Wicklow Way relay, leg 6

Colin DoyleMay 4, 12:54pmHi, Ive been asked to stand in for a runner in leg 6 wwr and I know the Finish point at iron bridge but can anyone give me a grid ref for the starting point in Drumgoff.??
Need to know so I can do Recce run of It.
Mick HanneyMay 4, 12:58pmStart point is aprox 100 meters south of the crossroads at Drumgoff.
Colin DoyleMay 4, 1:09pmThanks Mick
Colin DoyleMay 4, 1:09pmThanks Mick
warren swordsMay 8, 11:11amI recce'd this leg at the weekend.

Here's my garmin. I'm pretty sure it's right, followed the instructions to a tee.


Only part, I'm not 100% on is when you turn off on the road for the first time. Instructions say to ignore wicklow way sign and head straight to the road. Which means you avoid the sleepers etc?

Rene BorgMay 8, 12:08pmWe recced the route yesterday as well and used the official Wicklow Way which is now fully runnable and not at all rough or difficult to traverse. I notice the leg descriptions say to take the road instead (faster) as the other section is rough.

This seems to be a legacy from when the new boardwalks were put in place and personally I think it should be removed so runners can enjoy the proper Wicklow Way instead of the uninspiring bit of tarmac.

If we could get an official call on this it would be great so each team captain can brief their runner accordingly.
Stuart ScottMay 8, 12:38pmHi Rene, Colin,

If the WW is fully runnable then yes, it should be used. The descriptions are a bit out-of-date in places so they're just a guide. Unfortunately I won't get a chance to recce areas myself so I'll have to rely on feedback on the forum.

I think the best solution is to say that the WW (as signposted) must be followed for all legs and no shortcuts are allowed. I'll publish an official list of exceptions if necessary.

Hope that helps,

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