Partner needed for Rogaine Ireland 24hr (23/24 June)

Lisa de SpevilleApr 24, 4:40pmHi runners,

I have the fortune of being in Ireland in June and I'd like to do the Rogaine Ireland 24hr on the weekend of 23/24 June - I just need a partner. Male or female.

By way of reference, I'm an orienteer, adventure racer and ultra trail runner.

I've done all but one (I was away, running a 5-day race in India) of the annual 8hr rogaines that we've had here in South Africa since the discipline started here in about 2003. I've often done the rogaine in a women's pair and we've won every time (granted, there isn't a lot of competition). I also took part in the World Rogaine Champs in Estonia in 2008 (goodness, big mistake made! aaarrrggghhh!).

On the road I'm a solid 5:00 - 6:00 min/km over 21km. I'm no a racing snake; just steady and consistant regardless of distance - on road or off road. I've done many trail ultras, stage races and adventure races over the past 13 years.

I'm a solid orienteer and adventure racing navigator.

For this rogaine my objective is to have a good run (I embrace walking, especially uphill!), minimise errors and to feel satisfied afterwards with our route choice. I'm competitive but also pretty easy going.

Event info on:

If you'd like to be my partner, please drop me an email. You don't have to be an orienteer/navigator; I've got that sorted. If you are, great. In rogaining, two heads can be better than one ;)

warm wishes,


Lisa de Speville
Johannesburg, South Africa
Mobile: +27 82 936-2509

Adventure Racing:

"It's not just about sport. It's about passion."
Lisa de SpevilleApr 26, 7:50amA team mate has been found. Yay! ;)

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