Ticknock Winter

Richard NunanJan 4, 12:11amHi folks,

Race Director still required for this race.

Laura FlynnJan 11, 8:12pmHi Richard-I was hoping to run this race but rather than see it cancelled will agree to do race director if no-one else comes forward in the next week.
If there is anyone out there who would like to volunteer but are worried that the role of race director would be too daunting I would be happy to talk them through it and/or help them. It's really not as difficult as the job title suggests-it' more to do with delegation and organisation and you will usually have a very good team around you.
My number is 087 7420795 if anyone wants to talk to me about it without making any commitment.
Richard NunanJan 11, 8:44pmThanks Laura - hopefully someone will come forward. As you are already down for Bray, which is one of the harder races to Direct in the year.

Again if someone wants to do Howth instead - I can Ticknock - I am not able to do both.
Laura flynnJan 11, 9:09pmI will swap with you and do Howth then Richard if you're sure you're ok with that?
I might call you early next week just to make sure everything is covered.Would you mind texting me your number-mine is 0877420795. Thanks.
Billy AlexanderJan 12, 1:56pmHi Richard, I was in touch with Laura and volunteered to do RD for Howth.
Could you please contact me on 0eight7 seven7seven6six6six
I will be not on email after 4:00pm today until next Tuesday.
Thanks, Billy
John KellyJan 15, 5:51pmHi Richard

I'm on 087 7511624 if you need to talk to me re race marking

Ken BarryJan 17, 1:42pmHi, I would like to assist as a volunteer for Ticknock. I intend running on the day. Please contact me on 086 2733644 or else maybe someone can register me on 'my imra'. Looking forward to it - Ken
Richard NunanJan 18, 11:00amHi Folks,

10 days before Ticknock.

Anyone out there to volunteer for Laptop or First Aid ?

If so please Volunteer today - we will be making a call on this race at tonight's committee meeting.

Donal TroddynJan 18, 11:08amI'll do laptop op.
Mick HanneyJan 18, 1:44pmI'll do first aid.
John KellyJan 20, 2:21pmHi Richard

I am doing a recce tomorrow mornig at 8.30 of route. It would be great if you gave me a ring then . 087 7511624

eoin hardimanJan 23, 11:47amRichard,

Do you still need volunteers. I'm available and will run or not run depending on what is required.


Richard NunanJan 23, 12:54pmFor those who may not see it on the event page :

Registration at Taylors Three Rock Pub starting at 09:20am and closing at 10.30 Sharp! If Taylors carpark is busy then park at MARLEY PARK and walk/carpool back up to Registration. Please carpool from registration to the race start at Ticknock car park. Race start is at 11am.





henny brandsmaJan 23, 1:24pmHi Laura.
If you are still looking for some help on saturday,i am availeble on the day,either as marshal or for other dutie,s.
You can contact me by e-mail hennybrandsma@yahoo.ie or mobile 087-7604825.
Regards Henny.
Gary RevinsJan 23, 9:16pmHi, I would like to to take part in my 1st IMRA event at Ticknock on Saturday. Do these events start on time? I just need to plan it so I know I can depart at a certain time. Thanks.
karl walshJan 24, 12:30pmhi

is it possible to volunteer for this and run it aswell?

karl walsh
Laura FlynnJan 24, 1:20pmHi Karl-yes you can volunteer and run. Can all volunteers please report to me at 9.10 am on Sat at the registration.

Hi Gary,yes the races start on time..see post from Richard re registration and car-pooling
Mick HanneyJan 24, 1:57pmAre more volunteers needed? If memory serves this race needs a few marshalls and the volunteer list to date isn't very extensive.
Sam ScrivenJan 24, 3:01pmLaura / Mick,

I can do a non-running volunteer on Saturday. Password reminder hasn't arrived on my phone yet, so haven't registered on the race page. See ye at 9.10 at Taylors.

karl walshJan 24, 3:20pmhi laura

thats great i will volunteer but do i need to register to volunteer as i have no myimra account?

Laura flynnJan 24, 3:22pmHi Mick,

thanks for that alert re marshalls-how many have we used in previous years do you know? I intend also having Henny marshall the point at the masts where the bike-route crosses the race route with runners to give way to bikes.
I now have 11 volunteers in addition to lap-top,shadow lap-top,race marker and first aid. I will allocate roles by tomorrow-am just waiting to clarify a few things. I think this should be enough -I generally get some people to do a couple of jobs. On that point would you be able to act as parking steward with one other as it could be v. busy?
laura flynnJan 24, 3:25pmthanks to Sam and Karl for volunteering. You should register in order to have your input recorded. You will find the procedure on the website. See you Sat. at 9.10.
Keep an eye on this page as I will be allocating jobs shortly.
Mick HanneyJan 24, 3:27pmRe: marshall numbers, I'd have guessed at least 3 or 4 from previous years? Someone with better knowledge of the route might give a better view?

Re: role on the day. Happy to oblige in whatever capacity.
Richard NunanJan 24, 3:36pmHi Folks,

I have added Sam and Karl as helpers - thank you for Volunteering.

We are reviewing the course layout tomorrow night as we need to change it from last years course so as not to cross the Mountain Bike trails at any stage.

Justin Rea and John K will report back. We will know then deatils of short course and the amount of marshals required.

Approaching the same amount of volunteers that we had last year, thanks to all who have volunteered so far.
laura flynnJan 24, 4:37pmJust to confirm that I will finalise volunteer roles including race marshalls after tomorrow night when the race course is being finalised.

Race marshalls will need to be people familiar with he course and obviously non-running. I already have Henny down if any other of my volunteers want to step forward it might make things easier for me in handing out roles.
Sam ScrivenJan 24, 5:40pmLaura,

Anywhere cold, mucky and exposed would suit me just fine

laura flynnJan 24, 8:23pm
Please note that registration will close at 10.00am on Saturday for NEW REGISTRATIONS ie for people who have not run an IMRA race before. The reason being that the registration of these runners takes longer.

Registration for all other runners will remain open until 10.30am.We will have to be strict about closing it at this time to enable both runners and the race officals get to the start.
Mick KirwanJan 24, 10:06pmHi,

I was just wondering are Junior races ONLy for people under 18? or can 1st timers run yje junior/shorter course
laura flynnJan 24, 10:25pmYou can run the shorter course but please state this as you go through finish line ie say you didn't do the full course and that you are not a junior - otherwise it can mess up the results.
katia beeJan 25, 10:43amhi just wondering if there are anybody leaving from carrickmines and area that could give me a lift to three rock pub?
Des KennedyJan 25, 11:43amKatia,

Check Barry Tennyson's car pool entry on the event page for this. 2 places available from Carrickmines Luas station at the moment.
Katia BeeJan 25, 12:08pmHi,
Yen i've seen that but how can i conctact him?

Thanks for tour he :)
Katia BeeJan 25, 12:09pmThanks for your help :)
Des KennedyJan 25, 12:33pmClick the link "Book" at the right of that carpool entry that will bring up a form. Fill in the details and submit. That should send a text message to Barry for you and book your place with him.
katia beeJan 25, 2:37pmI'll do!
thanks so much I'll might see u on saturday then
katia beeJan 25, 2:40pmI think there are no sits left cause there is no link "book" beside it!=(
michael donlonJan 25, 9:35pmHoping to do this race on Saturday will be travelling from North County Dublin if anyone needs a lift-just let me know.
Brian FureyJan 25, 10:28pmHi Laura,
I'll be there saturday at 9 to give a help out with the race. Can help with the marking, marshalling etc.

Dave KellyJan 25, 10:37pmHi Michael,

I am hoping to do this also. I live in Skerries but we could meet somewhere convenient. Or I can drive if it's more convenient. Let me know.


Sarah Ni RuaircJan 26, 9:03amHi Laura,

Kevin O'Riordan will give me the IMRA laptop and I'll bring it with me on Saturday morning.

See you then,

Mike JordanJan 26, 10:45amHi Laura

I've been nursing an injury lately but was hoping to run this weekend...unfortunately its still not right. I know its a bit late but I'm more than happy to help out especially if it involves wearing waterproofs from head to toe and standing for an hour or 2 on a hilltop/junction :)

Laura flynnJan 26, 11:31amThanks Sarah-I will be there at 9.10..are you bringing printer as well?

Mike-thanks for that offer-if you are v familiar with course I will put you down as marshall. See you 9.10 on Sat.

Please note that the JUNIOR COURSE will be 5.5km and not 7.5km as advertised
Richard NunanJan 26, 11:51am
Correction on my earlier post (Thanks Paul)

IMRA competitors who are seen to arrive at Ticknock in single occupancy cars will be denied entry to the event.
Jean O'NeillJan 26, 12:58pmMichael and Dave, I live in Swords, perhaps we could all go together? Perhaps meet at the ALSAA club, Dublin airport, or elsewhere? I will ge going to the prize giving.
Fergus ByrneJan 26, 3:35pmHi Folks,

I was hoping to make it along on Sat as a first timer at an IMRa event. My only question is that I'll be travelling from Wexford and well you say that people who turn up in one car will not be allowed enter. As a first timer who does not live in Dublin this does not seem to work as I don't know anybody coming from my direction. Maybe one of the organisers could clarify
Fergal ConnollyJan 26, 3:35pmAny update on the route being changed??
Mick HanneyJan 26, 3:52pmFergus, the registration is happening at the pub (Taylors 3 Rock). Park there and solo drivers can car pool from there. That, or jog up the road from the pub. A nice warm up of c. 2k.

Maybe a marshall at the pub could ensure that those driving from pub to race start are not solo occupied so the traffic is dealt with at source so to speak.
Fergus ByrneJan 26, 3:54pmCheers Mick, It makes more sence now!!!
John Kelly71Jan 26, 4:09pmCourse Changes

Hi All

Due to the new bike track on Ticknock it has been nessesary to change the route of this years race.

Themain change is that instead of running above the tree line at 3 rock where the bike trail is the race will now be running through the woods below bike track parallel to it.
The race will cross the bike track in 2 places the first on a corner where the track bends back on itself. Runners should try and stay off the bike track here as much as possible by running inbetween the looping back track. A marshell will be here to advise.
The race then turns uphill and runs beside the bike track for about 100 metres. The track is good here and there is no need to go on the bike track.
The last crossing point is straight forward and brings yuo back onto usual course.
laura flynnJan 26, 4:13pmThanks to all who have volunteered. Ive allocated the following roles. They're not written in stone so if anyone has a particular difficulty with what I've given them can they call me on 087 7420795 and I can re-jig things.See you all at 9.10 on Saturday.


Mike Jordan and Aidan Blighe....unless someone else would like to do this as a cooldown/training run?


Henny Brandsma
Eoin O'Brien
Brian Furey
Sam Scriven

Marshalls to stand at point where junior course splits from main race, at the two points where route crosses the MTB trail and at the top of the bone-shaker. Please talk to John Kelly the race marker if you need clarification on 0877511624. Marshalls to wear high-viz. jackets.


Mick Hanney ( also doing first aid).
Ken Barry.

High-viz. jackets useful.


Charlie Lyons- Cash desk.
Mike Jordan-Hand out numbers and ,if needed, help at registration desk where lap-top is.

Aidan Blighe-hand out numbers
Amidou Demeble-hand out numbers

Sarah Ni Ruairc-sign-in desk.

Donal Troddyn-lap-top
Des Kennedy-lap-top


Ken Barry-recording numbers
Declan O'Dwyer-recording numbers
Eoin Hardiman-Recording numbers
Charlie Lyons-collecting numbers
Karl Walsh- collecting and sorting numbers
Padraig O' Dwyer-collecting and sorting numbers

karl walshJan 26, 5:20pmhi laura

i see my name is listed as non running, i would like to run and volunteer if thats okay

laura flynnJan 26, 5:37pmfew changes already-

Declan O'Dwyer-sign in desk
Sarah Ni Ruaric-Record numbers at finish

Aidan Blighe-no need to demark if you plan to race-Mike Jordan is happy to do it on his own
laura flynnJan 26, 5:39pmKarl-it's ok for you to run..can you help with numbers as soon as you finish though?

Laura FlynnJan 26, 6:30pm
If any volunteers are unclear as to what their responsibilities are in their designated roles can I suggest you go to the volunteer section,click on race director and you will see various headings such as registration guidelines, finish-line guidelines etc. This should break down the particular responsibilites for you and explain the processes involved. Feel free to call me if you have any further questions.
Michael DonlonJan 26, 10:29pm
guys you can give me a call on 0857065659.
Brian O'MurchuJan 27, 11:32amAnyone going to this race via town/northside? Am looking for a lift!
Sean De-ClaineJan 27, 2:23pmI'm coming from rathmines, have room for 2 in the car, preferably someone who knows how to get there lol. My email is sean.declaine@gmail.com.
Laura FlynnJan 27, 2:56pmI have made the following change to helpers:

Charlie Lyons to record numbers at finish instead of Ken Barry and Ken, you are goin to collect and sort numbers at end. Charlie - you are doing 2 jobs now but if I get another non-running volunteer I can slot them into one of your roles....any takers?
karl walshJan 27, 3:03pmlaura

yeah no bother i will help straight away after run with the collecting of race numbers, do i still need to be there for 910?

laura flynnJan 27, 3:16pmKen, you don't need to be there at 9.10-when you do arrive can you just report to me so I know you're ok for finish.
Donal Troddyn Jan 28, 4:59pmI was on the laptop today, and despite a slight upset, everything went well. Two things, though. First, five people took the wrong numbers ( probably because I couldn't print a runner list) and so they don't have the correct name associated with their result. If you ran today and your name doesn't show up in the results, say so here so it can be corrected.

Second, I didn't input the full details for the new registrations. If I can get access to the laptop for a day either before or after Annagh, I'll finish the job. The completed forms are in the laptop bag.
aidan roeJan 28, 5:09pmWell done to Laura and Helpers today. A super race. Arriving at Ticknock this morning I wasn't expecting anything special, I do a lot of my training there. The new route was class. the long stretch thru the forest was a blast and the descent thru the trees was sick.So hats off to however set new route.
Paul LarkinsJan 28, 6:14pmThe below link is some video footage of the start of the race this morning

Bruce ShenkerJan 28, 6:39pmJaysus, lot of folks at the race, 2 minutes to show the whole field!
Looked great to me, stuck in purgatory no running races because its winter and no snow for snowshoe races, or ski touring, not even frozen lakes for skating.
laura flynnJan 28, 7:01pmHi Bruce, thats what you get for leaving sunny Ireland..maybe we'll see you back here in the Summer for a few races.
Thanks to everyone who helped today. It made it easy to organise the race when the 16 people who volunteered were so willing and enthusiastic.
There was a lot of thought and effort put into the route by Justin and John Kelly so it's down to them that you all had such..so well done.
Also ,well done to Donal and Des on the lap-top for coping so well with the printer crisis and getting you all to the starting line on time.

Jean O'NeillJan 28, 9:36pmI wasn't sure of my number today, think I wore 310, when I look at Howth results my number is 308. However I was given the prize for 1st W60 so maybe I DID wear the correct number---
Brian O'MurchuJan 29, 11:42amI have a race report to post but I can't log in to MY IMRA....help anyone?
Mick HanneyJan 29, 12:56pmBrian if you post up your mobile no. myimra details can be sent to you and once logged on you can add your report.

@Donal. All forms from yesterday are now keyed in.
Brian O'MurchuJan 29, 1:03pmThanks Mick. My number is zero 86 eight 97 three 144
Mick HanneyJan 29, 1:11pmBrian, you are not listed to invite so you must have gotten your details before. Your logon should be firstname.surname and you should be able to click on a forgot password link.
Brian O'MurchuJan 29, 1:27pmWhen I clicked on 'forgot password' earlier today I didnt receive a text. Still cant log in
Paul LarkinsJan 29, 1:35pmI'm the same, have photos to put up but the password reset does not seem to be working
Stuart ScottJan 29, 4:38pmYeah, there seems to be a problem with the texts at the moment. The password reset does work, it just won't tell you what your new password should be :-)

Well done yesterday Laura and helpers, very efficiently organised!
Donal TroddynJan 29, 6:37pmJean - You did take the wrong number but we spotted it when you came through the finish area and fixed it then. There were five others.

Mick - Thanks for doing that. I'm sorry you got stuck with it.
Eoghan O'DonnellJan 30, 9:29amWhat a great race, only my second ever race, Howth been my first last week, also its the longest distance I have ever ran!! Well done to everyone, I think I'm addicted.
katia beeJan 30, 10:59pmhi!
nice race, are there any pictures around?
CaitlĂ­n BentJan 31, 9:53amKatia, If you look at Paul Larkins' input above, there is great video footage of all the runners of Saturday's super race on u.tube.
PaulLarkins LarkinsJan 31, 10:58pmHi, I have further photographs of most folks who ran, one the password reset is working again I will look to try and upload them.
Paul LarkinsFeb 11, 10:49pmHi, the photos from Ticknock can be found on Flickr, sorry I cannot get my password reset:

Brian O'MurchuFeb 15, 7:29pmThanks to Kevin I could finally post my race report from Ticknock!
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