Glasnamullen Djouce

Brian O' TooleApr 28, 8:44pmA Chara,
I've never run an IMRA race but have done about 5 mountain runs this year alone and want to know if I would be allowed to run in this race. I am not a registered member of IMRA but thought you might let me in! Especially seeing that it is marked all the way through and I wouldn't have to know all the map reading stuff. THanks.Brian
Peter O'FarrellApr 28, 11:07pm
Brendan LawlorApr 30, 11:14amThe Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team (DWMRT) have agreed to be the 'organising club' for this race but we will also welcome a few other helpers to assist on the night.

Based on suggestions from last year we will be going right at the Wicklow Way and up Djuoce summit from the main steep track and then descending off the shoulder and then back onto the Wicklow Way, where you will go left and eventually back down the way you went up. It will be well marked and marshalled so don't worry

We have again secured private parking opposite the race start thanks to the generosity of Peter and Lucy Mulloy, and we will have a collection at the gate for a charity of their choosing - no single cars allowed in , please carpool from Coach House in Roundwood

Unfortunately due to safety and environmental concerns with numbers participating, the much desired extension out to War Hill is not on - apologies to the hardliners/Continuity IMRA etc
Brendan LawlorApr 30, 2:29pmDWMRT members assisting to date, additional to those on the volunteer list above

Cormac Lynch
Alan Cronin
Charlie McGuinness

Brendan LawlorMay 8, 3:44pmDWMRT members assisting to date, additional to those on the volunteer list above

Cormac Lynch
Alan Cronin
Charlie McGuinness
Gerry Condon
Caitriona Nic CabaMay 8, 4:16pmHi Brendan, I have volunteered as a second deputy race director as I hope to understudy in preparation for my role as RD the following week, hope that's okay? Cait
Brendan LawlorMay 9, 9:54amCaitriona

Thats no problem and I'll try help you out at Brockagh. We now have enough volunteers for this race thank you - please volunteer for later races in this or other leagues
Caitriona Nic CabaMay 9, 1:52pmThats great thanks!
Brendan LawlorMay 14, 11:43amTwo volunteers have dropped out so a few more volunteer spots available, I hope to have a carpool marshall at both the Glencormac Inn (for people coming from Dublin) and the Coach House (the prize giving pub)
anthony finnMay 14, 12:15pmNot an IMRA member but am planning on entering this run and hopefully join up. Because I am not a member I can't access the car pool page but will be traveling from Laragh/Glendalough area for the race if anyone wants to pool. Thanks!
Brendan LawlorMay 14, 9:33pmHeres this years race route

Route will be summiting anti-clockwise (opposite to last year), otherwise identical

Bit wet up there in places this evening but lovely grassy descent as usual - road runners not recommended, you'll need some traction
John KellyMay 16, 10:12pmNew memebers can join on the night of a run. Simply download application form from this site. Its under forms i think!!!

Its 10 euro for the year and 7 euro a race.
Best money you will ever spend!!!
Brendan LawlorMay 17, 2:20pmCar parking for this event as last year is provided in a field beside the race start kindly donated by Peter and Lucy Mulloy. We will have a collection on the gate for the Wicklow Hospice.

No single occupant cars will be permitted into the field and please don't park on the roadway near the field if you are refused entry. The reason for this is to reduce the number of cars using Peter and Lucy's field so they will hopefully let us use it again next year, if the race is on again next year.

If you are new or haven't carpooled before here are some tips...(if you know of someone new planning to come along please make them aware of these)

1) Put your car up on the carpool section of the forum
2) Get a lift from someone on the carpool section of the forum and leave your car at home
3) Organise your own mini car-pool with one, two or more of your IMRA pals
4) Call to the Carpool pub (Coach House in Roundwood or the Glencormack Inn for those coming from Dublin and not planning to go to the prizegiving)
5) Put your bike in the back of your car and park somewhere close to the race and cycle the last 2km (Ballinastoe or Djouce Woods are options for this)
6) Cycle to the race
7) Give yourself an extra 15 minutes (or more) so you are not in a panic to get to the race
8) If you're late, you're late - don't stress, don't start shouting at people, park up your car somewhere away from the race start location (again Ballinastoe and Djouce Woods are options) and go out on the route for a nice de-stressing run, avoiding the finish line and enjoying the evening nonetheless

Prizegiving after the race will be in the Coach House pub in Roundwood
Brendan LawlorMay 17, 5:29pmGrid reference for the car park and registration field is O 203 091
Mick HanneyMay 18, 9:49amBrendan, pls text your no. to me at 086 8539554 and I'll arrange dropping the gear by. Vivian has core items for the weekend race. Thanks.
seamus kilcullenMay 19, 3:25pmhi brendan,
can i volunteer for this race as i'll be oxed after beach race?
Brendan LawlorMay 19, 4:41pmSeamus

Thats fine - see you there
Ger ClerkinMay 20, 4:49pmI'm not on MyIMRA but we've two car spaces to offer, leaving from DCU at 17.45.
Orla CrosseMay 20, 6:11pmGer, I would like to take you up on your offer of a lift from DCU. 17.45 at Collins Ave entrance? 0870977748 (ps phone in work, won't be able to reply till tomorrow)
Gerard ClerkinMay 21, 12:30amHi Orla. No problem. We can pick you up at main reception at 1745? You can contact me on 0877542six48. One space left if anyone wants it.
David RouseMay 21, 11:13amI'll be driving from Ballsbridge @17:45/18:00, joining N11 at Donnybrook Church,if that suits anyone.
Brendan LawlorMay 21, 2:16pmWe have a mix of people from IMRA and the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team helping at this race - could all volunteers please be at the registration area by 6pm, particularly those planning to run in the race. I will be on site with Diarmuid (race marker) from 5.30pm. Caitriona you may want to come along a little early if you want to run through the set up?

Could two volunteers act as Carpool stewards (one at Glencormack Inn and one at Coach House) from 6pm to 6.45 or so? Text me (oh87 two432798) or post here.

Other roles will be assigned as people arrive but we need two/three route marshals if any of you fancy a hike - weather looks very promising!

There will be a limited early start (7.10pm) for anyone with an average race time over 160% only
Mick HanneyMay 21, 2:37pmBrendan - happy to marshall junior turn. Ideally juniors should wear the yellow bibs so they stand out. I'll bring a camera too.
Colum McKeownMay 21, 3:01pm@David Rouse

Hi David,

If there's still space in your car, would be great to get a lift from Donnybrook on Wednesday evening.


086 0317357
Angus TynerMay 21, 5:34pmBrendan
I'm happy to Marshall as well.

Will be with you bout 6pm
Paul GrantMay 21, 11:35pmHi David,
If you still have space in your car, a lift from Ballsbridge would be great.
Laura SchwirzMay 22, 8:42amHi David

If there's still a seat available in your car, I'd be happy to take it.

Stephen BrennanMay 22, 10:11amBrendan,

Added my name as a non-running volunteer, if you still need the help.

Brendan LawlorMay 22, 10:20amThanks Stephen

We have more than enough volunteers now

David RouseMay 22, 10:47amPaul, Laura,

Yes two spaces left- email me on
daverouse @ gmail. com

That's my car full now folks!
Brendan DeeryMay 22, 11:41amLeaving from Shankill at 6:15, passing through killmacanogue, 2 spaces
Darragh StokesMay 22, 11:42amCarpool - Seats available.
Leaving Greystones around 1830, so if anyone wants to take the Dart, I can collect you/drop you back to the Dart station.

3 seats available.
Brendan LawlorMay 22, 1:42pmWe have more volunteers than we need for this race (I've had a few more of the rescue team come forward) so anyone who has volunteered and wants to opt out, or opt for a later race please do...
Sarah HarleyMay 22, 3:04pmHi, just wanted to see if anyone is heading out from Dublin? I'm coming from UCD but can meet somewhere along the way if that's more helpful?
Thanks, Sarah
Brendan LawlorMay 22, 5:20pmVal Jones looking very lonely in the Carpool on his own..the Carpool Inquisition will be out in force for tomorrow and next few Wednesday's....Ha!
Daniela BoehmMay 22, 5:35pmHi Sarah, I can give you a lift from UCD if you like. I'll be leaving around 17.45 from the car park in front of the engineering block. You can give me a shout at boehm.dan at or zero862016784. I have 2 more places available if anyone else is interested. Daniela
Ciaran KellyMay 22, 7:02pmHi Folks,,
having made a complete arse of the race sunday past,, establishing myself as having the worst sense of direction in the club, im determined to bounce back, and follow the markers to the finish line safely tomorrow night in Glasnamullen.

I have 2 spaces left in my car and would like to make them available...


Please let me know...
086 88 44 629
anthony finnMay 22, 8:31pmjust to re-post - am driving up from laragh if anyone wants to pool...
Fergus ByrneMay 22, 8:54pmHey Anthony,

I will be coming from Dublin and heading to Wexford afterwards. We could meet up in Roundwood and travel up together of that works for you
richard dunneMay 23, 12:05amHello darragh
Do you still have a seat left?
I can let u know for definite tomorrow
Kind regards

anthony finnMay 23, 9:30amFergus, sounds good. I'm at oh861738202 or anthony at ordinarytrailrunner dot com and am in the blue wicla reg isuzu 4x4 and can catch u around the coach house. either that or i'm on the mountain bike in from the woods!
Darragh StokesMay 23, 9:56amHi Richard,

Seat available. Just let me know.

Niall O ConnorMay 23, 10:43amHi guys I'm traveling up from gorey, have one seat (van) or can pool from roundwood or kilmac inn if anyone has a spare seat? Thanks
Fergus ByrneMay 23, 11:17amNiall,

You could jump in with us if you like. Meeting at the Coach House in Roundwood at 6:25. Drop me a text on zero8seven 669four5zero7 if it suits
Brendan LawlorMay 23, 12:07pmShame Daly of DWMRT will be at the Glencormack Inn to assist any first time carpoolers to hook up. Alan Cronin of DWMRT will be at the CoachHouse in Roundwood doing the same thing. They will be wearing hi-viz vests.

If you turn up in a car on your own at the race start you'll be turned away and sent back to Roundwood or Kilmacanogue to carpool, so no single occupant car chancers please
Stuart ScottMay 23, 12:15pmUnfortunate typo unless poor 'Shame' has got training from the Carpooling Nazis!
Brendan LawlorMay 23, 12:16pmCorrection - Shane Daly of DWMRT will be at Glencormack Inn

Shame on me!
Brendan LawlorMay 23, 12:18pmHa!

Good one Stuart...but remember, we've rebranded!
Kevin O'RiordanMay 23, 12:21pmAh Nazis, good enough for Greek Parliament but not for the IMRA forum :)
Niall OConnorMay 23, 1:23pmCheers fergus will do see you then
Bronagh CheethamMay 23, 1:40pmanyone wanting a lift (see carpool for details) give me a shout on 087 4191511
Stuart ScottMay 23, 2:48pmOn an unrelated note, If anyone needs to give me new member registration forms for the WWR on Saturday, I'll be in the pub later.
Ben McArdleMay 23, 3:31pm3 Seats available from Tallaght, leaving a 5.45. If anyone gets to the Tallaght Luas stop I can meet you there. Ben 0877441504
jason melvinMay 23, 6:33pmHi,
4 1st timers on the way out on the m11. Hopefully we'l make it by 7. How strict is cut off time? We have reg forms already filled out.
Mick HanneyMay 23, 11:27pm@Jason. I daresay you left it too late. Registration has to have a cut-off time I'm afraid. Leave more time in future and double check the directions :-)

I took lots of photos up on the hill. I'll try to upload them tomorrow evening. Magical evening for running.
Brendan LawlorMay 23, 11:54pmThanks to all helpers this evening - I am away tomorrow so I'll post a more detailed acknowledgement on Friday. Isn't hillrunning in sunny weather just lovely?!!
Jeff SwordsMay 24, 7:39amIf anyone lost a pair of glasses around the finish area and hasn't got them back yet, I left them with the very busy first aid team. They do appear to have been stood on though.
Tim ChapmanMay 24, 8:07amCheers Jeff that was me. I managed to bend them back into so useable shap. i now have imra specific glasses:)
Mick HanneyMay 24, 8:27amThere was a lot of young and very able looking early starters last night? As RD the previous week I declined some early starts from those I deemed okay to run in the main field. We should be seen to have a consistent policy.

This can have issues on a relatively short race where the early starters can meet the main field on the single track as was the case last night.
Mick HanneyMay 24, 8:38amI'd difficulties loading photos, I'll try again later.

Marshalling last night there was at least one lady with headphones who couldn't hear me, nor anyone else. Dangerous on a single track route :-( The evidence will be in the photos.
Kevin O'RiordanMay 24, 9:48amThe policy since last year has been that all early starters automatically get a time that's >160% of winning time even if they finish more quickly. I haven't yet checked over the results to see if any early starters finished in less than this, will do so this evening.
Jeff SwordsMay 24, 10:29am@Tim. I've been there. Left my glasses on the console of a treadmill(boo hiss), the vibrations bounced them off it, onto the belt which then whacked them against the wall behind me. Don't know what done more damage, me standing on them or the impact with the wall. A talented optician managed to get them back to a wearable state.

Regarding headphones, apart from the obvious safety issue, I don't understand why you'd want to wear them in an IMRA race. You have the sound of nature away from road and city noise, and a bit of banter as you struggle up the hills with the guys around you, why would you want to disassociate yourself with that ? I can understand on a long boring road run but not in the hills.
Mick HanneyMay 24, 9:58pmPhotos up at last - the upload facility is an exercise in patience and justifies being a volunteer role in its own right :-). Its 'pull your hair out stuff'. Please can someone look at this facility..

My location wasn't ideal being stuck in the shadow of Djouce so apols for the bad light. I had to discard some really blurry ones - ye were moving too fast for me.
John ShielsMay 25, 8:05amMick,
If you keep the zip files size to just under 3Mb they will up-load fine, and while its a pain to have to upload 20 small files this actually works out quicker and more reliable than trying to up load fewer larger files.
jenny mccauleyMay 25, 10:10amGood Work Mick you got lots of photos up despite the problems! Yeah it's only when you try and take a few photos yourself and end up with mostly blurry ones that you realise how lucky we are to have John Shiels at so many of the races :)
anthony finnMay 25, 10:49amGreat run. Thanks to all involved. Have stuck up a blog post about it given that it's my first outing with IMRA - looking forward to the next.
Brendan LawlorMay 25, 11:56amThanks to the DWMRT for assisting with organising this race and to all the volunteers .. the marshals,carpark inquisitors, first aiders and laptopper did a fine job on the night.

Finally, and most importantly a big thank you to Peter and Lucy Mulloy for the use of their field without which this race could not happen. The gate donation will go to the Wicklow Hospice fund and I'll confirm the amount when I get a chance to count it.

See most of you tomorrow and the rest of you at Brockagh!
Stephen O'SullivanMay 25, 2:23pmBrendan,
I was wondering if you'd do a quick check on the results for me, I was marked down as DNF yet I can in around 56 minutes, and I pretty sure I heard one marshall calling out my number (1005) and another writing it down when I crossed the finish line.
Thanks, Stephen O'S.
Mick HanneyMay 25, 2:58pmThanks john, sound advice.

Anyone recognise this runner? Not wearing a no. from what I could see. Is headphones a dsq?

Incidentally the first early starter I looked in the photos was home under the 160% threshold :-(
Ronan HickeyMay 25, 3:06pmBenefit of the doubt, maybe it's a stethoscope. First Aid running volunteer?

Kevin O'RiordanMay 25, 3:18pmCan't disqualify someone who wasn't racing!

I increased the times of two early starters who came under the 160% threshold last night.
Brendan LawlorMay 25, 4:01pmNoooooo-body expects the HeadPhone Inquisition..our two chief weapons are fear and surprise, and a good digital camera....Ha!
Brendan LawlorMay 25, 4:19pm€336 collected at the gate for the Wicklow Hospice Fund, many thanks to you all for your generosity
Rene BorgMay 25, 10:16pmTeam results are up.
Kevin O'RiordanMay 27, 1:52pmHi Stephen, found your name in the manual results. That's updated now.
Stephen O'SullivanMay 30, 9:22amThanks Kevin, but it doesn't seem to have come through to the results page yet.
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