Car pooling for beginners

Brendan LawlorMay 15, 10:11amMick Hanney and myself joined the Carpool Nazis in the 1930's and despite several infiltration's by neo-liberal elements the movement has gone from strength to strength. The next four league races (Carrick, Glasnamullan, Brockagh and Scarr) will see us out in force with our trademark hi-viz uniforms and grumpy strong arm tactics - so what to do??

1) Put your car up on the carpool section of the forum
2) Get a lift from someone on the carpool section of the forum and leave your car at home
3) Organise your own mini car-pool with one, two or more of your IMRA pals
4) Call to the Carpool pub (Chester Beatties this week, Coach House (or Glencormack Inn) next week, contact the hi-viz official and 2 minutes later you'll either have a few new buddies in your car or be heading to the race in another car with a few others
5) Put your bike in the back of your car and park somewhere close to the race and cycle the last 2km
6) Cycle to the race (if you're Eoin Keith or Gerry Lalor)
7) Give yourself an extra 15 minutes (or more) so you are not in a panic to get to the race
8) If you're late, you're late - don't stress, don't start shouting at people, park up your car somewhere away from the race start location and go out on the route for a nice de-stressing run, avoiding the finish line and enjoying the evening nonetheless

No-one, not even the Carpool Nazis, likes turning away single occupancy cars from the race start location but if we don't then several races will not happen in the future

Carpooling is not as hard as you think, and is a lot more fun than you'ld imagine
John LynchMay 15, 11:43amThat's very well put and contains a lot of common sense.
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