Thomas BlackburnJun 7, 6:07pmHi Lads we have a new challange for ye this year in the form of the Galty Crossing it is being organised by the Galty Walkers on 24th june @ 8am and they will allow us to join them to transverse the Galtys from Angelsborough to Cahir full details are on thir web site (GALTY WALKERS) spaces are limited only people who can navigate will be allowed to run. You will need full Manditory kit and i need your names asap as we have to book seats on the bus.all queries to me by email or phone 0876994976.
Paul SmythJun 7, 6:11pmWould love to do it but unfortunately it conflicts with the Rogaine.
Sam ScrivenJul 20, 4:48pmAny map recommendations for this route?
Paul TierneyJul 30, 12:11pmCan do summit Marshall for the Race if you need someone Tom?
tom blackburnJul 30, 7:14pmWe could do with a summet Marshel if you are avaliable, any one interested in doing Marshel for Cush or Galty Beg,or general helpers we will be only be too delighted for the help.Thanks..
Paul TierneyJul 30, 9:27pmYep, count me in for top of Galtymore then! See ya Sunday
Aisling CorkeryJul 31, 3:22pmHi, I'm looking for a lift down the Galtymore race, so just wondering if there's anyone near the Stillorgan area driving down to the race with free car space on offer. I can cycle to wherever you want to leave from. Thanks!
Paul SmythJul 31, 3:39pmAisling,

I'm travelling down and you're welcome to a lift if you can get to Citywest or Tallaght. I won't be hanging around after the race though as I need to get back as early as possible. Ph: OhEightSevenTwoSixOneSixFourOhSeven.
Aidan BligheAug 1, 11:11pmHi Aisling,
I think there is 2 of us travelling down so i definitely have 2 spaces. Leaving from Stepaside area.
Damien KennyAug 2, 12:26amHi All,

Interested in taking part on Sunday in the Galtees and doing Cratloe and then Mangerton in a few weeks. Have done a couple of ARs so know what to expect to some degree and have the necessary gear. Happy enough that I'd get there in the end though very slowly :)

Just wondering about the navigation aspect for the longer unmarked runs such as Sunday. Any advice? Could a novice in that sense take part? It's been a few years since I was up the Galtees.

pat barryAug 2, 12:19pmThere are some old race reports here. Very enjoyable read they are too - makes it sound a doodle!!

Aisling CorkeryAug 2, 3:24pmHi Paul & Aidan

Thanks a mill for the lift offers, I've managed to get one with Stuart Scott. So see ye at the race :o) Thanks again, Aisling
Will DouglasAug 3, 5:34pmHi all,

I'm looking to do the Galty race on Sunday. Is it ok to show up and race or do I need to fill something out before hand.

I'm driving from Cork if anyone would like a lift?

All the best,

tom BlackburnAug 4, 9:20amYou can turn up on the day and register to run if you are not a member of the association you can download the entry form from the website fill it up and bring it with you on the morning.You should be aware that is a very difficult event and if the weather conditions are bad we wont be encorouging people to run unless they are experienced mountain runners and have a manditory kit and can navagate.
Will DouglasAug 4, 1:16pmThanks Tom. I dont have access to a printer at home, will the be formes available to fill out there? I have done a fair bit of mountain walking so I am capable of navigating should the weather reqire it. If you hear of anyone needing a lift from cork or anywhere on the M8 route ill be happy to give one.
tom blackburnAug 4, 11:25pmThanks Will,we have entry formssee you in the morning.
Cormac O ceallaighAug 7, 8:59pmAny results on this race yet?
Joe LalorAug 7, 11:20pmCormac, While you are waiting for the results to be published in the database take a look at the photos, there is a photo of the finishers sheet
Dermot MurphyAug 8, 8:01amCormac, we have the results, but Kevin is away at the moment with no computer access. I don't know of anyone else who can upload the results so just have to wait until Kevin gets back.

Here are the results:
Num, Name,                Pos,  Time
 636, Brian Furey,           1,  89:40
2501, Tom Blackburn,         2,  93:50
1250, Deon McNeilly,         3,  94:47
 403, Kyle Heron,            4,  95:55
2509, Mike Cunningham,       5, 109:47
2698, Kevin Ring,            6, 110:03
1737, Richard O'Donnell,     7, 110:35
2555, Sean Harte,            8, 110:43
 976, Barry Moore,           9, 112:29
2502, Brian Flannelly,      10, 114:46
1571, John O'Neill,         11, 115:20
 980, Sam Scriven,          12, 116:18
2505, Ger Griffin,          13, 117:44
2658, Stephen McAuliffe,    14, 118:53
2701, Joe Ahern,            15, 120:59
2697, Will Douglas,         16, 121:47
 777, Kieran Collins,       17, 123:52
 104, Stuart Scott,         18, 124:32
2671, Vasily Neumerzhitskiy,19, 124:53
2513, Loretta Duggan,       20, 126:11
1412, Frantisek Neupauer,   21, 126:52
2699, Pat Barry,            22, 126:22
2630, John Hallahan,        23, 127:01
2514, Kevin Wilkinson,      24, 128:09
 978, Joe Lalor,            25, 128:55
 199, Aidan Blighe,         26, 129:35
 546, John Moore2,          27, 133:19
2525, Aidan Hogan,          28, 135:52
2700, Michael Lyons,        29, 135:59
 979, Paul Smyth,           30, 149:38
 113, Thomas Galvin,        31, 150:17
1401, WJ Browne,            32, 150:19
2523, Tim O'Callaghan,      33, 152:19
 540, Aisling Corkery,      34, 164:39
2541, Patrick Cleary,       35, 165:27
2702, Thomas Shanahan,      36, 168:45
2561, Ted Feehan,           37, 170:29
2535, Patricia Blackburn,   38, 172:00
1411, Joe Laffan,           39, 182:30
 595, Mick Kellett,         40, 201:00
2567, Mary Finn,            41, 232:00
2580, David Higgins,        41, 232:00
1066, John J Barry,         43, DNF
2536, Brian Byrne,          43, DNF
2570, Julie Byrne,          43, DNF
1352, Rob Cleary,           43, DNF
1523, Stephen Cleary,       43, DNF
 286, Niamh Hartnett,       43, DNF
2506, Sean Manning,         43, DNF
Pat BarryAug 12, 4:13pmHi All, I have just got back to Manchester after a week in Ireland. I would like to say I really enjoyed the Galteemore race, tough little bugger! I have to give a special thanks to the organisers the number of DNFs and having to go looking for the lady who ended up spending 5.5 hrs on the hill goes to show the responsibility the organisers take upon themselves, so a very big thank you.

I spend a few day down in Kerry and got out very early in the morning to do the Carrauntoohil race route. That is a fair climb from the Kerry way up to the summit of An Caher. I would love to arrange a trip back to do that some year!
Pat barryAug 12, 11:41pmI have put together a little report about my race on the Pennine Fell Runners blog

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