League Prize?

John GreeneJul 16, 6:03pmhi, just wondered what prize was this year? I have 6/7 races run with 1 to go so just curious what is on the line this Wed!!! thanks
Dermot MurphyJul 16, 6:27pmJohn, I was just logging on to post a message to say the end of league prize will be available for collection on Wednesday night - please see either myself or Jimmy Synnott on Wednesday evening. If you have 7 races and your volunteering requirements already done, you can pick up the prize before the race - others on six races can pick up theirs up after the race.

Please note that in addition to completing 7 races, you must have volunteered at least twice during the year and one must be non running.

Oh, and the prize itself will be an IMRA Hoodie - not to be missed!
Brian O'MurchuJul 16, 7:02pmHi Dermot,

I can't make it Wed night, am I able to claim my hoody at a later race (Lug relay perhaps)?
Dermot MurphyJul 16, 7:25pmIf you can't make Wednesday, be sure to e-mail either myself or Jimmy Synnott to let us know when you will be at your next IMRA race.

Brendan LawlorJul 19, 9:44amThe Vivian Hoodie is back in fashion!!

Thank you to Dermot, Jimmy and the committee for another iconic piece of IMRA gear, they look great!!
Michael StokerJul 19, 10:27amCan anyone let me know whether I can get an end of league hoodie if I do my non-running volunteer slot in another race coming up (TL, maybe)? Could only make it to 7 LL races so had to run them all.
Dermot MurphyJul 19, 11:07amMichael, yes the volunteering can be done at any IMRA race. If you, or anyone else, needs to volunteer in order to get the end of league prize, please send an email to either Jimmy Synnott or myself to let us know which race you will complete your volunteering requirements and we will have a Hoodie for you at the end of that race.
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