No myIMRA invite

Jeff SwordsJan 17, 10:13amHi guys,

Anyone else had an issue with a myIRMA invite recently ?

Before Christmas I got a member to invite me but it never came through so I'm currently unable to volunteer etc.

Derek KellettJan 17, 7:40pmLads, while this is up on the boards, could somebody invite me on aswell. Derek Kellett 087 1466292.
Derek KellettJan 17, 8:05pmThanks Ger
Dermot MurphyJan 18, 8:43amHi Jeff, you are no longer on the list of potential invitees, so it looks like your invite/log on got lost somewhere along the line. Can you contact Eoin Keith (eoin.keith at imra dot ie) to see if he can find the problem? In the meantime, I can add you as a volunteer for any race - just let me know which race you want to volunteer for and what role you want.
Jeff SwordsJan 18, 9:56amThanks Dermot,

Stick me down for Annagh Hill for the time being.

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