Ardara, Co. Donegal

Andy RobinsonMar 29, 4:52pmI'm on holiday from England in Ardara with my family for the first half of August. If there's anyone going to be in the area & fancies a run out or two please get in touch: it'd be nice to have some company. I'm up for anything offroad that'll fit into daylight hours!
Jason KehoeMar 30, 10:57amHi Andy,

Do you mean you will be in Adare, Co. Limerick? That's a good time to be visiting too as there will be two races close by:

Galtymore - Aug 5th - It's a 50min drive east to the beautiful Glen of Aherloe which is close to Tipperary town.

Cratloe Woods - Aug 8th - This is a 25min drive north

Well worth the visit especially Galtymore which is an Irish Championship race. Tom Blackburn and his Munster crew will make you right at home at both races.

Mick HanneyMar 30, 12:01pmIf its Ardara Co. Donegal you are near Slieve League and there is a trail, if memory serves which goes along the coast towards Glencolmcille. You will need your head for heights though!

There is an imra Connaught trail runners page on Facebook. If you look that up and post your query you might get a local response
John BarryMar 30, 3:54pmMountain and Hill running in Connaught
Alan AylingMar 31, 10:13pmHey Andy,

There was a mountain race in Ardara back in 2003, it was basically a horseshoe route over Common Mountain to the west/southwest of the town. If you have a map of the area (Ordnance Survey of Ireland) you should be able to see where it was. Clockwise loop of the valley with Common Mountain summit as the outermost point. Bit of navigation and you should be fine. Couple of fences to cross, little by way of paths anywhere - proper mountain running!

Or check out Mick's suggestion of Slieve League.

Hope this helps.

bruce shenkerApr 1, 3:30pmAnd we used to follow up the race in Ardara with a run up Errigal, I forgot how far away it is but even as a walk its really a highlight mountain to go up.
laura flynnApr 12, 9:59pmThere is a really nice trail run (as opposed to hill run) which I have done a few times starting at the back lane into Glenveagh National Park .I think it's described as a bridle path-it brings you into the castle grounds and if you take a right turn a couple of hundred meters after the castle on the main exit road it brings you up over a mountain path and down towards Gartan Lough. There is another path then to the right which can bring you back to main road and uphill to where you started. It's about a 3-4 hour run in total at slow pace but with 2 cars you can shorten it.

It's like travelling through history as the area is the site of a tragic event in Irish history known as the Derryveagh Evictions instigated by a notorious local landlord, Lord Leitrim I think, who was subsequently murdered. It's also the birthplace of St Colmcille. If you get a good OS map you should be able to find it.

I am from Donegal but live in Dublin now-If I am there at that time I would be happy to meet you and show you the route so maybe post something closer to the time and I'll let you know.
Andy RobinsonApr 17, 4:35pmThanks guys. I'm sure I'll heading up Slieve League at some point, & possibly Errigal too, although it's a bit further afield - done the former many times, but I've only been up Errigal the once. I'll post again before we head over, in case anyone's in the area.
Andy RobinsonJul 16, 10:49pm
Just bumping the thread as we're off to Co. Donegal in a couple of weeks. If anyone's in the area & wants to come out running then get in touch before the end of July & I'll send contact details. I'm armed with an OSI map & Adrian Hendroff's walking guide.
Pat barryJul 17, 4:05pmOf no use to you but I am coming back from Manchester in a couple of weeks as well. Heading to Tipperary. My intention is to do the Galtymore race as well as visiting the family.
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