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Robbie WilliamsApr 18, 1:29pmCan anybody tell me for definate if the Wicklow Way Ultra carries a utmb point? There is talk of it on Internet but nothing defo.!?

Richard NunanApr 18, 2:25pmHi Robbie,

It Carries 1 Point
Paul TierneyApr 18, 2:35pmIt is not listed on the UTMB site. I dont think it carries a point. I'm open to correction by those more in the know about these things of course. But as its not listed then I'd have my doubts. Perhaps it was in previous years?
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 18, 2:44pmAs the one who probably convinced Robbie it was worth a point, apologies!

As Paul says, according to the UTMB site it's not.

It can't be all it's cracked up to be anyhow. An out and back on the Wicklow Way would be cheaper, less hassle and just as likely to make you cry.
Johan DehantschutterApr 18, 3:28pmWhen you look at the list of UTMB qualifying races, there is no doubt in my mind that the WW Ultra would be awarded one point. But for this the IMRA would need to apply to have the race added to the list. Would IMRA consider applying to have the race added? It would certainly increase its profile and the number of participants.

The instructions can be found on the UTMB website at: http://www.ultratrailmb.com/page/17/Qualifying_races.html

And also pasted below:
1) we ask you to send us your demands exclusively by e-mail, to info@autmb.com, in supplying us with the following information:
• name of the race
• country
• state or department for the US or France
• date of the race
• distance
• positive altitude change
• if race by stages : number of stages, distance and positive altitude change of the hardest stage
• time of the 1st
• number of refreshment points
• address of the internet site
• email address of the organiser
Attention : we do not consider demands made in an incomplete way
2) In view of the information given, we shall decide:
• whether the race is a qualifying race.
• either that the race cannot be qualifying.
• or that we will make an in-depth study by making contact with the organiser and will communicate out decision taken at the end of this study.
Richard NunanApr 18, 4:06pmLeave it with me, I will get you a definitive answer. But it was and this was the primary reason for us changing the distance of the Ultra.
Adrian TuckerApr 18, 5:04pmTo my knowledge the WW Ultra has never appeared on the qualifying list for UTMB. In 2010 the Wicklow Round got on the list as a qualifier and was awarded 3 points. And for those who may be tempted to go for it this year, it still remains on the list :-)

According to the UTMB website; the maths required to allow an event to be a qualifier are as follows:

”For races in a single stage, an evaluation of effort is realised by adding together the distance expressed in km and the hundredth in positive altitude change expressed in metres. For example the estimated effort for a race of 65 km and 3,500 m of positive altitude change is: 65 + 3500/100 = 100.
No race representing an effort below 65 can be qualifying.”

WW Ultra is listed as 51Km and 1,940m of positive altitude gain.
Do the maths: 51 + 1940/ 100 = 70.

"As a general rule, races are worth 1 point for an estimate effort including between 65 and 89, 2 points for an effort including between 90 and 129, 3 points for an effort including between 130 and 179 and 4 points beyond that."

So WW Ultra should be suitable for 1 point. It just needs someone to put in the application.


The points requirement for 2013 (again from the UTMB site) have gone up as follows:
*** Attention - new***
UTMB® : 7 points acquired between 2011/01/01 and 2012/12/31 (in 3 races maximum)
*** Attention - new***
CCC® : 2 points acquired between 2011/01/01 and 2012/12/31
TDS® : 2 points acquired between 2011/01/01 and 2012/12/31
The 2010 UTMB® and CCC® also give the right to points.

As a, By The Way;
The Mourne Way Ultra is listed as a qualifier and is worth 2 points.
Will we see you all there in June??

Along with the MW Ultra there are a number of other events also hosted by: http://www.26extreme.com/ that qualify for either 1 or 2 points.

Tierney PaulApr 18, 5:55pmThere's only one thing for it....start the race in Marlay and Have the turnaround at Glendalough and make this a 100k.... Boom! Problem solved ;)
Mick HanneyApr 18, 6:20pmOff you go Paul :-). Listen while you're at it you could just have it most of the Wicklow way in single direction (but hey you've been and done that).
Paul TierneyApr 18, 6:51pmThat's in the pipeline Mick!! ;)
Adrian TuckerApr 18, 7:24pm
I second that motion for a 100Km, Marley to Glendalough and back.
Should we book our places for the next AGM now to get this idea through??
Robbie WilliamsApr 18, 8:17pmHeres an idea- Irish athletes are traveling to England etc to races to accumulate Points. Why not try having the Wicklow Way 128km as a race -a true ultra! Bus people to Clonegal and run to Marley. It's gotta be worth maybe 3 points and it's fully marked, checkpoints are easily positioned and if it didn't work - nothing lost. I would gladly volunteer as race director if there is interest. Why pay a fortune to others in entries and travel when we can have our own

Wat ye think !!!!!
Mick HanneyApr 18, 8:23pmYou might be sorry you said that Robbie :-)

It would be painful having to run past Glenmalure without stopping for a pint or more.

You might be better off moving the start 28k up from Clonegal and making it a round 100k. Too much on road stuff in that section in any event.
Richard NunanApr 18, 8:25pmYou could just do the Wicklow Way Relay - Solo
Robbie WilliamsApr 18, 8:35pmLets get it on so !!!

The only thing to decide after that is- what do we call the Wicklow way ultra :)
Mick HanneyApr 18, 8:47pmTheres various problems with this Robbie. Only a talented few will be able to run it end to end in daylight so you're into overnight territory. You'd want to have some sort of screening so that you are not out waiting in the hills into a 2nd day for people to finish. Perhaps use the regular ultra as a screening race or other comparable races that satisfy the Race Director.

If you do it board to board you could have all sorts of people attracted to the challenge. Many will be able for it but many will not. Could be a bit of an Race Director nightmare.

But hey, its an idea, so have it out there and see what the reaction is. Might be something you'd want to consult the committee on too.

As a south Wicklow resident I'd help out down this end of things.
Paul TierneyApr 18, 9:27pmHow about we cut out the need for a bus altogether by running Marlay to Clonegal and back to Marlay, self supported so no need for checkpoints either. (organise an ambulance or 2 perhaps)!!!
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 18, 9:51pmEh, hello, did I not already suggest the out and back of the Way?

Seriously though, I've seen how a walking route can be used to create a great ultra. I think the idea of running from Clonegal is the way to go. Get those tarmac sections done early and then have the real testing climbs later.

Restricting entrants is easy, require all to have previously completed a 50 miler and have strictly enforced cut offs.

If there is genuine interest in creating a race then I am will roll my sleeves up and get involved.
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