Tonelagee and Clockwise lap of the Lake

Colin DoyleApr 10, 11:22amHi mick,
Was wondering if I could start race 30 min early? Ive a Confirmation to get to and would like to run race if stay out of other runners way coming through & an accurate race time isin't important to me..Thanks
Mick HanneyApr 10, 11:29amThat won't be a problem Colin. So long as you have the mandatory kit an early start should be okay.
Colin DoyleApr 10, 11:48amThanks Mick,Much appreciated.Ill bring a spot prize along for the prize giving
Mick HanneyApr 10, 1:07pmWe need a few volunteers for this race.

- A volunteer who could do kit checks.
- A volunteer who can deal with registration.

- A volunteer for the laptop. If I don't get someone results will likely be manually done on the day.
- A volunteer with a camera.
- A volunteer to help at the finish line.

Please note the instructions about mandatory kit. A final decision on kit will be made pre-race by the race director depending on weather conditions.

Please try to car-pool as parking is limited enough at the Wicklow gap.
Mick HanneyApr 15, 8:04pmHere's hoping for a nice day for our first Leinster Champs race next weekend. If people brought some post-race grub with them we could have a bit of a picnic at the Wicklow gap as we've done in previous years.
emmet mc alisterApr 17, 9:52pmhi i.ll b in wicklow this wekend and was wanting 2 know is this race far from the parkview hotel? i,m from antrim and do mountain in the mournes etc and would be interested in doin this
Dermot MurphyApr 17, 10:15pmHi Emmet, the start of the race is at the Wicklow gap, which is between Laragh and Hollywood. Is the Parkview in Newtownmountkennedy? If so, it is a little over 15 miles to the race start from there.
niamh o ceallaighApr 17, 10:16pmEmmet,
The race start is about 30 min from the Parkview Hotel in Newtownmountkennedy. Take the road to Roundwood, then on to Laragh and up to the Wicklow Gap.
Im sure someone coming from Dublin could give you a lift if you needed.
emmet mc alisterApr 17, 10:42pmsounds good,will there be a map of the coarse at the race?wots the decent like rough?
Mick HanneyApr 17, 11:35pmEmmet, there is a mandatory kit runners are asked to bring which should include the relevant map. Course is rough in places. Photos from last year's event here: -
emmet mc alisterApr 18, 8:31amthanks 4 the info folks i.ll bring my gear and hopefully see u there!
Mick HanneyApr 20, 3:01pmForecast tomorrow is mixed so another reminder about the mandatory kit requirements which are detailed in the Event instructions.

From Met Eireann:-
- Tomorrow Saturday will be another bright fresh day with a mixture of sunny spells and showers.
- Once again after a sunny start in many areas the showers will develop widely with heavy hail and thunderstorm activity locally. Highest temperatures of 10 to 13 degrees in moderate to fresh west to northwest winds.
Mick HanneyApr 21, 3:30pmThanks to the volunteers at todays race. In particular to Dermot with the race prep and to Aidan manning the summit, but also to Aoife, Niamh and Mathew who braved the cold at the Wicklow gap.

Congrats to Paul Tierney todays winner and also to Mags Greenan ladies winner.

Lost and Found.
1. A pair of very muddy walshes (and socks). Currently drying off in my shed.
2. Baby's bootie (Niamh did you notice one gone?)

At least 3 people didn't sign the sign-in sheet. Please ensure you sign-in in future as otherwise we might have a false understanding of how many people are out on the hill.

Lastly, I'm given to understand that there was at least one instance of gear being left at the peak and picked up the 2nd time around. The mandatory kit is there for a reason. It should be carried at all times. Failure to do so can result in a DNF.

Thanks all and I hope you enjoyed a nice event.
David DuffyApr 21, 7:03pmHi Mick,
Thanks for organising a great race today.
The walshes are mine, I must have been so eager to get my feet dry that I forgot about them, sorry about that.
I won't be at Bray next week but will be at the rest of the Wednesday night races after that, if you could bring them along next time your running that'd be great. Thanks for saving them!
Mountain SafetyApr 21, 7:06pm"The mandatory kit is there for a reason. It should be carried at all times. Failure to do so can result in a DNF."

In my opinion, "Can result in a DNF" should be replaced with WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, no exceptions what so ever given.
It is a complete disregard for the rules and can result in not only danger to the runners health but could also result in a full mountain rescue call out which would make IMRA as an organisation look bad as well as a complete waste of mountain rescue resources.

If a runner was to break any other rule, they would be disqualified.
I believe the person should be disqualified. Period. No exceptions.
This is the second time (that I know of) someone has shown blatant disregard for rules which are there for their own safety.

Next time, I reckon I could get away with carrying nothing. Its not as if I will be disqualified. We all know the difference 0.5kg can make.
Mick HanneyApr 21, 7:38pmMountain Safety, you are right, it was wrong choice of words. A DQ is appropriate in such a case. In the pre-race briefing I didn't expressly say that mandatory kit should be carried at all times but one would think that was a given. I don't know who the individual was, I only heard this second-hand.
Zoran SkrbaApr 21, 7:52pmThanks to Mick and the volunteers. Second time up Tonelagee in two weeks :)! Good weather but a bit windier and chillier than last weekend.
Colm HillApr 21, 7:58pmFantastic day for it! Wicklow looked awesome from the summit.
Cheers guys
Ronan HickeyApr 21, 8:28pmBrilliant race. Thanks for all the organisation guys. Just a pity it wasn't warm enough to sit out and have a picnic!

Richard NunanApr 21, 8:38pmThanks to Mick, Aidan, Dermot and Team for a great race.
That descent to the lake is killer !!
aidan roeApr 21, 9:10pm@ Mountain Safety. IMO posting under an alias should lead to instant disqualification as well. Period. No Exceptions. Attacks of virtual backbone is not excuse:-)
Mick heard this "second hand". I didn't see anyone leave a bag. No Issue. No disqualification necessary. I did count at least 23 sets of earphones.Tut!
A beautiful day for a run. View was stunning but you probably didn't get to enjoy it as much as me. Impressive watch the leaders run. Well done to everyone.
aidan roeApr 21, 9:12pmand you can blame the typo's on the spot prize. Nice!
Alan AylingApr 21, 9:27pmGood man Aidan, so many aspects of the race and the gear controversy so beautifully put! My own spot prize is slipping down rather nicely too.

Cracking race, just have to love that route. How can 6 km be so hard?

Cheers Mick & co.

And Richard... I can only hope that description of the descent is meant in a good way - that's one of the finest descents in Wicklow... one of... time for a new thread I think.
Richard NunanApr 21, 9:44pmShould have went with the wine - the chocolates were nice though.

Awesome descent - if you aren't wearing high heels - well I think that is how i looked as Colm suggested I try running on the Fern.

I thought Sugarloaf was the hardest 6km - no longer!!
Mick HanneyApr 22, 9:04amRace report from anyone?
Alan AylingApr 22, 7:50pmI'm all out of waffle after the Glacier Lakes race report... someone else will have to do this one!
Alan AylingApr 22, 7:50pmI'm all out of waffle after the Glacier Lakes race report... someone else will have to do this one!
Alan AylingApr 23, 10:22amA fine race report from Ronan - captures that race very well.

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