Wicklow Way Attempt

Eoin KeithJul 19, 8:44amAs is the now established practice of following Wicklow Round style rules, I'm declaring in advance my intention to run the Wicklow Way this Saturday. My intention is to run South to North, starting in Clonegal at 6am. I don't think anyone has run it in this direction yet. The target is to run it some time under 13:38 (the current record).

As usual anyone is more than welcome to come along at any point and say hello, or even run along with me for a while.

Peter O'FarrellJul 19, 9:05amBest of luck Eoin, may the wind be at your back!
Brendan LawlorJul 19, 9:42amGood luck Eoin - any contact number for your support crew?
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 19, 10:33amBest of luck with it, Eoin. I hope all goes well.

Paul MahonJul 19, 10:50amGood luck with it Eoin - weather looks like it might be ideal too.

Will be interesting to see how the start flat and finish with the hills option works out!
Eoin KeithJul 19, 11:24amThanks all. I'll get official clearance to post the support crew number up here.

Yes indeed Paul, those are the interesting questions alright. You could theorise why either direction is better, but there's only one way to really find out the answers! Weather is looking very good on the forecast at the moment.
Stuart ScottJul 19, 11:26amBest of luck Eoin, it'll be some achievement!

Follow it up with a solo run of Stone Cross to Lug the following week...? :-)
Zoran SkrbaJul 19, 1:27pmbest of luck, and enjoy!
Paul TierneyJul 19, 6:54pmBest of luck man.... Smash it and gimme a reason to run it in that direction!!!
Cormac OCEALLAIGHJul 19, 11:01pmall the very best Eoin, hope you get good weather.You can do it!
Cormac OCEALLAIGHJul 19, 11:01pmall the very best Eoin, hope you get good weather.You can do it!
Mike JordanJul 20, 11:17amDiversion on Wicklow Way in effect from today. The below article has a map with the diversion. Hope it doesn't scupper your attempt. Good luck!

Eoin KeithJul 20, 7:37pmThanks for the info on the diversion. We'll see how its marked when I get there. There's always something!

Contact number for the support crew is 087-6782425.

Weather looking good anyway!
Michelle RowleyJul 20, 11:17pmBest of luck!
Billy ReedJul 20, 11:18pmHope you have a good run.
Moire O'SullivanJul 21, 7:01amBest of luck Eoin. You've great weather for it. And have fun out there!
Mick HanneyJul 21, 8:43amCrossbridge. Going well. Started 6 on the dot.
Paul JoyceJul 21, 11:17am
He was running very well between Tinahely and Moyne (leg 7 in reverse), and in very good spirits. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the later stages, having "banked" earlier time. It's a tough strategy!
Rachel CinnsealachJul 21, 11:21amThinking of you Eoin.... best of luck
Gavan DohertyJul 21, 2:15pmlatest from Brendan Doherty down in Glendalough "Eoin has left Glendalough car park at 1:29pm, Greg Byrne running with him".

Keep it going EK....!
Brendan LawlorJul 21, 2:49pmEoin Keith passed through Oldbridge at 2.30pm, 8.5 hours into his attempt on the Wicklow Way (South to North). He was going well, supported by Helen and Greg Byrne but he has a few tricky climbs ahead now...fingers crossed time!
Gavan DohertyJul 21, 3:41pmpier gates at 2:15, apparently in good shape!
Brendan LawlorJul 21, 5:10pmThrough Crone Wood car park at 4.40 pm, slowing a bit but going well still
Kevin O'RiordanJul 21, 6:56pmThrough kilmacshogue at 6:50.
Brendan LawlorJul 21, 7:25pmEoin has just finished in 13 hours and 6 minutes, a new record for the Wicklow Way - fantastic achievement , very well done Eoin and well done to Helen who supported him all day, and Greg who ran several sections particularly at the end.

Looking forward to a full report!
Mick HanneyJul 21, 7:29pmGreat achievement Eoin. Well done to you and your main helpers Greg and Helen. Over to you Paul T ;-)
Odhran HendleyJul 21, 8:37pmCongrats Eoin, Amazing achievement. Well done to you and your support team.
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 21, 9:14pmGreat stuff, although a little disappointed you didn't make the push for sub 13, Eoin. :)

Paul Tierney, calling Paul Tierney!
Paul TierneyJul 21, 9:39pmA savage run, south to north or north to south... Either you smashed it! Well done again Eoin!

Rest up and we'll have a chance to chat about it in Chamonix!!

Ps: Jeff, get the Alpha serviced for another long day out!! ;)
Adrian TuckerJul 21, 9:47pmWell done Eoin,great achievement.
Nice prep-work for upcoming UTMB.
I suspect, with calculated timing, the record will remain in your capable hands for the near future, or do I underestimate the calling from Jeff?
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 21, 9:56pmPaul/Eoin, the great thing about all this competition is the long days doing support are getting shorter. Speaking of support.

Well done to the support crew today, it is not an easy task but is very rewarding when helping out the likes of Eoin.
Richard NunanJul 22, 10:41amWell Done Eoin - a new challenge - a great run with a super time !! Sounds like that was the tougher option for running the Wicklow way.

Good luck with the recovery and prep for UTMB. Good to see a good group of ye heading over.

Eoin KeithJul 22, 7:56pmThanks all. Just returning to normality. That was tough...very tough! I was definitely more wrecked at the end than after my first attempt.

I have to hugely thank my support crew of Helen and Greg who were absolutely fantastic. They are an integral part of the attempt, and as I was running down towards Kilmashouge the words in my head were "WE're going to do it"!

Thanks also to all who came out en-route. Mick Hanney was great company cycling with me for the first few hours. Also great to have Paul Joyce with me for a while on the quieter southern end of the way. The two Brendans (Lawlor and Doherty) seem to take the time and effort to get to every attempt, and as ever its appreciated. And good to see Kevin O'Riordon and Rachel Kinsella at the end.

I remember thinking at the end of my previous run on the WW that I'd run a very good time and I wouldn't have to do that again. So Paul Tierney's brilliant time of 13:38 was a bit of a shock! I've been itching to get back and see if I could get the record back ever since. So thanks also to Paul for setting a target... and a damn difficult one at that! I don't doubt for a second Jeff will be needed for the Paul's next attempt :)

A full report will follow sometime soon.
John CondonJul 23, 10:10amWell done Eoin and support crew. An amazing achievement.
Caroline ReidJul 23, 11:23amWell done Eoin - amazing!
So the big question - which way is easier Marley to Clonegal or vice versa :)
Jason KehoeJul 23, 11:50am
Fair play Eoin and support crew, it was lovely conditions for a day out in the hills. I hope the UMTB goes even better for you this year.

Brendan LawlorJul 23, 11:54amOnly one way to find out Caroline...Vivian, fill the car with petrol, you're going to Clonegal soon!!
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