Plantar Fasciitis

Aidan RoeFeb 23, 9:51amI’m looking for a doctor for a friend of mine suffering with Plantar Fasciitis. He’s been to a few GP’s and specialist . He would like a second opinion
before undergoing treatment and would like to find a specialist who deals with running related injuries. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mick HanneyFeb 23, 10:07amI'd recommend Dr Brendan Cuddihy in Greystones. Got me sorted early last year.
Robbie WilliamsFeb 23, 8:43pmIf it were me I would get a really good sports Physio . They should be able to put you on the route to recovery. It is an I flammation so in short term neurofen plus mite help if really bad.

From what I have dealt with runners usually display two potential causes;
1. Heel striking runners who are overloading the connective tissues because of the landing sequence and will continue to heel strike especially if a large 'cushioned runner' is continued to be worn.
2. Mid foot or forefoot landing runners who have either just gone back to training or have increases volume/intensity in a short space of time and the musculature in the lower leg (calves etc) have not had time to adapt so the system is overloaded and the fascia is forced to bear the brunt of the extra force production.

Either way a good sports Physio should help you along with a progressive lower leg/total leg & hip/ core strengthening & mobility exercise program

Hope it helps

aidan roeFeb 24, 7:26amthanks for that lads

John LanganFeb 24, 9:09amIn terms of good sports physios I can wholeheartedly recommend Aidan Woods on Pearse Street. He was the physio for the Irish Olympic teams in 2004 and 2008 and is himself an accomplished athlete who is well versed in treating sports injuries.
Stuart ScottFeb 24, 10:12amI second that - would recommend Aidan Woods to anyone. And I used not to see the point in physios so that's saying something!
Ronan HickeyFeb 24, 10:43amI'll add my vote to the Aidan Woods fan club. He's absolutely brilliant.

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