Croagh Patrick

Paddy LordJan 22, 9:56amWhat happened to the Croagh Patrick race?
Richard NunanJan 22, 4:32pmHi Paddy,

We are giving it a break this year, should be back next year.

John LangenbachJan 23, 10:17amSmall point, but section 17 of the IMRA competition rules document on the website seems to imply that there has to be an Irish Championship race on the mountain. Not sure how binding these rules are but perhaps the text should be modified to describe the series without requiring specific mountains? Something like "Five of the highest and most challenging mountain races across the island" with perhaps an "e.g." before mentioning the traditional routes.

(Similarly, the LC section specifies a series of 5 races but there are 6 this year)
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