Anyone know where I'd get a pair of Walsh Pbs in or around Dublin?

Brían O'MearaApr 16, 10:32amTa,

Aidan HurleyApr 16, 1:08pmDon't think you'll get them in Ireland. I get mine from ""

£72. Just remember to buy a size bigger than you'd usually wear!

niamh o ceallaighApr 16, 2:05pmOr here...
Ian ConroyApr 16, 7:40pmor here... these are the ultra but I'm pretty certain if you give a call they'll have the PB. So how close were any of these places to Dublin...
Jean O'NeillApr 19, 12:45amUltrasport are the largest supplier of shoes (and all clothing and equipment) for orienteering in the UK. I was looking at the Walsh shoes at Easter weekend when I was competing in Scotland. The company are very efficient, you can order on line or by phone, service is prompt. Returns accepted no problem if not suitable. Good luck!
RObbie WilliamsApr 20, 4:52pmJohN Buckley sports cork- they have them 0214-508830
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