Replacement battery for Garmin

Colum McKeownJul 24, 5:41pmHi,

Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get a replacement battery for a Garmin Forerunner 405?


Brendan LawlorJul 24, 8:37pmColum

I'm not sure if the battery is replaceable. If you go the Garmin website and report the issue under the repair section they will advise you what to do. I just sent mine off for repair (cost 90 euro but they sent me back a refurbished/as new unit)
Colum McKeownJul 25, 3:09pmThanks for that Brendan.
I've seen them being replaced on the Internet but can only find batteries for sale on a German website.I wasn't going to tackle it myself but a friend of mine said he'd be able to do it.

I might just be better off going through Garmin.

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