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Dermot MurphyJan 24, 9:35amJust a reminder that anyone can put up a race report which is always great to read in the Race page. You can post up the race report by logging in to MyImra or if you are not set up on that, you can send it to me and I can put it up for you (dermot.murphy at imra dot ie).
Dermot MurphyJan 24, 9:36amMeant to say - last Sundays race at Howth would be a good start!
Ronan HickeyApr 22, 11:39pmReport up for Tonelagee and the lake

Dermot MurphyMay 12, 8:37pmFollowing on from Alan's race report from todays race at Mullaghcleevaun, race reports will be allowed as one of your running volunteer requirements. One race report only counts but it can be for any race.

So any reports out there for the Leinster league races?
Peter O'FarrellMay 14, 4:05pmAlans Scalp report - 1034 words for 12100m of running at 12m/word
Declans Scalp report - 524 words for 5800m of running at 11m/word

I think now that the standard has been set, a minimum of 10m/word should be expected with verbosity levels approaching 5m/word earning a non-running volunteer ticket :)

For 3 rock that would be about 1800 words..
Mick HanneyMay 14, 4:12pmAlan's Mullaghcleevaun report you mean Peter. Mullaghcleevaun is serving up some classic reports. Carrick this Wednesday would give someone plenty to write about. Would be good to see a report from the podium spots too.
Ronan HickeyMay 14, 4:14pmHi Dermot,

Sorry just to check, is that any reports since Alan's report or does my Tonelagee one qualify for a running volunteer slot?


Dermot MurphyMay 14, 4:30pmRonan, I have added both yourself and Sam for your reports.
Peter O'FarrellMay 14, 4:41pmBoth Ronan and Sam go straight to the top of the class with 8m/word at Tonlagee.
It will take a short race and a quite long report to beat that.

Tim ChapmanMay 14, 4:50pmPeter, for you im going to go with an epic report on wednesday's racemaybe a 2 meter a word or the shortest. something along the lines of, it was grand!
john greeneMay 14, 6:36pmDo i get anything for my Mullaghcleevaun photo? I'm assuming the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words"..
Peter O'FarrellMay 14, 7:46pmVery clever John!

In this case I'd say a picture is worth about 42 words :)

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 24, 12:24pmAnything going for my ramblings on Donard? And I refer to my race report, not my all over the shop descending.
Brian O'MurchuMay 29, 4:30pmWhen you volunteer, it comes up on your IMRA profile. I would like to suggest if you do a race report that it also comes up on your profile
Brian O'MurchuJul 9, 9:23pmGetting volunteer status for writing race reports seems to have ceased recently. Has this policy expired?
John J BarryJul 10, 8:29amBrian,

I could be open to correction here...

I logged into "MyIMRA" when I wrote the race report for "Mount Leinster" and I now see my volunteer status updated with a 'Helper' role for "Mount Leinster". Was that because of my race report?
Tim ChapmanJul 10, 9:56amBrian I think it only counts once a year.
Quick QuestionJul 10, 10:29amThis was debated last year. Have the "rules" changed??

Alan AylingJul 13, 10:50pmDear Mr Question,

The practice of allowing a race report to be used as a volunteering duty was reinstated by the President after I asked for it this year. I'm not clear whether this constitutes any rule change or not.

There was some discussion on the issue of volunteering at the AGM last year. If I remember rightly, the incoming committee were going to look at ways of making the system more meaningful and equitable, so that key volunteering roles which involve a lot of responsibility and time input (e.g. race director, laptop operator, first aider, course marker) are given more weight than the easier (typically "running volunteer") roles such as collecting money, handing out race numbers etc. As with a lot of things, there is a challenge to come up with a system that works but without incurring a big administrative burden, which in itself would be a significant volunteer effort.

Anyone who feels strongly about these things should really come to the AGM!
Mick HanneyJul 13, 11:31pmA fair point Alan. A race report can span say 15 mins effort? Some other roles can span hours and be spread over multiple days, not just the event day itself. Not quite a fair balance
Alan AylingJul 14, 1:37amMy race reports are carefully crafted works of art which each take several hours (depending on quantity of beer or spot-prize wine involved of course). :-)
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