mountains seldom if ever ran

Mick HanneyMay 21, 9:28pmWe run many of the same routes so often, that we overlook so many others as a result. The list if probably endless, but driving past Keadeen coming from Donard this evenng I was trying to imagine what sort of route you could challenge people with. It really does look like a nice hill. Thats my entry for starters. Bound to be lots more.
Alan AylingMay 21, 10:17pmGood idea for a thread Mick. I guess availability of parking would be a major dictating factor in the suitability of any given hill(s) for a race.

Also, the fact that some hills are basically unpleasant, boggy, nasty places that wouldn't be much fun to run. Then again, sometimes that sort of stuff is the best mountain running of all... ;-)

Don't necessarily need a huge mountain either. What Larne AC used to do with Knockdhu was one of the best races around, wasn't a big hill, just REALLY steep.

Keadeen's a good suggestion.

What about Moanbane and Silsean? The Ow Valley to be added to the increasing list of "circuit of" races?

Or a Circuit of Imaal, taking in Lobawn, Table, Camenabologue, Lug, Camarahill... or if we were feeling really keen, throw Slievemaan and Keadeen into the bargain.

Hollywood Village - Slievecorragh - Corriebracks (delightful spot, honestly) - Church Mtn.

Love to see Croghankinsella resurrected.

The Blackstairs (other than Mt Leinster).

The Cooleys (albeit NIMRA have some events there).

Slieve Blooms.

Most of Connaught. (Bring back Nephin!!)

I haven't got any real thought out ideas for any of these, except the Imaal one, but maybe someone will have some inspiration and maybe even contacts for parking, race starts & finishes, eats and drinks etc.

Mick HanneyMay 21, 10:27pmAlan - you were allowed one suggestion ;-) Joking.

Circuit of Imaal finishing down Ballineddan instead of Camarahill (for a change). Start and finish wouldn't have to be the exact same spot but could make a nice run. On an evening such as this evening it would have been magic.

Or a point to point race, say Ballineddan to Glenmalure (always nice to finish at a pub, with a stream) - we don't do enough of them.

Could propose the hills around Croaghan Kinsella for a nav challenge. If I can't run I'd consider RDing. Then back to the Gap pub...
Peter O'FarrellMay 21, 10:45pmHmmm. The Slieve Blooms is a vast boggy resevoir of untapped talent. I believe they may be getting a coillte MTB trail one of these years.

Back to the running and I think we could have a great race in Glenbarrow in the Slieve Blooms on Sunday the 24th of June at 1pm.

Approximately 11.3km of fun with a free bonus festival of the field thrown in for good measure. Guest appearance by a recent presidential candidate. Plenty of parking. Fully parked you will find a fully marked event.
Climb up alongside the very waterfall that features on the cover of the O.S. map of the area, contour around the babbling stream, climb again through a fabled lost village to some very swanky boardwalk and then abandon the brakes and freewheel and frolic back to the adoring masses in the field.
Charity even gets some of the proceeds.
Gareth LittleMay 22, 12:14pm
Good post Mick. I agree that there are lots of mountains in Wicklow that sit "un-raced" throughout the year but parking and lack of tracks and trails play a big part in this and could limit the use of these mountains to championship type races as opposed the Leinster League races.

As Alan said, Moanbane and Silsean are good for open mountain runs. I'm actually heading up them after work for a run.

A good and messy circuit could be "Art's Circuit" which would go something like Ballinagee Bridge -> Carrig -> Table -> Camenabologue -> Convalla -> Oakwood -> Ballinagee Bridge. I reckon that would be won and lost on route choice and level of recces done.

Another good circuit would be "Circuit of Sally" and could be something like Kippure (via service road) -> Carrigvore -> Gravale -> Duff Hill -> Fancy -> Djouce -> War -> Tonduff North -> Kippure service road. Again, route choice would be they key to success!

Alan AylingMay 22, 5:26pmInteresting suggestions Gareth, both sound suitably horrible!

Recces are over-rated...

Peter - that sounds like a wonderful event, unfortunately clashes with the brother's stag, so I'll most likely be in a heap around that time :-(
aidan roeMay 22, 10:59pm@alan
church mountain and corriebracks. one of my favourite training runs. rarely meet a soul.size isn't everything.view along the ridge south of church mountain is one of the finest in wicklow.
aidan roeMay 22, 10:59pm@alan
church mountain and corriebracks. one of my favourite training runs. rarely meet a soul.size isn't everything.view along the ridge south of church mountain is one of the finest in wicklow.
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