30km Trail Race in October

Mick O'DonnellJul 7, 11:23amHi folks,
Just looking for a bit of feedback from the hardy hillrunners that peruse this forum about an event we are thinking of running.

The format is a 30km trail race in the Dublin area, and the main bit of feedback that we need is on the date.

The date we are thinking of is 6th October, so three weeks before the Dublin City Marathon. Would you be more inclined to do this event than a flat 30km as prep for the marathon?

Also, we are thinking of a price-point of 45 euro. What would people think of this?

All proceeds from this event will go to a named charity.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Brian O'MurchuJul 9, 9:21pmI've never done a marathon and unlikely to do one this year, but I would be very interested in a lengthy trail run, therefore the timing of a 30k would make no difference to me. Although with the suggested price at more than double the Dublin Mountain Plod or Wicklow Way Trail, I would think twice about which races I would 'invest' my money
John ShielsJul 10, 9:29amMick,
The Athlone 3/4 Marathon is on the 7th Oct, organised by our own Barry Minnock and Paul Mahon. This race will possibly take a large number of the potential marathon hopefuls.
John KellyJul 10, 11:39am30km trail race sounds great in october and I certainly plan on running.- €45 is bit steep though value for money has always been a huge draw for IMRA versus other running events.

In times like these it is most likely that there are regular IMRA runners who would like to run this but will not because of the price
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