John ColemanMay 27, 11:19pmPol, I'll probably be at the race area around 5:45pm. My first time to volunteer at a race so not sure what's best suited to me but I will be available for registration duty or further up the mountain route, whichever ya reckon.
John ColemanMay 30, 9:43amI have decided that I will be running at this race if that's ok.
I will need it in order to count towards my required 7 events.
Pol O'MurchuMay 30, 11:55pmLooking for a few more volunteers for this race please. A Couple more non runners in particular. BTW Alister Gerard I switched you to non running as you volunteered as First Aid. I hope this is ok. If not then we will require another First Aider. There is not a major requirement for two first Aid people on this race generally with the exception of a couple of years ago when we had a couple of incidents but this race is generally not a bad one for falls etc. unlike the likes of Tibradden for example.

Can all volunteers please e-mail me at as many do not have their details up on my imra.

Also note to runners. Carpooling will be required for this race so get organising early. We have the use of a field but the carpool police will be out in force! Recomended carpooling from Roundwood where the prizegiving will take place.
Jean O'NeillMay 31, 4:55pmI can be a running volunteer for this race if needed
Mary ManganMay 31, 8:59pmPlease include me for a running volunteer for this race.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 1, 12:51pmPol, I can do summit Marshal for this race if that suits you?
Pol O'MurchuJun 2, 6:54pmThank you Jean, Mary and Rachel. All accepted and happy to have your help. That'd be great rachel.
John CondonJun 3, 8:41amHi Pol, glad to be able to help out on Wednesday. First time volunteering. What time do I need to be there at?
henny brandsmaJun 5, 8:57amHi Pol.
If you need still non running volunteers you can ad me to your volunteers list.
Regards Henny Brandsma
Mobile 087-7604825454
Laura SchwirzJun 5, 9:04amHi Pol

I might be around to volunteer at tomorrow's race. Haven't signed up as a helper though because I'm not sure what time I will get there.

Barry MooreJun 5, 10:13amPol, I can be a non running volunteer if needed. moorebarry at eircom dot net.
Allister GerrardJun 5, 11:05amAnyone available to do first aid?
Paul O' ConnorJun 5, 12:46pmHi,

Believe parking is very tight for this one. Is there anywhere nearby from which I can park and cycle? Normally car-pool with a running friend but travelling alone this week as have to head for Waterford immediately afterwards.
Brendan LawlorJun 5, 1:10pmPaul

If you park in Roundwood (at the Coach House say) its about a 15 minute cycle to the start. If you wanted to get a little closer, when you get to Oldbridge, go right towards Lough Dan Scout Centre and you might find a spot up that lane.

All single occupant cars will be turned away at the bottom of the lane leading up to Brian and Nicky Gaffney's house so please Carpool from the Coach House or use the Carpool facility on the website or post up here
Colum McKeownJun 5, 1:10pmHi,

Anyone leaving from Dublin City for the race tomorrow? Am based in Ranelagh/Donnybrook but can get to anywhere in they city or DART/Luas stop.


(086 0317357)
Pol O'MurchuJun 5, 1:36pmHey guys I need a first aid person URGENTLY for this race if anyone is available to do first aid and not run. Thanks.
David RouseJun 5, 2:04pmTwo seats to and from Donnybrook Church @6pm sharp.

daverouse @ g mail . com
Vincent McGuinnessJun 5, 2:43pmIf u need another running volunteer i'm available just let me know.
David RouseJun 5, 2:56pmCar now full.
Peter O'FarrellJun 5, 3:03pmIf no first aid volunteer comes forward by 7.30pm this evening the race should be cancelled, thereby giving 24 hours notice. No volunteer race organiser should have to put up with this stress and uncertainty so close to their race.

Following on from the successful cap last week such a cancellation might begin to help lads understand that hillrunning occasionally costs more than €7.

Additionally - The whole concept of the running volunteer is a very irish compromise that needs to be looked at again.

kind regards,


Ronan HickeyJun 5, 3:13pmOK, but if it is cancelled...could someone let Mick Fal know this time...cos you know..just sayin'...

Stuart ScottJun 5, 3:22pmThink Mick Fal could do first aid Ronan? He wouldn't have to rush there either.
Catherine DevittJun 5, 3:29pmPeter - presumably, the first aid officer needs to have recognised cert (e.g. Order of Malta)? I just want to check so that I can help out at future races.
Pol O'MurchuJun 5, 5:17pmNo need to cancel I have a couple of options now. thanks to volunteers. Will be in touch later to confirm roles etc with volunteers.

Mick HanneyJun 5, 6:27pmPol - I can assist if need be on the 1st aid front.

Catherine, a recognised up-to-date first aid qualification e.g. REC1. A crowd of us did 1st aid training (supported by IMRA) just before the season started.
ciaran kellyJun 5, 9:44pmHi Folks,, I have 2 spaces available in my car for tomorrow evenings race @ Scarr..

I will be leaving from Ballymount Cross, at the Spar Shop,, and can call at any of the M50 exits south bound..

Please drop me a text if interested :-)

Ciaran Kelly
086 88 44 629
Fergus ByrneJun 5, 10:00pmHey Folks,

Anybody want to carpool from Roundwood for the race?
Jean O'NeillJun 5, 11:42pmCan volunteers car pool from Roundwood? What time do we have to be there? I will be driving on my own from Swords so would appreciate car pooling somewhere.
Pol O'MurchuJun 6, 1:14amSorry for the late post guys.

I have listed below roles for tomorrow. I hope everyone is ok with this. If I have you down for early/ Start jobs it would be great if you can be around from about 6.

I have a few down for collecting and sorting numbers at the end if you can just come up to us at the end and give a hand out where needed with collecting and sorting the numbers into order.

Alister if you can make your way to the field and I will give you a high vis jacket and then head down to the car park to help people find car pooling friends down there. You can come back before the race in time to warm up and get going. If you can grab a few straglers with you great if not I suppose we can make an exception on the car pooling for you. Brendan will be at the bottom of the lane and will be running also. Vivian if you can help out to make sure people aren’t parking anywhere in the field and help out with the finish also.

I think the rest are fairly self explanatory. I’ll be about to help with Laptop if you are unsure of anything Peter and I will get Laura to give a hand as well with calling numbers and names to be imput etc.

Name Running Role
Pol O'Murchu No Race Director
Andreas Kusch No Deputy Race Director
Paraic Gallagher No First Aid Officer
Paula Keohan No Numbers at start/ Finish/ manual results at end
Peter Cannon No Laptop
John Condon No Car Parking Field Marshal
Kieran Crowley No Numbers at Start/ Finish Chute/ Manual results
Laura Schwirz No Laptop Assistant
Rachel CinnsealachNo Marking/ Marshal
Vivian O'Gorman No Cash / Sign in / Calling numbers at end
Allister Gerrard Yes Car Parking/ Car pooling - Coach House
Anthony O'Reilly Yes Cash/Sign In
Brendan Lawlor Yes Carparking Marshal – end of lane
Jean O'Neill Yes Collecting/ Sorting numbers
Joan Stapleton Yes Collecting/ Sorting numbers
John Coleman Yes Collecting/ Sorting numbers
Mary Mangan55 Yes Collecting/ Sorting numbers

Any questions/ problems requests to change please let me know. drop me an e-mail or drop me a text 087-1262850
George BodJun 6, 10:27amHi All, I have 3 spaces available in my car for tomorrow evenings race @ Scarr..

I will be leaving from Delgany, Wicklow.

Please drop me a text if interested.

George Bod
John DoyleJun 6, 3:06pm@Fergus Byrne,what time are you going to be in Roundwood Fergus?
Brian O'MurchuJun 6, 3:29pmAnyone going from Town/Northside? Am looking for a lift Brian @ zero 86 eight 97 3144
Fergus ByrneJun 6, 3:33pmJohn,

Maybe leave Roundwood around 18:30? I'm pretty flexible though
John DoyleJun 6, 3:44pm@Fergus Byrne,sounds good Fergus,meet you at the coach house
Fergus ByrneJun 6, 3:47pmJohn See you then. I'm driving a blue Mazda 6 or you can get me on
zero87 six69four507
Daniela BoehmJun 6, 4:06pmHi, a bit last minute notice but if anyone wants a lift from UCD (about 17:45), give Eoin a shout on zero87six522065.
Orla CrosseJun 6, 4:35pmCar going from Northside down M50 if anyone wants a spin? Get in touch via test 0h86 0h977748.
Niall OconnorJun 6, 4:42pm@ fergus
Any space left? Know it's late but wasn't sure I'd finish work on time to race
Richard KieranJun 6, 5:02pmHi - I will be at Roundwood around 6.30 - have seats to spare! R
Richard KieranJun 6, 5:02pmHi - I will be at Roundwood around 6.30 - have seats to spare! R
Fergus ByrneJun 6, 5:25pm@Niall yeah I have a spot for you no problem
Brendan OconnorJun 6, 10:57pmHi, great race tonight. I'm down as DNF. However I timed myself at 46:46, finished with Stuart Murphy.
Brian O'MurchuJun 6, 11:07pmI'm not sure the results are correct, there is a runner down finishing one second ahead of me. There was no-one within a few seconds ahead of me at the finish. I think either the times or the order might be a bit off
Elaine O Brien LawlorJun 6, 11:12pmHi

I was race number 1432, early start finished in about 58 minutes. I am down as a DNF, I definitely f'd!
Maria MaguireJun 6, 11:18pmHi...another 'concerned' runner from tonight..
I am also down as a DNF and (luckily) did finish...I gave my number to two seperate race officials at the end...can we replay back the cameras at the finish line to get my time.. :)
Many thanks
Dermot MurphyJun 6, 11:57pmTo all the DNF's - only one of the DNF's was a genuine one - we could not find the others on the manual sheets - the finish was very busy at times! If you know your time or who you finished near, please let us know and Kevin will correct over the next few days.
John CondonJun 7, 6:49amPhotos are up. I'll get the rest of them up this evening.
Eva FairmanerJun 7, 8:04amA great race last night and huge thanks to all the organisers who did sterling work. Obviously with such numbers competing the finish is going to be tight so it is up to people who started early to let the results folks know as there are quite a lot of them who need to have their times adjusted!!
Pol O'MurchuJun 7, 9:09amThanks to all the volunteers last night for their help with running and organising the race. Especially to Paraic on first aid who had a couple of emergencies to deal with but coped very well. Thanks also to Jimmy Sinnott for giving a bit of a hand here.

A bit thanks to everyone for their car pooling efforts. According to Brendan we only had 3 cars show up with single runners so incredible work there. The message seems to be setting in. Thanks also to Nicky and Brian for the use of the field.

With the results there are a few errors so just stick them up here and we'll get them sorted as soon as possible. With the use of the field a little further up the road we had the finish a bit closer to the bend then usual so it meant runners were upon us very quick and some numbers were missed when they came in in groups.. The other alternative would have been to finish down past the field in the usual spot but would have been even more confusing with runners wandering up and down the road afterwards. And getting in the way of runners finishing so that's where the problem arose there.

Hope everyone enjoyed the race.
brooker martinJun 7, 10:14amCan the race director for Scarr June 6th have a look at times for myself, 1093 Brooker Martin, I think the early starter wrote my number down as I passed him just before the start of the early starters. I raced with the main group.
Also is there a general rule for staying left or right when going up or down the mountain during the race? There has been confusion in the last 2 races and I have seen people crashing into each other in both. Thank you.
jimmy synnottJun 7, 10:25amWell done to pol and his team for another great nights race.All went well.thanks jimmy
Paul KevilleJun 7, 12:00pmAfter my spectacular fall at the finish i got 5 stitches just below my knee. The nurses initially thought i had cut part of my tendon and was reffered to hospital. Thankfully I just needed stitches and in the doctors words in 12 days they can come out and i will be free to run wild again.Thanks to all who nursed me last night Padraic on first aid, Angus Tyner, Mike Jordon, Dermot Murphy and a big thanks to Hazel Thompson and Brendan O'Connor who conveyed me and my car to hospital. Sorry if i missed anyone out who gave me a dig out. I wrote a report on the race if anyone is interested. Thanks again

Paul Keville
Angus TynerJun 7, 12:12pmThanks for update Paul, was going to text.

A nasty gash, but happened in the right place and I suppose could always have been worse!

A nice rest before the Rogaine!

The weather was great last night and I found myself further up the field than usual, probably helped by having a rest the day before.

Thanks to all concerned and for the first aid volunteer(s) who stepped up, without whom we'd have had no race
Mike JordanJun 7, 12:16pmOuch!! Glad to hear you got it sorted Paul... and you didn't even lose a place!12 days means I'll probably see you at Sorrell Hill!

Thanks to all involved last night volunteers and runners alike. A great 5 miler with one of the funnest descents around.
Alan AylingJun 7, 12:45pmGreat race, lovely conditions, thanks Pól and team.

Special mention for Andreas Kusch and the best route description at a Leinster League race since the D Barry era:

The route is very simple - you go up (points at mountain)... then you go down.

Margarete ClarkJun 7, 12:54pmHi, I was with the early starters, but jumped in straight from reg. after they had already taken off, so my number (330) wasn't down as Early Starter. I told the lady at the finish who noted down numbers and she put an 'E' next to my number on the sheet at pos.131, I think. On the results page I'm listed as pos. 113, time 50:34, which is definitely out of my reach :-) I don't know the exact start times of either the early starters or the main group, but I came in roughly at 8.22±a couple of mins, definitely somewhere after pos.193 (time 61:29) and before pos.201 (time 64:41), so I guess I'm somewhere at 62 or 63 mins.
Brendan LawlorJun 7, 1:06pmGreat race last night - well done Pol, Andreas and team !

Andreas must be ready to step out of the shadows and take on an LL race as RD can't be a bridesmaid all your life !

Deputy RD's have definitely been making life easier on race organisers this year, long may it continue
Mick HanneyJun 7, 1:08pm

Great picture this. Torben is making winning his new habit. Doing well to hold off a fast descending Bernard.
Brendan LawlorJun 7, 1:48pm€182 collect at the gate of the parking field last night. At Brian and Nicky's request this will be donated to the Roundwood Scout Group and Mountain Rescue. Thank you all for your generosity!
Rene BorgJun 7, 8:33pmTeam results are up.
Brian O'MurchuJun 8, 11:27amAfter looking at the latest photos, I finised ahead (only just) of runner 1422, but in the results I am recorded as behind him. I would like to appeal the recorded results (8th & 9th place)
Maria MaguireJun 22, 9:19pmHi - just wondering if it is possible to update the rankings for the DNF's? I came in after 1288 - my number is 1103. Many thanks!
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