Club 100, 200 and 400!

Brendan LawlorJul 19, 11:56amWell done to Bronagh Gavigan (Club 100 last night), Eva Fairmainer (Club 200 last week) and the unstoppable Tommy Galvin (Club 400 recently) on reaching great milestones in their IMRA racing careers !

Brendan LawlorJul 19, 12:00pmJust realized that Justin Rea, Seamus Kilcullen and Gordon Douglas also joined Club 200 last night or the previous Wednesday - well done all!!
Cormac o ceallaighJul 19, 11:08pmyes well done tommy 'tumble'-club 400! he will miss the connaught championship as he will be doing snowdon in wales and is easily the most capped snowdon runner( after me hwo is settling for the connaught champs instea!)'
Jason KehoeJul 20, 10:30am
I think as race directors, lately, we have forgotten to mention these great milestones before races or at the prize giving après race. I'm sure a nudge from someone would be appreciated by the RD if you are aware of an upcoming milestone.

Dermot MurphyJul 20, 10:57amWhen someone reaches the club 100, be sure to let me know and I will give you your club 100 t-shirt. Bronagh and Peter - there are t-shirts waiting for you!
Jim FitzharrisJul 20, 12:42pmI joined the 100 club two years ago and when I went looking for a t-shirt, I was told that there were only a few small ones left.

Has the stock been replenished?



Dermot MurphyJul 20, 1:06pmHi Jim - biggest size is medium. Lots of sizes up to this left, so we have not ordered any more since.
Bronagh CheethamJul 23, 1:51pmCheers for that. However my profile is showing as 99, it was defo at 99 pre the sugarloaf BBQ which I ran and results were recorded. Just not sure why it didnt update to 100. (I couldnt go claiming a tshirt if Im still at 99!)
Brendan DohertyJul 26, 9:38amStirring IMRA times, with events successfully tackled such as Eoin’s conquest of the WW Trail, northward. Another equally outstanding achievement has come within my beady gaze. In chatting with some of Tommy Galvin’s mates his amazing feat of having completed 22 years of running all 13 Summer League races has come up. Could the present committee look into some way of marking this (make Tommy a life member, give him a yellow jersey and have him complete a stage unchallenged around 3ROC a la the ending of the Tour)-something! How about it, Committee, before you dissolve yourselves at the conclusion of yet another successful season?
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