1st aiders 2012

Mick HanneyApr 13, 9:59amReminder of attendees for First Aid Course held in Knockree early April 2012.
1 John Langan
2 Mick Hanney
3 Charlie Lyons
4 Aidan Blighe
5 Sam Scriven
6 Michael Blighe
7 Aidan Roe
8 Ken Cowley
9 Donal Trodyn
10 Des Kennedy
11 Colin Doyle
12 John Ahern
Mick HanneyApr 13, 10:22amNo harm to have a short list of the first aid items we covered at the course? From memory (and from google!) I've compiled a list. Feel free to add.

A full list with a min. stock of each should be prepared and be part of the 1st aid kit? After races the first aider should advise the safety officer what was used, what is missing etc. and should leave the kit as they would expect to find it.

• Triangular bandages
• Assorted bandage rolls
• Safety pins
• Swabs
• Gloves
• Small rubbish bags (sealable lunch bags would suit)
• Antiseptic wipes (lots of)
• Ice packs
• Compression pads
• Medical tape
• Allsorted pre-cut plasters
• Compeed plasters (for blister care)
• Plaster roll
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Scissors (small & large)
• Antiseptic spray
• Antibiotic ointment
• Foil Blanket
• Sam splint
• Water (for wound irrigation) [1st aider should bring their own]
• Syringe – good for wound irrigation
• Midge spray – good for evening summer races
• Kissu (emergency shelter) (optional)
• Crutches (optional)

I came across this website link which has some good ideas for the first aid kit for outdoor use.
Gareth LittleApr 13, 12:26pm
Hi Mick, do we have a list of people trained on the AED? Thx, Gareth
Mick HanneyApr 13, 2:12pmThe first aiders listed got some AED training. I don't have a list beyond that?

The AED is pretty straightforward. Turn it on and it pretty much guides the operator through the process.
Peter O'FarrellApr 13, 7:25pmMany thanks to Aidan Blighe getting his first aider training volunteering in early at 3 rock!
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