Winter League Prize Giving

Dermot MurphyMar 15, 1:35pmWe plan to have a Winter league prize giving sometime over the next couple of months - as soon as all the arrangements can be made. With that in mind, does anyone want to volunteer to organise a night out for this, along the lines of what Eva organised in January? If anyone wants to put forward suggestions and/or volunteer to organise it, please post here.

As a back up, we would go with having the prize giving at the Sugarloaf BBQ (as last year).
Peter O'FarrellMar 19, 10:01amHi Dermot,

If it suits I'll organise something based around a social run up Fairy starting at 7pm and a prize giving in Taylors/Buglers afterwards starting at 9pm.
run not mandatory!
We might include a quick 5 round table quiz as well and we'll have the WLTQW.

5 rounds;
1 - The amazingly difficult "Wicklow" round (with thanks to Joe Lalor)
2 - The quite difficult "Lydiardism" round
3 - The picture round
4 - The minority sports round
5 - The very researchable "guess the weight of the shoes" round

Maybe a Thursday that suits the WL winners?

Dermot MurphyMar 19, 7:59pmThat sounds good Peter, will be in touch to go over the details.

Peter O'FarrellApr 23, 11:29pmThe Winter League prize giving will be run in conjunction with the prizegiving for round 2 of the Wednesday evening league at Taylors 3 Rock Pub from 9pm on Wednesday the 2nd May.
See event details page for firections to Taylors.

Due to the kind consideration of the committee I believe we have the go ahead for tea and sambos be be available at the combined prizegiving.

The overall league winner will be there as Turlough is on laptop duty!

If you are a prize winner and can't make it don't worry, the trophies are here and will be handed out at later league races if needs be.

The much anticipated 5 round table quiz is sadly cancelled due to time constraints.
Peter O'FarrellMay 11, 12:03pmI have the uncollected winter league prizes.
Please contact me at peterofarrells at gmail dot com or
zero86 three8480eight4 to arrange collection.

I won't be the Wednesday night runs for the next 3 weeks.

kind regards,
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