John fitzgeraldJun 8, 10:25pmCan you add me as a running volunteer -thanks.
Ger LawlorJun 13, 8:18amCan I be added as a running volunteer also
Paul MahonJun 13, 9:09amLooking for a few experienced route markers (who can read/ follow a map) to mark this route as it tends to be a bit less straightforward than most races ;-)

I am happy to take on the marking of it myself if anyone will take on the Race Director role instead of me :-)

Aiming for a classic mix of everything penultimate league race .............;-)!

Anyone unsure of abilities for either role drop me a mail at paul dot mahon at ireland dot com to discuss
Brendan DohertyJun 13, 4:09pmHello Paul M
You are just the man for the mapping job, as a recent Ballinastoe resident! Well done, and I hope some-one else can take over the RD role. I am very able to help out in the route design/marking job if you want me. I have been trainng a fair amount this spring around Ballinastoe this spring: in fact I have passed on to the Committee a practical route map that takes in a series of legs getting around new felling, eroded tracks and the like. Over to you if I can help out, on the day and beforehand as needed. Cheers for now
Paul MahonJun 13, 10:31pmThanks for the offers Brendan. Interested in your angles on the route for sure so will discuss with you in next week or so.

Just waiting now for the hands up from some wannabee Director which is ok out here if no-one gets lost on the route :-)!
Eamonn O'NeillJun 14, 2:42pmHey,

I'd like to be a running volunteer. If too many running V's I don't mind not running. Unfortunatley I've been having great dificulties logging into my account. Could you stick me down?

Thank you,
Mick WorrellJun 20, 2:30pmHi,
Can you add me as a running helper. i will be in Ballinastoe during the afternoon, if anything early has to be done. Can help to mark if reqd' and not run.
Richard KieranJun 20, 11:55pmHi Paul,
If you still need some helpers I'm available - preferably to run also.
Jason HalpinJun 21, 11:37amI'm down as a running volunteer, but I can equally desist from the bipedal antics if you need a non-runner...
Paul MahonJun 21, 11:37pmHave put you done as a market Mick so if you can get down early to help Peter you can still run.

Same applies to you Richard if you want to run and de-mark route after race

Need some more non-running volunteers only plus essential that we have 2 to cover first aid and a laptop operator please.
Diarmuid O'ColmainJun 22, 12:34pmPaul, I've volunteered as First Aid Officer. Diarmuid
John BellJun 22, 10:48pmI'm down as a non running volunteer. I could have a go at the shadow laptop operator if needed but haven't done any training - could do so on the job. Otherwise whatever you need.
brendan dohertyJun 28, 1:08pmHi there
Based on a good knowledge of the present state of the trails around Ballinastoe, very happy to sign up as a volunteer helper to help mark/demark the route. Somsbody needs (please!) to get me onto the volunteer chart for the event. I don't use myImra at all-I find the "me" topic enormously boring. So when I log on to it, (I think never having used the password initially given), guess what? To change to a new password, I have to supply the old one! Not very practical, and surely should be changed.
Ian CliffordJun 29, 11:54amHi Can you add me as a volunteer? I am not registered for myimra.


Orla CrosseJul 1, 8:44pmHi Paul,
I'm available as First Aid officer if you need another, if not that a non-running volunteer. Thanks, Orla.
Richard KieranJul 5, 6:24amHi Paul,
That's fine - I will do the de marking.
See you then.
Peter O'FarrellJul 5, 2:33pmAfter a preview of the course yesterday with our esteemed race director I can confirm that this route has something for everyone.

Keep following the tape, you just have to have faith it will emerge somewhere :)
Paul MahonJul 6, 9:15pmThanks to all for volunteering.

Have added you to assist Diarmuid with First aid Orla thanks.

We still need a trained up laptop operator so hand up someone please?

Have declined a few that have volunteered to help but wanted to run as per previous post.

There will be other races to volunteer at in the near future be assured.

Race route will be in Ballinastoe summer traditions of knarly, tough and a bit rough.
It is long and quite hard with 2 decent climbs and you will get wet feet and are likely to get ravaged by midgies if dry and warm!
This is not a typical trail run so please don't come expecting one.

But it should be entertaining and enjoyable for those that come and embrace it :-)
Brian O'ConnorJul 7, 7:14pmHey,
I want to start doing some IMRA races.
Is this a good one to start with?
Mick HanneyJul 8, 2:55pmSigned up for laptop
John J BarryJul 8, 5:05pmMick, you beat me to volunteering for laptop. I'll be happy to Step in to the role if volunteering is an inconviences for you.
Mick HanneyJul 8, 5:49pmJohn - we can do a laptop double act. I've the laptop and printer and I'll have them charged up for Wednesday. Paul - Brendan will arrange for the rest of the gear to be dropped to you before Weds I guess.
Aideen McFaddenJul 9, 9:17amCan I be added as a running volunteer?
Dermot MurphyJul 9, 9:51amAideen - no - please see Paul's previous post.
Paul MahonJul 9, 12:12pmBrian,

This is probably not a good race to take on as your first IMRA one.
Trail league races are probably better now that you have missed some of the easier terrain races earlier in the season.

Thanks all for the volunteering.
As Stated above, all recent non-running volunteers accepted and no further volunteers needed.

All should be at Ballinastoe preferably by 6.15 at latest.

John n Mick on laptop should work well tks lads
Jason MelvinJul 10, 10:47amHi,

I'm looking for a couple of seats for myself and my mate from the Blackrock area tomorrow or we can make it up to the N11 from 5.30 on if anyone is passin by please?

My number is 0877949055.

Feilim BorlandJul 10, 5:05pmHi,

I'm also looking for a seat from Dún Laoghaire area. Can make it up to N11 too.

Brendan DeeryJul 10, 6:20pmHi

I have space for one from Shankil Dart station at 6pm if that suits anyone

David HobbsJul 10, 7:00pm Hi Paul, Should be able to have the Mr Hobbs Coffee Bar for this event, will have plenty of cold drinks & Snacks to go with a nice Coffee or hot Chocolate.
ciaran kellyJul 10, 7:48pmHi Folks,,
spaces available to the Race tomorrow night.

Leaving from Lucan...

And can call at any of the South Bound Roundabouts on the M50...

086 88 44 629
Derek KellettJul 10, 8:49pmPlanning on leaving Ashbourne @ 5 o'c, I have a spare seat. 087 1466292
brian o'mearaJul 11, 12:03amAre shortcuts allowed?
Jason MelvinJul 11, 9:18amHi again,

Sadly still looking for 2 seats from Blackrock, N11 or any southside dart station this evening from 5.45 onwards please?

Kind regards,
Jason 087 7949 055

John J BarryJul 11, 10:12amLift available from Blackrock :-)

But limitations

A colleague and I are volunteering so we are leaving from Blackrock Business Park at 5 p.m. sharp :-(

Tadhg CrowleyJul 11, 10:27am3 lifts available from Bray DART at 6.15pm
Please call or txt to confirm
Jason MelvinJul 11, 10:39amThanks for the offer John but i will be in stuck in work till 5 at least.

I was just speaking to tadgh and we are gonna meet him in Bray at 6.15.

Thanks again.

Angus TynerJul 11, 12:01pmI'll pass by the Coach House about 18.45 and pick up 2 or 3
Paul MahonJul 11, 12:14pmConfirming that monies collected in Car Park will go to the Irish Kidney Assoc as per Golf Club owner's request.

To encourage and reward car pooling we will charge as follows- charge per car :-)
Cars w 1 person = €5
Cars w 2 people = €4
Cars w 3 people = €3
Cars w 4 or more = €2

All cars with IMRA folk on board should use the car park provided and leave any available roadside spaces for regular forest users.

brian McguckinJul 11, 12:26pmleaving kimmage at about for 3.
brian McguckinJul 11, 12:27pmsorry.. ph. 0863742485
Dermot MurphyJul 11, 12:39pmJust a reminder that people can car pool from Roundwood. Given the car park prices, single occupancy cars especially should stop by Roundwood first.
anthony finnJul 11, 12:50pmerm, am up in glenmacnas area this afternoon so doubt anyone needs a pick up from there but if you do - i'll be coming over to balinastoe via the gap with a fiver ready for the IKA.
Mick HanneyJul 11, 12:52pmAnyone else volunteering at Ballinastoe this evening and fancy carpooling from Roundwood? I should be at the coach house at 6.
ger lawlorJul 11, 12:57pmI have a space available but leaving at 5 for volunteering duties . Will be travelling southbound on m50 from the red cow. 086 7816207
Diarmuid O'ColmainJul 11, 12:58pmPaul and Orla,

I don't plan to be at Ballinastoe until around 7.00 - hopefully no injuries before the race begins!

All we need to do until runners are finishing is to check through the First Aid bag and familiarize ourselves with the content.

Hope that is ok?

Oliver RynneJul 11, 2:20pmHi Mick,

Am also volunteering, so can I take you up on your offer of carpooling and can be at the coach house at 6pm.

Ollie 087 888 9266
Tadhg CrowleyJul 11, 2:40pm1 seat still available
Depart Bray DART at 6.15pm
Call or txt Tadhg
on 086 817 2932
Stephen BrennanJul 11, 3:22pmMick, I will be at the Coach House by 6 as well. Stephen
Mick HanneyJul 11, 11:18pmHi, the results will go up asap. If anyone spots any errors or omissions please let me know. We had quite a few runners at the finish line which we hadn't captured from sign-in sheets. Its quite possible a sign-in sheet had gone astray.
Derek KellettJul 11, 11:29pmThank you, first race in a while & loved it.
jimmy synnottJul 12, 7:23amTo paul and his crew a big thanks for great course and great race.First time in that race not to have got lost.Well done to peter and his fellow marker on a job well done.Course was so easy to follow.Should have had my mountain bike.Again thanks to all.Cheers jimmy
brian McguckinJul 12, 8:12amhi mick, can't see my result, great race.
Mick HanneyJul 12, 8:48amHi,

I'll check the results sheets later. If you aren't listed but have an idea of your time or recognised someone in the results that you finished in the vicinity of that would help narrow any search.

Also, it strikes me that some people who did a short course may not have announced themselves to us at the laptop and for that reason may not be shown? If thats you and you recorded your time if you post it here we'll adjust the results. e.g. Rachel.


brian McguckinJul 12, 8:56amhi again Mick, my garmin watch show's 1.11. but i didn't stop it for a couple of mins after i finished..hope this helps.
Zoran SkrbaJul 12, 9:05amgreat route, the best one of the year, beautiful :) ....
Thanks to Paul and all the volunteers. The marking was excellent.
James ClancyJul 12, 9:35amFantastic route, very well chosen, and well marked. Thanks again to the organisers. James
anthony finnJul 12, 9:36amSavage course. Really enjoyed it but found it a real test. Will stick up a race report on the blog later. I have a ROAR t-shirt that was left on the bonnet of my car if anyone is missing one - oh ate six 173 8202 if it's yours. I will try to be at Glen of the Downs to give it back or just text me and I'll stick it in the post if you're not in the Wicklow area.
Warren SwordsJul 12, 10:47amBrilliant course, one of the best of year. Was savage, the twist and turns, the forest sections, all great stuff.

The marking was excellent, particularly given the random nature of the course.

Thanks to all.

Anthony - I think that ROAR type may be mine. Will check later.
John J BarryJul 12, 11:40amHi,

I have a ladies Asics long sleeve running top left on the pillar at the finish line.

Contact me if it's yours.

John Joseph Barry @ g mail

Mathew KavanaghJul 12, 11:55ammy result on Ballinastoe was omitted. My number is 435 and i finished 4 places behind Ercus Stewart.
Ken CowleyJul 12, 12:25pmTruly amazing race/route last night. Well done to all involved. Have put up a race report.
Niamh HartnettJul 12, 1:04pmFantastic route, I also hope to see it on the calendar again. Well done to those involved. Special thanks to the first aid team for their kind assistance.
Paul O'GradyJul 12, 1:07pmThanks to Paul and all the familiar faces for a great race last night.

I used hate the Ballinastoe Race - but that was one of my all time favourite routes last night. Hopefully that race and that route will appear on the Calendar next year.
anthony finnJul 12, 3:25pmMick my result on the forum is 105:50 but my Garmin says 101:19 (including a couple of minutes hanging around at the finish ( - not much difference but in the quest to finish under 160% it means something by way of morale boosting!! Can you give it a check on the race sheet? Ta.
anthony finnJul 12, 4:21pmRace report.
Mick HanneyJul 12, 7:08pmAn updated results file is on the way, thanks for the feedback. Some observations which would help accurate results.

- Everyone needs to sign sign-in sheets. Last night either lots of people didn't sign in or a sign in sheet went awall?

- If you finish in a bunch, hang on and ensure the volunteers at the end have gotten your number recorded. We can only write and type so quickly and bunch finishes can be a problem as you will appreciate.

- If you start early you need to announce that at the finish - how will we know otherwise?

- On the sign-in sheet your race number and name should be legible. Otherwise its a guessing game and a waste of our time. Some people didn't put a name or signature down beside their scrawl of a number. Most annoying!

For Race Directors:-
It might be no harm to capture the race finishers numbers and hold them for filing until after the results are done. Back in the pub say. This way we can correlate the results with the race numbers for accuracy if need be.
john fitzgeraldJul 12, 7:12pmAnybody find a big green and white umbrella at
the entrance to car parking at the golf club last night.
brian McguckinJul 13, 9:42amhi mick, sorry about this but I just realized I was wearing the wrong number on wed night (doh!).. mine is 1569 and i was wearing 1579.
John LangenbachJul 13, 9:55amAnother good reason for writing your name on the back of the number bib - or being strongly recommended (forced) to do so when registering for the year.
brian McguckinJul 13, 11:07amgood idea, such a good idea I did write my name on the back of my number, but still managed to put on the wrong number. once again, Doh!.
Rene BorgJul 14, 7:51pmTeam results are up.
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