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Eva FairmanerDec 14, 8:52amAt the recent AGM several people reminisced how we used have a “proper” IMRA do” to mark the end of the year - it being a chance for everyone to put on their ball gowns (fine attire in the case of the gentlemen!) and mark their dancing cards. After some lively discussion the Committee very generously offered to fund such a “hop” if someone would like to organise it so ignoring my mother’s advice “when in the army, never volunteer” I put up my hand to do so. I shopped around getting quotes for the committee on venue hire, food and a DJ and Blackrock Rugby Club, Stradbrook Road (by the Monkstown Roundabout) clearly romped home as best value. I know some people will give out that it is southside/too near the sea/too far from the mountains/too Ross O’Carroll Kellyish being near the “Dort”/etc. etc. but I offered to do the job so please no complaining…
The night in question will be Saturday 28 January which is the date of the Ticknock Winter League race. IMRA propose charging a paltry €5 per ticket in order to gauge numbers so I would be happy if you would email me (evafairmaner at hotmail dot com) if you (and/or partner) intend coming. We are hoping for large numbers so please do come along for a great night. This is excellent value considering more than 10 years ago we paid £10 if my failing memory serves me correctly.
I will let you know exact times for kick-off or should it be starting time?/menu/tickets with directions and more information in early January.
Happy Christmas and Injury Free Running in 2012.
Brendan LawlorDec 14, 10:51amFair play Eva! Great idea!

Hope lots of the new faces at the races from recent years turn up

And let there be no whinging, Roish!
Tim ChapmanDec 14, 12:13pmSweet right next to my house.Ill be there.
James ClancyDec 14, 1:09pmSounds fantastic Eva, fairplay great work, looking forward to it and the new season!!!

So is it back to yours Tim for the after party??!!

Eva FairmanerDec 14, 9:51pmHi folks, if you will be attending I need you to email me at evafairmaner at hotmail dot com so I will have definite numbers for the Rugby Club caterers. Thanks.
Niamh O CeallaighDec 17, 10:54pmGreat plan Eva. Looking forward to it.
Will send you an email to confirm.
Mary CollinsDec 18, 3:30pmHi Eva. Thanks for all the time and effort looking into all above.
Will e mail you also. Mary Collins
Eva FairmanerDec 28, 5:01pmFolks, lots of people have said they are looking forward to the Social at the end of January in Blackrock Rugby Club but I do need to have confirmed numbers so start emailing me please! eva dot fairmaner at hotmail dot com. Happy New Year.
Eva FairmanerJan 1, 12:33pmHappy New Year to all. I realise on the last post I incorrectly stated my email address - it should read evafairmaner at hotmail dot com. I am hoping to meet the Events Manager on Wed night to discuss some further details and then to meet with the caterers to discuss the fine cuisine (good vegetarian options too). It would be great if people would start emailing me (so far about 40 people have) to give rough numbers. Many thanks.
Eva FairmanerJan 6, 9:00amHi all, I am meeting the Catering chap next week to discuss the menu so I would be grateful if people could let me know if firstly they are attending and secondly if they would require a vegetarian option. There will of course be a vegetarian option but he would need to know roughly what numbers he will be catering for which should determine whether there will be two vegetarian dishes to choose from. I hope to have tickets to sell next week at Howth race which should have directions/map on the back. The next important thing will be sorting out music - the DJ is looking for some requests so if you will be attending you might like to suggest some of your favourites you like to fox- trot to! evafairmaner at hotmail dot com
Eva FairmanerJan 12, 12:37pmAn update...65 tickets sold so far and only one young lady confirmed as a vegetarian. If there are more vegetarians intending to come alone please email me (evafairmaner at hotmail dot com)otherwise no complaints will be entertained on th enight as regards the menu!. I will have tickets at Howth Hill race but don't worry if you don't have a ticket before the will be gratefully accepted at the door. If you haven't let me know already please do so if you intend coming along - purely for catering purposes. Thank you.
Eva FairmanerJan 18, 7:47amI am confirming numbers on Monday with the catering chap so I really do need to know definites by Sunday (I will be at Howth selling tickets). It would be a shame if you turn up on the 28th and get no dinner! Please confirm if you intend attending if you have not done so already. Thank you.
Louisa O'SullivanJan 18, 11:00amThanks for organising this Eva, looking foward to seeing everyone again, Ger maintains that i actually have to run a mountain to call myself an Imra member and attending a dinner dance doesn't count :)
caitlín bentJan 19, 12:39amHi Louise,
Glad you r making it to Blackrock, with the emphasis on the rock! It will b nice to c some faces fro the past.
niamh o ceallaighJan 19, 11:10pmSure Caitlin, you will be seeing Louisa on Sunday in Howth. I'm sure she wouldn't dare turning up at the "mountain runners" social without first running a mountain!!
Eva FairmanerJan 23, 8:19amLast call folks for your dinner! I have 80 people confirmed and I have to give the final numbers to the caterer today. I don't want those who confirmed they are attending to have their dinner halved to cater for people who arrive on the night unannounced! Please mail me. Thank you and here's to a great night on Saturday.
karl walshJan 24, 2:53pmhi

just emailed for the meal party night hope its not to late

Eva FairmanerJan 25, 2:53pmDon't worry Karl, have added you to the list as there were a few more takers over the last days. There is plenty of parking at the rugby club for those of you who enquired. The evening kicks off at 7pm and dinner at 8pm.
Mick HanneyJan 25, 2:57pm
I'd like to go but I'd like to run, is that possible? :-)
Stuart ScottJan 25, 3:06pmMick, according to the event page it already includes a run. 1km but with only 1m of climb. Presumably it's to the bar for last orders!
Mick HanneyJan 25, 8:01pmThanks Stuart. I'm worried about my lack of recent experience at social events so I might have to opt for the short course.
Oliver CastleJan 25, 8:23pmIts obvious that given any excuse that a lot of girls will put on there glad rags while the lads just stick on a pair of jeans and a shirt / t'shirt that has something to do with running. A few of us lads need a ruling, is this black tie / blackrock posh or can we wear that TNF hoodie that we brought in the sales at Xmas.
Eva FairmanerJan 25, 9:50pmMick, if you have volunteered before you will know the can run as long as you are first on to the dance floor when the DJ calls you up. Now Oliver...if you want to wear your Tux from your Debs you can but I think some of the lads will dressed like Ross O'Carroll Kelly and you don't want to stand out from the crowd! I am just worried as to what footwear is best...
Niamh O CeallaighJan 29, 7:58pmThanks so much Eva for organising a super night last night. It was the best IMRA party in years. Great to catch up with lots of people.
Caroline ReidJan 29, 8:42pmGREAT night - thanks to Eva and the committee :o)
John LanganJan 29, 10:28pmBrilliant night! Thanks a million Eva and everybody else who organised/came/dance/jived/conversed.
Caitlín BentJan 30, 9:54amYes indeed Eva. A great night. Thank you again for taking on the organization of a very enjoyable event - hard to pick which event of the day was best - Ticknock Run or Blackrock 'Hop':)
Paul O'GradyJan 30, 12:39pmIt was a great night on Saturday - really well done Eva - it far exceeded my expectations.

We're very lucky to part of such a great association.
Pól Ó MurchúJan 31, 8:24amWell done on organising what was a great night indeed Eva.Great success! Thank you.
Eva FairmanerJan 31, 10:52amWell it was thanks to IMRA's Committe agreeing to fund the event and then it was thanks to everyone for turning up! Today is the first day that I don't feel I have whiplash after over exuberance on the dance floor!
Kate HarrisJan 31, 7:40pmThank you very much Eva and the Committee for organising such a great night.
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