wicklow round recce/attempt

Roman GregusJun 30, 11:05pmhi

i am going to give it a try tomorrow early in the morning. considering it more like recce as i dont expect to finish or in time just would like to try it before leaving ireland.
giving notice here if i will be lucky at the end.

Adrian TuckerJun 30, 11:19pm
Best of Luck Roman.
With the amount of water that has fallen in the last two weeks, along with the exceptional growth on those hills, if you can pull this off you'll go down in history.
Fingers are crossed for you, I really hope it goes well.
John AhernJun 30, 11:34pmDidnt realise you were still in Ireland. Good luck with the attempt.
Paul NolanJul 1, 9:10amStrong winds now as well!
Give it a good shot, best of luck Roman.
Oliver VarholaJul 1, 2:03pmRoman told me that he decided to call it a day at Drumgoff
Roman GregusJul 1, 5:51pmthank you all for nice wishes. true is that i realized i have to train much more for next try :). at least was good as recce for avoiding same mistakes.
i started at 4-10 this morning, wanted originaly 1 hour earlier, but really didnt like the weather, however it didnt change in that hour. it was raining with very strong head winds and in clouds. raining stopped in the first hills after sally gap and have fought head gales till silsean and had no visibility till moanbone. felt good though and had good times but couldnt really eat even when forced it. only 2 hours of sleep probably didnt help as well. at lugnaquilla started to be late and after carrawaystick my body suddenly switched off and had to take a break, apparently lack of food. i know elementary mistake but i couldnt help myself to eat more. however in the shape i was i could see myself to get maximally to wicklow gap. in drumgoff was already 40 min late for moire's splits which i used as my targets and as i couldnt dig much deeper i didnt continue to glendalough.
yep, nice experience, with numerous falls, one waist deep bog hole - scary, lost jacket with compas in pocket which i had to come back for (luckily lost just 10 mins) and torn trousers on fence. im happy i tried it and will come back stronger.

see you next time

Adrian TuckerJul 1, 10:28pm
Well done Roman, that was a good effort in terrible conditions.
good to see that you're thinking already how you can tackle the next attempt.
roman gregusJul 9, 10:34amthanks Adrian.
it was a great day out though wanted to get at least to wicklow gap and make decision there, so am bit disappointed but as well motivated for next try and happy i went. i have really enjoyed it even it being bit more challenging, but although the conditions havent been perfect i still think that you guys who have already finished it would do it whole in this conditions as well so i dont take it as my excuse.
moire asked me to put few details more here to this thread for others so here we go:

- for me the worst part of what i tried was oakwood to table mountain. did stupid mistake, not checking compass but going as per feeling and shape of hills so got to the other side of bogs near three lakes. stupid mistake and i lost only on this part 20 min on moire┬┤s time. next time will definitely bear more to arts cross.

- climb to oakwood looked from silsean that the young forest plantation moire mentioned in her route description gone, but was just hidden behind old one, but luckily i found a drenage ditch in it so actualy was a small shortcut, though not worth all the pines needles which got under my dress. next time will go round it

- last part to drumgoff, cut forest is already replanted and was quite difficult to go through it. maybe there was a ride at the left end of it, havent tried to go to end but it looked from drumgoff when looking back that maybe there is one, otherwise i will next time probably turn right to tarmac where ww is going left and coming down to drumgoff by tarmac. looking not much longer.

- otherwise moire's route description with all the bearings is just perfect, with them even getting to moanbane in very poor visibility was easy)

thats all folks
c u next time


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