Circuit of Glenmacnass

Sarah HarleyMay 10, 9:24pmHi, just wondering what constitutes a 'proven' navigator? I've done the mountain skills course and had some practice when out on the hill with friends, but this would be my first time navigating on my own in a race environment ....
Gavan DohertyMay 11, 12:32pmHi Sarah,

There's no specific skills test, so certain suggestions would be:
- turn up with your own Harvey's or East West map of the area
- carry a full kit (I personally think it's worth including a mobile phone and remembering that in emergencies you can contact the Race Director using the mobile number printed on the race bibs)
- organise your kit properly (eg if your map's not water resistant have a clear plastic bag to put it in so you can actually read it as you travel)
- be able to describe the route & navigation involved in words, eg "to reach Tonelagee head NW from Brockagh East along a wide ridge", or "from Tonelagee head NE going downhill keeping the cliffs & lake on your left until you hit the road with the forest to your right" etc etc, bearing in mind that it could be misty making navigation difficult
- know from looking at the map that there's a good bail-out point where you cross over the road (you could walk back down to the finish)
- know that you have to get to the finish to let the Race Director know you're back
- check past results and be confident that you won't be way behind the pack (or ask for an early start if available)
- generally reassure the Race Director that you'll be self-sufficient out there and he won't be waiting a long time for you or pondering a Mountain Rescue call-out

Might see you out there!?

colin doyleMay 11, 3:49pmHi Sarah,
Im thinking of doing this one for 1st time aswell.
I know from memory start to brockagh, Have been on Tonlagee a few wks ago, and Scarr back to start should be ok as portion of it is in leinster league race., anyway if your anxious you could run this one together if you want, but be warned im not fast.
Stephen BrennanMay 11, 4:12pmI'll be doing it for the first time too.

I did a recce back in March. It was waterlogged back then. Hopefully we'll get some fine weather between now and then so the ground dries out a bit.

It's a fantastic route. You need to take a bearing coming off the top of Tonlagee.

See you there.
Sarah HarleyMay 14, 9:40pmGavan thanks for those tips - all sound perfectly reasonable and sensible!

Colin that would be great to go round together if the offer's still open?

Also just wondering whether anyone is driving down from in and around Dublin, or passing through Bray - unfortunately public transport doesn't seem to service Laragh .....
colin doyleMay 15, 9:45amThe offer is still there Sarah. My No is 0863445554. Im leaving harolds cross that morning and could collect you if you want. Txt or ring me and will sort something out.
Vivian O'GormanMay 15, 11:59pmA couple of notes for this race:

Don't forget the kit requirement - see event details.
Race registration will open at 10.30 in Lynams car park. It will close at 11.45.
There is no car parking at the race start. Jog out from Laragh.
All runners must report to the race stewart when they reach Glenmacnass Car Park
There will be some food and water at this car park.
Any runner wishing to drop out can do so here.
Any runner who does drop out must let me know. I will be at the finish area.

This is a tough race so come prepared.

See you Sunday.
Vivian O'GormanMay 16, 11:59amIf anybody wants to do an early start just let me know at race registration.

Also keep your rubbish in your pocket or bumbag not on the mountain!!
Vivian O'GormanMay 16, 11:37pmCan anybody do first aid for me on Sunday please?
Donal TroddynMay 17, 11:35pmVivian, I could do First Aid on Sunday, but I'd be cycling down, so I'd be unable to bring the kit down or back. Well, more unwilling than unable, if I'm honest. If you could arrange to have the kit brought down with the rest of the race gear, I'd be happy to fill the role, though.
Ciaran KellyMay 17, 11:46pmHi Colin/Sarah,, i competed during the week in my 1st IMRA event @ Carrick Mountain, did it in 1h 01m ... I havent competed in an event that requires navigation yet. I did Gaelforce before.
Could I join your group on Saturday ??
Or is there anyone else looking for a partner for the day ??
Ger LawlorMay 18, 8:33amHi all,

I am in a similar situation to Ciaran. I have not completed any championship runs and would like to get a few under the belt. I have ran 8 league races and the Wicklow Way Trail, averaging 130% of winner. I have studied an East/West map of the route but navigational skills are not competent. Anyone interested in partnering up?
Dave KellyMay 18, 10:14amHi Ger,

It looks like we might be a good match in terms of speed. Like you, I only know bits of the route but I have reasonable nav skills from hillwalking.

From reading the previous race report, finding the path from the Glenmacnass car park is my biggest unknown so I might try and get down to check that out sometime in advance.

My no is 08seven 64seven 681nine if you are interested.


colin doyleMay 18, 11:03amHi Ciaran
More the merrier.See you there.Havent heard from Sarah Since so don't know if she's still going. Might still go little wayward on the day but will get around ok.
my number is 0863445554.
James CurranMay 18, 2:01pmIf you did have to retire 1/2 way how would you get back to Laragh?
colin doyleMay 18, 2:09pmCarpark at half way is on the main road up the valley (Military Rd)Just follow it south back to start/ Laragh
Vivian O'GormanMay 18, 2:17pmHi Donal, that would be great. I have the first aid so it will be there for you.

I hope to have car lift back to Laragh for any retirees at Glenmacnass Car Park.

Weather looks reasonable for Sunday but there will be mist on Brockagh and especially Tonelagee.

Please ensure you have all the right kit - see event details.
Ciaran KellyMay 18, 6:26pmHi Colin,, thats really great news, im looking forward to the run & will give you a buzz Sunday morning.
I got a txt earlier today from Ger.
Ger will be Joining our Duo and making it a Trio :-)

Ref Car Share: I will be leaving from Lucan, passing Red Cow, Tallaght, Dundrum etc exits. 2 Spaces available.

Paul SmythMay 18, 7:17pmHi Vivian,

Can you confirm that the mandatory points to be visited are the same as previously, i.e.

Brockagh West summit,
Tonelegee summit,
Scarr summit.

Dermot MurphyMay 18, 7:39pmPaul, as well as those summits, the car park at the Glenmacnass waterfall is also a compulsory checkpoint, as noted on the organiser's instructions.
Paul SmythMay 18, 7:52pmThanks Dermot,

I took that as given so I didn't mention it.

Stephen BrennanMay 20, 6:43pmBrilliant race. The weather was kind to us, with just a bit of cloud on Scarr. It's quite a step up from the league races. I'm tired but happy now!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered - great event.
Alan AylingMay 20, 7:16pmHear hear!

Great day. Someone entertain us with a report!
Mike JordanMay 21, 9:16amThis is what hill running is all about...I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday as much as me!
Not alot I could add to Sam's excellent report. A huge thank you to everyone involved yesterday - volunteers and runners - for making it a really memorable day in the hills.
Thanks to Barry's shortcut..ahem sorry...route choice at the start I got to taste what its like to to be 2nd place in a race for about 2 minutes - its tough at the top, I think I'll stick to the chasing pack!!
The free route choice between all the hilltops makes such an interesting race with little gains and losses especially evident between Brockagh and Tonelagee.
Fair play to the Glenmacnass crew for the refreshments and encouragement. Special mention to Donal who lied through his teeth and told me I was looking fresh!
For any runners out there considering doing a championship race for the first time my advice is do a recce and go for it. Even hiking the route will give you a feel for the course and the challenge involved.
I'm gonna miss Glendalough...I think I'll have to find another championship race somewhere before Mt Leinster :)
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