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Jason KehoeFeb 8, 6:04pm
I was looking through some ladies results and the thought occurred to me that it must be slightly annoying for the ladies to have their positions lumped in with the lads. In their personal profiles I think it should be possible to see their results within the 'Ladies' category as opposed to the whole race. Likewise for 'Men'.

For instance someone like Diane Wilson, who won all her races last year, never gets to see a '1' in her profile (e.g 18,25,18,7). That's kinda mean! :(

Currently if we want to see where she actually finished in a race you have to click on the race name, then the 'Results' tab and then filter the results by 'Ladies'. That's three clicks (requests) that could be avoided.

As Turlough said recently it would also be good to get essential info (Results, Avg. Place) on the default page when you view a runners profile and also whenever you click on races that have been run already. When people are browsing through runners profiles and previous races you want to cut to the chase and see results firstly I would think.

Ideas for the long "to do" list possibly?
Ronan HickeyFeb 8, 11:04pm"I was looking through some ladies results"


We're watching you Mr. Kehoe. This isn't Facebook you know!


Colm HillFeb 8, 11:06pm.... like
Tressan McCambridgeFeb 8, 11:25pmIt’s a good point Jason and a change I’d welcome. Thanks for raising it publicly on the forum.

It might also inspire more competition amongst the women which could lead to better performances all round.
Jason KehoeFeb 8, 11:34pm
Well obviously I had yours and Colm's profiles in mind when I wrote about it! I don't like to see you guys having your stats ruined e.g. showing up as 46th when you should really be in the top ten after you discount all the ladies who mudged you! :P
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