Setanta Rogaine Ireland 2012

Hazel ThompsonMay 1, 11:28amThe entries are open for the Setanta Rogaine Ireland 2012.
See here for more details:

We already have a number of over seas entries so we are hoping for a good one this year...

What is a Rogaine?
A Rogaine is basically a mountain navigation race where you locate as many controls in the mountains as you can, in the allocated time period (6 or 24 hours). When doing the 24 hour event you can come back to the hash house for some food and a few hours sleep in your tent. The hardier competitors will stay out all night and will bivvy for a bit under a bush - although some keep going all night.

The 6 hour event is achievable by anyone...

Whichever event you choose, it will be a challenge, a test of navigational skills and hopefully a good day out in the hills!

Sam ScrivenMay 10, 2:33pmhi,

Is there a closing date for entries or a limit on number of places to worry about for the 6-hour event?

Also, at the risk of asking the 'how long is a piece of string' question - what kind of distance would you expect to cover in the 6-hour event?
Hazel ThompsonMay 10, 3:10pmHi Sam,

There is no limit on the number of places. The more the merrier :-) We usually close entries the week before the event, just so that we have an idea of the numbers we are catering for.

The distance really depends on how fast you are moving and how well you are navigating...

If you want to map out the control sites to estimate the distance, you can find the 2010 control sites and the route choice of the 6 hour team winners here

The 6 hour teams generally cover a little less ground than 6 hour individuals but it really depends on your level of fitness. That's what is good about the timed event - you do as much or as little as you can and have a good day out!

Control sites for 2011 and previous years are also on the website but we don't have the winners route choices for the 6 hours.

BTW: The winners of the 24 hour event last year covered 143 km !!! You can read their report on (scroll to the bottom)

Dave KellyJun 6, 8:13pmHi Hazel,

Do you know when the start point for the Rogaine 6hr event will be announced?


Denis DeasyJun 7, 1:16pmHi Dave,

Will publish start location on 15th June.

Denis Deasy (Planner)
Hazel ThompsonJun 7, 1:17pmI was just talking to the planner and he will be able to confirm the start location next week.

Also, the map for the event is the Harvey's Wicklow Mountain Map. (Can be bought in most outdoor shops in Dublin and online at
The current map is 2008, the legend states 'limited revision and reprint 2008'.


Jason KehoeJun 7, 3:32pm
Aha! So it's in Wicklow! The advantage is now mine! Muwhaaahahaha... [Evil laugh]

Dave KellyJun 7, 6:06pmThanks Hazel,

All I need to do now is register!

Hazel ThompsonJun 8, 10:06amThat's great Dave. Looking forward to getting your entry.
You too Jason - show us how much of Wicklow you can cover in 6/24 hours!

Paul Mahon nearly managed to get all controls last year but was unfortunately about 10 minutes late back...
Hazel ThompsonJun 18, 5:47pmThe final information for the Rogaine has been posted on the Setanta Website -

For anyone who still wants to enter, please get your entries in by Thursday at the latest, as we have to assign SI Cards, for electronic timing, to each runner and set everything up in the laptop.

The start location for the 2012 Setanta Rogaine Ireland has been announced - grid reference O064017, a forest entrance 200 metres northwest of Glashaboy Bridge, on the R756 between Hollywood and Wicklow Gap - the entrance is on the north side of the gap road, and will be marked.

Registration will take place at the start location between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, 23rd June for the 24 Hour Event and 7:00am and 7:30am, 24th June for the 6 Hour Event. There will be a kit check and you will receive your SI cards at this time. Please arrive in good time to ensure registration is completed well before the start time.

Sarah HarleyJun 21, 2:58pmHi Hazel,
Just checking the entries are still open - I'm having trouble paying online..... (being the useless person that I am I only found out about this on Tuesday but am really keen to do it!)
Hazel ThompsonJun 21, 3:06pmHi Sarah,

Yes, entries are still open. We have received your entry but as you say payment hasn't gone through. As you are having trouble, you can pay on the day. Just pay when registering.

Hazel ThompsonJun 21, 3:09pmFor anyone else who is still thinking about entering, please enter this evening as registration will close tonight so we have time to set up the SI Cards (for electronic timing) etc.

Hazel ThompsonJun 22, 3:19pmThe entry list for the 2012 Setanta Rogaine Ireland is now available. Please let us know of any errors.

Good luck everyone.

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