Mount Leinster

Bruce ShenkerMay 12, 11:38pmI have nice new green running shoes so will there be a route that avoids all that boggy shite on the top???
bruce ShenkerMay 13, 12:03amActually I was kidding, I am very much looking forward to some soft irish turf after the roots and rocks I have been running on these many years
Alan AylingMay 13, 7:56pmYou'd have loved Mullaghcleevaun so!

Take it the ol' pink shirt is still going strong? :-)
Brian O'MurchuJul 5, 3:49pmAnyone going from town/northside? The carpool section is a little bare
John J BarryJul 5, 4:03pmI'll be travelling from Waterford if anybody is interested. I'll be travelling via New Ross.
David PowerJul 5, 5:50pmI'd like to carpool - have space for 3 others. Leaving from Leopardstown around 9.30. Contact me 086 0503350.
Bruce ShenkerJul 5, 8:51pmInternational mountain runner, making the long trip from New York to Dublin for the world famous Mount Leinster race on Sunday looking for a lift from Ballsbridge (or any south side area) , dont know my mobile until I get a new sim card but can be reached by email at bshenker at
Fergus ByrneJul 5, 9:01pmHowdy Folks anybody want to share a lift from the Gorey area on Sunday
Stuart ScottJul 6, 3:47pmHi all,

I'm hoping to head down from Carlingford on Sunday morning (legs permitting) and returning to Dublin if anyone wanted to carpool? Entertaining and feeding abilities appreciated. I'll be online until I leave work (stuart DOT scott A-T imra D-OT ie), then available on 086 853925 (and the last digit is a multiple of 9).

For those who've gotten a lift before, the car has been in the garage since. I promise!


Neil KeaneJul 6, 8:35pmHi,

Coming from Rathvilly if anyone wants a lift.

Brian O'MurchuJul 6, 9:59pmI would really like to do this race, and am looking for some goodwill from a carpooler. I live in Dublin 5, but can meet in town zero 86 eight97 3144
Gareth LittleJul 6, 10:15pm
Stuart, I'd love a lift. I'll text you tomo to confirm.


Paul O'GradyJul 7, 7:21pmHi Jane and Graham

Are you going to have an early start tomorrow?

Gareth LittleJul 7, 11:20pm
Late notice but leaving from Dalkey at 09:45 if anyone wants a lift?

Gareth o879573216
Torben DahlJul 8, 5:54pmThanks to Jane and Graham for a very well organized and well marked race. I really enjoyed it despite the wet and muddy conditions.

I am usually not the one giving out here on on the Forum, but I will make an exception today. 10 mins before race start when a lot of people were doing a warm up on the fire road this big Ford comes literally flying down the road, probably going +80km/h. Being less than 100 meters from the car park he decides to use the horn a number of times cause a runner keeps running on the middle of the road. Eventually the runner moves into the side nearly being hit by the side mirror. The fact is however that the runner who didn't move is in fact deaf!

I know a good few runners saw this car that apparently thought he was already racing and that it was a mental attitude from the driver, who was in fact the winner of the race today.

Martin, I think you owe people an explanation of this inappropriate manner of arriving!!

Stephen MarryJul 8, 10:42pmI'd just like to say thank you to the people who stopped to help me after my slip on the rocks. Particularly the girl who was kind enough to give me her bandana, and the person who tidied me up at the bottom. I'm sorry I don't have your names but I'm sure you know who you are, thank you both very much, your help was very much appreciated.
Mike JordanJul 9, 10:43amThanks to the organisers, helpers and runners for a hugely enjoyable race. Great to see so many local runners turn out aswell. Its amazing how boggy ground that can suck the energy out of your legs on the way up barely slows you down once you have gravity on your side!

I'll have to come back next year for the views seeing as Jane has promised blue skies next time out!
Caitlín BentJul 9, 11:53amTorben, Yes. I remember a big car 'belting' down the track towards us 4 early starters which barely skimmed past me as it raced down towards the start! I was a bit shaken by it.
caitlín bentJul 9, 11:57amp.s. Thanks to all who made the race happen. 'Mud, mud , glorious mud:)'
Pat BarryJul 9, 12:52pmBrian O'Murchu

These are an excellent Inov8 racing shoe that are going out of
production so the last of them are going dirt cheap. Well worth
getting a pair.

Any of the Inov8 Mud Claw range are very good. All of my running is in the Pennine bogs outside Manchester and they are great!
John J BarryJul 9, 1:45pmI also had a close shave with "Mr Irate". I heard him coming so I got in off the road which was very narrow but he made no effort at all to slow down as he flew past. I thought he might be a cranky local farmer than did not like his environment been invaded by 'foreigners'. I was surprised to see him turn into the car park/field and subsequent to find out he was an actual runner (trying to remove some opposition?).

John J BarryJul 9, 5:18pmRace Reports Up:

Brian O'Murchu - From the front :-)

John J Barry - From the Back :-(

Shay ByrneJul 10, 10:47amFormer athlete from yester year...
Where have all our young athletes gone?I feel someone has to address this problem and ask a few questions . Having competed many years ago, i still take a keen interest in athletics.

At last sundays mount. Leinster race i was out at about the 4k mark, I seen the first three athletes coming, two young lads and a guy old enough to be their father if not grandfather. It was clear the older guy was playing with the younger lads. It only became clear just how much when he came back a full two minutes ahead. Now if that happened in my day which it wouldnt you would keep your head down and train twice as hard! But these days it seems how they handle it is , by sticking a knife in his back. And hope he wont be there the next day. Come on now lads, this isnt the way to do it, its all about hard work. There is no way these old guys should be up there, no disrespect to Mr. McDonald he is one of our top masters, but two minutes ahead. And i heard he had just three minutes to warm up God forbid if he had 20 minutes to warm up how far would he have been ahead? And this guy is O55 not as results state O50. Then you have the likes of Bernard Fortune and Martin Francis in the top handful all great masters don't get me wrong. I mean should we handy-cap these old lads so as they wont humiliate our seniors? Or maybe have our masters in a separate race?

Mr. Dahl talks about the winner racing around in his car before the race well did he warm up in his car maybe? Perhaps our seniors should try that and maybe it will help we have to do something.....

Yours in sport from a puzzled spectator
Kevin O'RiordanJul 10, 11:05amI seem to remember you lot throwing the toys out of the pram when a young lad (Colm) beat Martin in 2010. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
aidan roeJul 10, 2:04pm@ Kevin. One of the better threads that year. This one could grow legs though.

Brian O'MurchuJul 16, 11:16pmI remember seeing a couple of people taking photos, would be great to get them posted up (even if they are blurry!)
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