmHi guys,

Thanks for all the best wishes. While the first half of the ride was in horrible conditions with gale force winds and a constant drizzle, the 2nd half was a lot more enjoyable.

I'll have up a blog post up about it soon.

Brendan O'ConnorOct 5, 4:22pmPretty impressive times Melanie, and a substantial margin over Beth's 'record'. Was Beth's original endeavour with a view to setting a female record? It looks like Mahon and co. slowed her down just a bit...!

Paul MahonOct 5, 9:46pmGuilty as charged for slowing down Beth indeed Brendan tho for sure the "Support" along the way provided by Jane and Graham was a serious incentive to stop and linger at various road crossings, particularly when we indulged a little in the facilities at Glenmalure Lodge :-)

Super time indeed Mel - Sounds like Ryan's record might be under threat next!
Peter O'FarrellOct 6, 11:38amWell done Mel (and Ryan) - very impressive times..

Great times all round and great times were had back in the 12 hour 4 minute day. Jane and Graham's campervan deli cum cake emporium really set the tone for a great day out. The gentle hum of Eoin's mobile phone fruitlessly calling him into work was an occasional interlude to the more constant rattle and hum of the chains and the views of finest Wicklow were only matched by the stunning vista on show on the campervan table of culinary delights.

Sub nine hours is impressive and for sure a standard has been set although Brendan is on the ball - Male ineptitude did indeed rule our day - peering in confusion at a map outside a ruined cowshed in Carlow wondering where the WW had disappeared too and fixing a puncture with mega tiredness probably cost Beth some time on her record attempt :)

It makes a great two day spin with Glenmalure Lodge as the stopover too..
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