Brian O'MurchuJun 2, 10:57amWas wondering if anyone is planning on going to this race from trying to suss out any carpooling options
Vivian O'GormanJun 8, 8:09pmHi Brian,

The Nephin race hasn't been finalised yet. Part of the course is on private
land. So hold off on your plans for a while. I will let you know soon.
Úna Uí LoachaJun 27, 11:26pmHi Vivian Is this race still going on? was hoping to do first ever mountain race and start with this one..had intended to do one earlier in the month but something came up. Can you let me know thks...
Vivian O'GormanJul 5, 2:57pmA number of people have been asking and I can now definitely confirm that
the Nephin race is most certainly ON!!
Mike JordanJul 5, 3:15pmThat's great to hear! Growing up in west Sligo there was a clear view of Nephin from the front of my house so I'm looking forward to running a hill so close to home. Its a few years since I hiked up that side but as far as I remember theres a fence or 2 to negotiate and there'll be plenty of options for picking the best 'racing line' to and from the river seeing as there's no track or trail to follow.
Vivian, for a small race like this 2 running volunteers are probably enough but if you want another runner volunteer let me know
Vivian O'GormanJul 6, 6:01pmThanks for the offer Mike but two running volunteers is enough. I do however need a first aid person.

There are indeed two fences to be negotiated on the way up and again on the way down. And no not putting anything on any part of them.

The prizegiving will be probably be at the race finish.

More later.
Derek HunterJul 16, 11:47pmCan you point me in the right direction to find the rules for junior runners, especially in context of the weekend run on Nephin. Thanks
Gerry BradyJul 17, 8:40amSee IMRA rules at this link:
Mick HanneyJul 17, 8:56amJunior routes don't tend to be catered for on Championship races? Volunteers for marshalling same are needed. And it can be hard enough getting a volunteer to do the main peak itself.
Vivian O'GormanJul 17, 6:00pmHi Derek, yes Mick is right in what he has said. It is very hard to organize a junior race in these championship races. The race routes are not marked and marshalls are hard to come by. However if you would like to ring me - 0874150398 -
I can talk to you about it.
Vivian O'GormanJul 18, 11:55pmKit requirement for this race:

Longsleeved rainproof top

Map - Compass - Whistle

Bumbag with chocolate/biscuits and water

Bring your own water

Please bring all your rubbish home

There will be a road sign (just one mind)in Lahardaun to the race start

Race registration will open at 11.15am

Early starters can go at 11.30am or earlier - just let me know

Prizegiving will be at the start/finish area afterwards

Will make decision on day with regard to Kit usage
Derek HunterJul 19, 1:43pmThanks for your help. Having had a look at that link and taking on board your comments I think we might skip and maybe find a trail race. Thanks for quick responses and best of luck with the run on Sunday.
niamh o ceallaighJul 19, 4:34pmAnyone familiar with this route?
Would appreciate any info on the route - terrain, gradient etc. Will rummage out a map this evening, but all info appreciated.
Bruce ShenkerJul 19, 4:42pmIf you are using the classic route, which I assume you are, there is no route. YOU step over a low fence and you in a sheep pasture with the mountain in front of you. You go up to the right, usually through a bit of a gully and when you get through there it gets very steep near the top. You then follow a ridge to the left side of the horse shoe and if it is clear it is easy to see where to head down, if the mist is down you can up anywhere as many have. The down is fun and then you end up in the field with lots of hummocks and holes that take you right back to where you start. A classic run and if its clear folks at the bottom can see the whole race
Mike JordanJul 23, 1:10pmReport up.

A bit long for a 5k race, I'm not good at editing. Have to say I love championship races and the 2 at the weekend were no exception. Thanks to Vivian and all the other helpers and marshalls for making them happen.
Alan AylingJul 23, 2:31pmNice one Mike, and no it wasn't too long a report for a short race. Captured the event really well. And don't underestimate how cool that faceplant was! Just a shame no one got it on video. :-)

Still buzzing after that weekend!
james clancyJul 23, 2:42pmThanks again to the organisers for a fantastic weekend and two great adventures!!! and Sat night BBQ!!
Daniela BoehmJul 23, 4:16pmGreat account of the Nephin adventure - you definitely get your 7€ worth of mountain running fun on those 6km (though some of us decided to extend the distance slightly ;))! Until yesterday my memory of Nephin was that of a lovely descent... now I'd slightly modify that statement: great descent if you can manage to find it! Hope to get another chance to search for it next year! ;) Thanks for the 2 fabulous races, Vivian!
Diane WilsonJul 25, 12:01amBack home in Co Down after a bril weekend. Just to reiterate what Mike said in
his report, what a super 2 races back to back. Saw a lot more of the area than
was required! (Thanks Dermot for your company,we def got value for money as we
descended Nephin the scenic route!) As for Brian, he got a lift from a lovely
family in Lahardaun who then gave him the Titanic History tour before getting him
back to the finish-what more could you ask for!

All in all great craic,good company and a beautiful area. A big thankyou to Vivian and all the organisers and helpers.
Brian O'MurchuMay 17, 4:12pmIf/when Nephin is back on the IMRA calender it will be as 'Wild Nephin' - Ireland's newly declared wilderness region as launched yesterday by Minister Jimmy Deenihan - 15,000 hectares of mountains, lakes, forests, bogs and no roads or buildings - beautiful !
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