Poicioste Sean

Chloed ChloedApr 25, 5:39amSorry
ive been prescribed valproic acid its also called depekote for bipolar i was just wandering if its helped anybody and were there any negative side affects and how it made you feel sales online
Bye !!
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Ronan HickeyApr 25, 10:35amAhh Chloed, you have come to the right place. Most mountain runners are bipolar.

They tend to experience dizzying heights then followed by crushing lows. Often scarily close together. Also mountain runners are generally considered insane by comparison to "normal" standards.

I'm not sure if they indulge in acid as mandatory drug testing hasn't reached our level of sport yet but a cloud of suspicion definitely rests on whoever designed the race-route at Ballinastoe.

Best of luck with those "Sales Online"


Alan AylingApr 25, 12:40pmLove it Ronan, nice one!
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