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Torben DahlJan 9, 8:49pmLooking for some advice on hiking boots. Myself and a couple of friends are going to Morocco by end of this month to do some hiking in the Atlas Mountains. We had planned to rent boots down there, but this has now fallen through.

Anyone having any suggestions on:
1) Places to hire boots in Ireland.
2) Suggestions about which boots to buy.

Thanks and regards,
aidan roeJan 10, 6:59amTorben
i would consider buying a pair over renting. Renting boots is a crapshoot. You may think boots are ok in shop where your renting only to have your foot destroyed with blisters a day later. i've seen it happen before. it can ruin a holiday. i'd look at buying a pair now and getting some miles in before the end of the month. I know there expensive, but there your most importanat bit of kit. and no I dont work in any of the outdoor store:-)
cormac o ceallaighJan 10, 8:28amcontact Des Clark at www.nomadicmorocco.com , he lives in Morocco,( from Dublin originally) i went on a trip with him a few years ago in the Atlas mountains , he would have good local knowledge and contacts.
Jeff FitzsimonsJan 10, 11:19amI love that a fairly random inquiry such as Torben's has had such a specific reply as that delivered by Cormac.

Gas stuff really, Cormac has a man in Morocco for boots. What next, a lady in Niger for galoshes? :)

Back on topic though, I'd be wary of the renting option as well, sounds like a recipe for sore feet.
CaitlĂ­n bentJan 10, 11:22amTorban, I would agree with Aidan. Buy a reasonably decent pair of boots and 'break them in' before you go. Look out for The Great Outdoors sale which should be coming up soon. Ask staff when. (I do'nt work there but my husband got a pair of' Meindle' at a good reduction last year.) Try to go on 1st day of Sales. Wearing the right socks also is important.
Diarmuid O COLMAINJan 10, 3:23pmSale on in Basecamp, middle Abbey st at present, I think
Jeff SwordsJan 11, 1:01pmWas wondering when Basecamps started, thanks Diarmuid.

The Great Outdoors sales starts the 19th, or so I was told when I last rang to check.
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