Finish line

John LangenbachMay 17, 11:05amIs there a rule/guideline as to what point in the finish setup the finish results are taken?

As I was recording the numbers at the finish last night, I was very aware that some people were running to the first cone, some running to the last cone where the laptop is, while some seemed to keep on, heading for their cars. (I do realise the folly of asking this question the night after me assisting recording the results) Generally the running order was preserved through the chute but when things are close, he who flinches first may lose out and the order on the final results sheet is final. Overtaking inside the cones isn't really sensible but if the record point is the last cone, why not?

In previous races, I'm sure I've sometimes been told to run through and sometimes to slow at the first cone but with this uncertainty I tend to run steady through to the laptop operator or until told to stop.

Andreas suggested a line on the ground would be a good idea - perhaps a bag of chalk dust or sawdust could be used to make an appropriately temporary line so incoming runners know their target. Obviously the laptop operator should if possible have a view of that point. Once past that, runners should slow if required to retain their order and the manual recorders could record everyone at that point (instead of trying to read in advance of the line, as often seems the case. It works because usually the manual records are used to fill in the gaps on the laptop record where only the finish time was recorded but not whose number should be associated with it).

(Note: thanks to those who undid their jackets, unfurled their numbers or called out their number or early start/junior/short course status as they passed the line. And a reminder that tri belts are an excellent way to obscure your number or bunch it up around your middle. If your shirt is so precious that 4 safety pin holes will damage it, it may not be culturally appropriate wear for a mountain race.)
Donal TroddynMay 17, 11:09amThe Finish Line is the entrance to the chute, and the cones just serve to keep people in order to get a chance to get their numbers. A line would definitely clarify that to the runners, though.
Alan AylingMay 17, 9:15pmGood points John, but in a race where it is necessary to wear the waterproof jacket, I am not happy at the idea of putting pins through it!!

Line on the ground is a good idea - someone in IMRA must be in a position to supply a couple of cans of that spray paint the road repair lads use?
Greg ByrneMay 18, 3:36pmI wouldn't be sure spray paint, no matter how quick it washes away is in line with or the spirit of "leave no trace".

Anyone seen the orange rocks on Carrawystick left by behind the recent Charity Walk?
Mick HanneyMay 18, 3:40pmI can see where confusion can arise but people simply need to be instructed to keep running until the last cones. A reminder from the RD at the start would suffice. The laptop tends to be set up at the last cones. Believe me there is enough stuff in the Directors kit. I'd be supportive of reducing the gear overhead, not adding to it.
Ronan HickeyMay 18, 4:20pm
Let's not overcomplicate things. For the recent Three Rock race Mr. O' Farrell's welcoming committee stretched a line of red and white marking tape across the ground at the last of the cones. Voila, the finish line. Easily visible to runners and laptop operators, reusable, leaves no trace and if someone trips over it, it doesn't matter because their time has already been recorded.

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