AGM 2012

Alan AylingJul 13, 10:58pmJust wondering if the committee would consider a different venue for this year's AGM?

While the Glencormac is both handy and has for a long time been a fine after-race pub (and indeed the soup and sangwidges are very good), the room upstairs is very cramped and a bit dingy.

A larger and more modern room somewhere might help attract better numbers to the AGM.

Niamh O CeallaighJul 16, 2:05pmGood idea Alan.
I believe the Ritz Carlton do decent finger food and their function rooms are fairly spacey as far as I know.
Dermot MurphyJul 16, 5:51pmWe also discussed the possibility of holding the AGM/race/prize giving in new venue at the 2011 AGM - somewhere like the SliEve Blooms in Laois or the Galtees. Any suggestions on a route, plus a suitable venue nearby?
Alan AylingJul 17, 8:26pmDon't know any suitable race routes in that area Dermot but I like the idea a lot.
Peter O'FarrellJul 17, 11:11pmI was going to suggest the Green Isle Hotel on the N7 just after Newlands Cross. The womens cycling commission had a training day near there on Saturday and got plenty of sambos and tea for their money :)

It's a bit closer to the road home for the Munster men and still close enough to Dublin and Crone Wood.

On the other hand - f there is appetite for the Slieve Blooms - It would be great to have a longer one off race there on the Glenbarrow route but going up the ridge of Carard and see if it would be suitable for a Leinster Championship event there next year.
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