Run Across the Galtys

Tom BlackburnMar 30, 6:01pmLast year i ran from Cahir to Angelsborough it is an 18mile run or 30k and was ran as a walk organised by the Galty walking club and called the Galty Crossing where you had a map and a compass and had to pass certain points ie orinteering.they aso had a second event called the Galty Challange for those who would be on a led walk.Anyway Galty Walkers said we can run it if we registar with them this year it is going from Angelsborough to Cahir.I will be doing a Reci on the course on Sunday morning at 8am.if you are interested in going with me call me on 0876994976.anyone from Cork contact Robbie Willams on 08779226750.
Colm HillMar 30, 6:13pmGot a date in mind? Or what date is race on?
Sounds like an awesome day in the mountains
Robbie WilliamsMar 30, 11:00pmIts on this Sunday at 8am meeting in Anglesborough
Paul TierneyMar 31, 10:19pmEnjoy lads, it's a great route
Kevin O'RiordanMay 15, 1:56pmMessage from Tom Blackburn:

"Hi Lads,I have been talking to Galty walkers they will allow us to register 10 runners with them on the last Sunday of is limited to 10 because of the distance and the navigation issues any one wishing to run on the day has to have a mandatory kit with them and be able to read a map.It is also advisable to bring your mobile phone with you.I will need to know a week in advance the names of the people who are running so we can book seats on the bus if you cannot run on the day please let us know as others might want to go in your place.This run is also on the day after Lug.. reg is at Cahir castle before 7.45am then the bus will take us to Angelsborough where the event starts. "
Paul SmythMay 16, 2:38pmI was interested in doing this but it clashes with the Rogaine.

For those still interested, there seems to be some conflicting information being given in the previous posts. The site

lists the date of the Galty Challenge as June 24th. The previous post says it's the day after the Lug race, but according to the IMRA calendar the Lug race is on Jun 30th.

Perhaps Tom can clarify...
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