IMRA Social Night

Pat ReidJun 21, 9:02amDear All,
I registered for the first time this season last night, (due to injury & work), I was out for quite a while. I felt that I ran quite well last night considering it was my first run in 9 months, so I logged on first thing this am to view my result. To my bitter disappointment my name is not on the result sheet. Can someone tell me what the problem is please,
Pat Reid.
Dermot MurphyJun 21, 9:07amPat, what race number did you get last night? I will look in to it later this evening.
Pat ReidJun 21, 9:59amThanks Dermot,
John ShielsJun 21, 10:15amDon't worry Pat, I have photographic evidence that you were out there!
Dermot MurphyJun 21, 9:43pmPat, I don't have all the manual results sheets from last night - will need to get my hands on them to record your result. Did you happen to record your time or noticed who you finished near at the end, I can record your result that way if you know either of those?
Pat ReidJun 22, 9:05amYes Dermot,
Right behind Daniela Boehmn. She passed me just coming off the summit and I was determined to pass her. I got very close to catching her on the last 200mt stretch but didn't have the juice. She was a about max 5 seconds in front of me,
Dermot MurphyJun 22, 9:18amCheers Pat. Will get that sorted over the weekend.
Pat ReidJun 23, 3:23pmJob done,thanks Dermot,
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