Wicklow Round Attempt

Jeff FitzsimonsJun 1, 9:55amNot me silly!! I'm just trying to flush any potential rounders out of the heather before it gets too over grown for an attempt.

There has to be a few of you out there, long weekend, reasonable forcast? No takers?
Jarlath HynesJun 1, 10:22amGo on Jeff, go for it!

(I'll meet you en route with those homemade oatbars of yours)
Paul TierneyJun 1, 12:06pmI do believe there is a band of merry men heading out tonight if I'm not mistaken....A strong corkman amongst them!!
Gareth LittleJun 1, 12:09pm
A certain injured person was due to depart at 2pm tomorrow but that is a non runner now!
Ronan HickeyJun 1, 12:37pmAh man Gareth, that's poxy. After all your prep, Leg 2 of the Relay stung you. Really sorry to hear that...but hang in there, recover and you will definitely do it again.

Richard NunanJun 1, 2:07pmSince Gareth can't make it out tonight and after weeks of weather gazing there are a few of us going to do it on his behalf.

Billy Reid
Greg Byrne
Finbar McGurren
Richard Nunan

We will be leaving the start line Saturday 2.06.2012 @ 2:00am

Kindly supported by Karen Duggan and Eoin Keith, please feel free to drop out and give us a wave.

Please recognise that this is our official post in advance on the Forum, we will provide a list of splits after our attempt.

Jeff FitzsimonsJun 1, 2:08pmNo chance this year, Jarlath!

As for those Cork boyos in the long grass, typical! And best of luck.
Ronan HickeyJun 1, 2:20pmLegends! Best of luck lads with the attempt.

Rachel CinnsealachJun 1, 2:25pmGutted for you Garrett. Hope your injury heals soon.

Good luck to "Get no sleep and Co. ". I'll be thinking of ye.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 1, 2:25pmOur posts just crossed, Richard. Best of luck with it.

I thought there may have been a late change of plans having not seen anything on here prior to my post. I look forward to hearing all about it.
Gareth LittleJun 1, 2:28pm
Best of luck lads!!!!
Finbar McGurrenJun 1, 2:33pmKaren Duggan won't be there but Karen McGurren will be there to offer support :)
Rachel CinnsealachJun 1, 2:38pmOhhh!!! :-) Karen should be doing the round with ye :-)
Paul NolanJun 1, 2:57pmGood men. Enjoy.
Moire O'SullivanJun 1, 3:46pmBest of luck lads. Hope it all goes well. Richard enjoy Drumgoff ;)
Dermot MurphyJun 1, 3:56pmAll the best guys, and enjoy it!
warren SwordsJun 1, 4:32pmBest of luck
Brendan LawlorJun 1, 4:59pmGood luck - ground should be good and may the weather Gods be kind to you!
kevin scanlonJun 1, 6:48pmbest of luck t the 4 lads, could anybody give me a rough estimate of what time they will be at drumgoff??? i live in south wicklow and would like to cheer them on as they pass. thanks, kevin
Paul NolanJun 1, 8:13pm@Kevin

Some time around 10am I'd estimate.
(9am to be safe, if they are flying along)
Gareth LittleJun 1, 8:14pm
Roughly 10am Kevin

kevin scanlonJun 1, 8:49pmgreat, thanks lads.
Paul MahonJun 1, 9:36pmGood luck out there lads.

Looking like the weather gods will be smiling on ye so go grab those UTMB qualifier points :-)
Pol O'MurchuJun 2, 10:24amGood luck guys looks fab day for it (although maybe a little warm) hope its goin well for ye. Any updates from the lads?
Paul TierneyJun 2, 12:20pmAny updates on how the lads are doing? How's The weather looking up there
Paul NolanJun 2, 12:29pmI just about caught a quick word with them near the top of Mullacor at 11:20ish. 3 still going well.
Adrian TuckerJun 2, 2:56pmwent through Glendalough approx 12.10 and then Wicklow Gap 13.15 ish, just a little ahead of targets. Running very strong and looking good.
Richard NunanJun 2, 2:58pmQuick update :

Started the round this morning, our main reason was the weather, we had been planning to go out since the May Bank Holiday and thus was the 1st real window with optimum dry ground and weather since the bank holiday.

I had the flu all week and we were touch and go to venture out. As an optimum window appeared we made the decision to go at 11:30am yesterday.

AT 1:55 we set off this morning, unfortunately having ran up Kippure in super dry comditions I was dry wrecthing at the top - something was wrong. The vomiting began on Gravel and continued over the next 5 peaks - No food taken on after 4 hours I was slowing and putting the other guys at risk - at Ballinagee Bridge I sat and tried to consume food with our support crew. No Joy in keeping it down so the decision was made. OUT !! Absolutely gutted !!

The guys are on Target at Drumgoff @ 10:15am - they are tired but moving at a good pace. Happier updates to follow
Gareth LittleJun 2, 3:15pm
Bad luck mate and fair play for even attempting it! But as people keep telling me, the round will always be there, y ou will get it done eventually.
Paul TierneyJun 2, 3:57pmRecover well Richard, and you'll get it done soon I'm sure. Won't ever feel that tough again!
Kevin O'RiordanJun 2, 5:04pmHard luck, Richard. Good luck to the rest of your teammates
Richard NunanJun 2, 6:12pmThe lads are going really well and still on Target - through Sheepbanks Bridge @ 18:00pm
Brendan LawlorJun 2, 6:13pmBilly, Greg and Finbarr through Sheepbank Bridge at 5.45pm, all looking strong and in very good spirits. Fingers crossed for them now for the last few peaks. Eoin, Karen and Grainne O'Connor doing a great support job for them
Adrian TuckerJun 2, 9:28pmThrough Glencree at 8.50pm, only 2 peaks to go. The weather has caved in but the lads are still moving well and in great spirits. Set for an excellent finish in great time but slightly damp.
Well done to all for a Great Round
Paul O' ConnorJun 2, 9:55pmFantastic effort. Don't know the lads but have been checking for updates during the day - really amazes me at the effort and commitment it must take to attempt never mind complete a round.

Looking forward to seeing a report once it's all over.
john barryJun 2, 10:38pmI just read Moire's book and I saw the amount of effort involved in researching routes and training . The Bob Graham guys have it easy ;-). Nothing but other respect for anybody that tries the rounds. Well done to all.
Gareth LittleJun 2, 11:05pm
Just watched the lads cross the finish line in just under 21 hours.

Well done lads with that fantastic result!


aidan roeJun 2, 11:16pmSuper effort lads. Well done. A great effort. Watching all day for news. Hard luck Richard, you'll get another chance.mountains are going nowhere . Aidani
Brendan LawlorJun 2, 11:21pmWell done lads great achievement. Hard luck to Richard and Gareth and hopefully you will get your Rounds sooner than later
Paul NolanJun 2, 11:31pmGreat job lads. Very well done.
After Mullacor this morning I thought you were going to suffer with the heat. That must have been some amount of rain you had to fight against to see the finish line. Top effort buy you & your support.
Pol O'MurchuJun 2, 11:39pmWell done lads. Great achievement. Another 3 around the round...so up next. Sorry to hear about having to drop out Richard. There'll be another chance.
Caroline ReidJun 3, 12:16amFantastic lads - well done! (Richard sorry to hear things didn't go well for you, but ya can't keep a good thing down, so look forward to hearing about you giving it another lash in the future).
Gareth LittleJun 3, 12:19am
Not sure if these links will work but if they do you will see the three lads at the end.



Moire O'SullivanJun 3, 1:20amBrilliant news lads! Well done. Great to see the list growing of those completing the Round. Now all you have to do is use your UTMB points wisely ;)

Richard, so sorry to hear it wasn't to be, but I hear there's a trend of getting around on second attempts.

Once you've caught your breath, looking forward to reading a report of your successful Round completion.
Greg ByrneJun 3, 3:30pmJust wanted to say thanks for all the messages and encouragement.

Such an epic journey can be so easily be derailed by the smallest of problems, as Richard and Adrian know best. It is testament to the preparations led by Richard and Adrian, and to the marvelous support crew on the day, Karen and Eoin, that we got over the line.

And thanks to Eoin for the bottle of bubbly on the finish line, an apt celebration even if the weather gods weren't as thoughtful at the time.
Finbar McGurrenJun 3, 5:04pmJust to echo what Greg has said, the amount of work on the part of Richard and Adrian put in to making the attempt possible was phenomenal.

A big thank you to Karen and Eoin for their support and encouragement on the day. We really couldn't have asked for a better support team. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us on the day also. It meant alot.

Finally thanks to Greg, Billy and Richard. I really enjoyed our day in the hills.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 3, 9:44pmI am delighted for ye, lads. Richard, you will be back, I think we are all sure of that.
Paul TierneyJun 3, 10:05pmGreat running lads, well done!! Can't wait to read the reports

Enjoy Basking in the glory of a job well done!! Well done to the support crew too, not an easy job!!
patrick barryJun 3, 11:13pmWith all of this expectations for "The Report" that will turn out to be a bigger challenge than the event itself:)
I will echo all the congrats - well done.
Paul MahonJun 5, 9:42amWell done Billy, Finbar and Greg and bad luck w the illness at an critical time Richard but when the weather window and dry ground you have to go for it so fair play for trying.

No doubt you will have another attempt along with Gareth and no doubt a few others reportedly lurking in the heather currently :-)!
Kevin O'RiordanJun 5, 9:48amWell done lads. Have updated the Wicklow round webpage to include a record of the attempt and a breakdown of the lads' split times : http://www.imra.ie/wicklowround
Billy ReedJun 5, 3:50pmI had been trying to plan the round mainly from maps and now realise the huge effort Richard, Adrian, Greg and Finbar put in testing out routes over the previous weeks. Richard was watching the weather like a hawk for a good while before a short window appeared. So a huge thanks lads for letting me join in. Gutted that Richard was ill before the start.

Eoin and Karen were superb in looking after us and keeping the spirits up when we were getting tired and the bubbly at the end was a magic touch.. Much appreciated.

The other thing that struck me were the IMRA members who came out to wish us luck along the way..

It was a very memorable day for me with some really great company. Thanks again for the generosity and I hope to repay the favours soon.
pat barryJun 15, 2:25pmHas there been any writeup on the successful attempts
Gareth LittleJun 15, 10:37pm
I was actually just logging in now to post the same question Pat!

Finbar McGurrenJun 21, 12:59pmI've posted a report to http://getnosleep-ar.com/archives/602

About time I know!
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