Shamrock Adventure race

Rachel CinnsealachJan 24, 1:02pmHey folk's,

Myself and a team of others are organising a 24 hour adventure race

Check out our website or check us out of facebook at
Shamrock Adventure Race

Race Information:

Places are limited to 15 teams. Teams must consist of four people including at least one female. The committee reserve the right to refuse entry to a team if we feel that the team does not have sufficient experience. Please make sure to get your entries in early to avoid disappointment!

The race will include hill running / trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. Navigation is a key part of adventure racing. At least one member of the team must be able to navigate, but it would be better to have two or more navigators on each team. The race will also include other tasks which you will be given on the day.

Each team will be given a list of grid references throughout the race. You must plot these and decide which ones you are going to obtain. It may not be possible even for the strongest teams to obtain them all! The race will be based in Roundwood. Cooking facilities, tea and coffee, showers and floor space will be provided. You can spend as much or as little time at the base as you like.
Most competitors will be out in the hills for long periods of time, often in remote areas and technical terrain. The weather conditions could turn nasty. You will need to know how to look after yourselves in the mountains. A knowledge of the necessary food and fluids required is a must. Teams must be competent of looking after themselves in the hills, particularly at night.
The race will be challenging but fun!!!!
Rachel CinnsealachFeb 8, 11:36pmHey Folk’s,

Plans for Shamrock AR are coming along nicely. The committee are doing lots of recce’s and the route is looking great. I don’t envy the top teams, competing for top place, there’s a lot of ground to cover! You will be stretched! For the not so competitive teams... you will have fun. Bring your sleeping bags, and a mat. You can come back to Roundwood, GAA club and sleep all night if you like. There will be cooking facilities, so you can even cook up a fry if ye want! You can pick and choose what sections of the race you want to do, and leave out the nasty bits! Ye can challenge yourselves to your limits.

This is the ideal race to do, if you are thinking of entering "The Beast" this year. It's perfect training. If you have done shorter adventure races before this is the ideal race to introduce you to 24 hour racing. The race is based in Roundwood, you have the safety net to return to Roundwood. It is not like other races where you will be stuck out for 24 hours. You can choose to come back to base. It is a chance to try out out adventure racing and see how much of the 24 hours you can manage. The only thing is there must be at least one navigator on each team. You are need to have/get mountain bikes.

We have a few teams entered already, and I have heard of lots of “interested teams”. The committee are trying to get an idea of numbers so if you are interested can you email us at The closing date for entry is St Patricks day, but it would make life a lot easier for us if enteries came in sooner. There is a limit of 15 teams on the event.

Also check out our webpage or on facebook. Feel free to post comments on our FB page.
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