Devil's Glen

Justin DuttonJul 29, 5:23pmPlease add me as a running volunteer. Thanks, Justin
Peter BellJul 29, 7:24pmi can do running volunteer
Dermot MurphyAug 7, 9:57amStill need plenty of volunteer for this race including all the key roles. Race can't go ahead unless the volunteers come forward...
Rene BorgAug 7, 10:17amI'll do marking and demarking too if needed.
Dermot MurphyAug 7, 1:40pmThanks Rene.
Rachel WisdomAug 9, 12:17pmHi everyone,
just to be aware when running in Devil's Glen, it seems to be a real hotspot for ticks. Some ticks in Ireland carry Lyme Disease which is a seriously debilitating disease but can be treated if diagnosed early. The best thing to do is make sure you check yourself everywhere after the race, and I mean everywhere, and to remove the WHOLE tick as soon as possible.
You may find this website useful

John GreeneAug 9, 1:46pmTick remover... takes a steady hand to run downhill and remove the intruder at the same time...
Bob LawlorAug 9, 1:59pmI can help if necessary
Jeff SwordsAug 9, 2:10pmThanks Bob, but I don't think we know each other enough yet for you to be inspecting my body for ticks.
Ronan HickeyAug 9, 3:55pmSounds like it should be scratched

Rene BorgAug 13, 12:08pmAnother race preview up:
Brian Ó MurchuAug 13, 1:58pm
Anyone going to this race from town? Would really appreciate a lift.

Brian zero87 eight973144

Dermot MurphyAug 14, 8:19amCan all volunteers be at the race start area (car park) for 6pm - please let me know if you will be later than this so I can take it into account when I am assigning roles?
David RouseAug 14, 12:58pm3 seats from Donnybrook Church @6pm.

Email me on daverouse at gmail . com
Bronagh CheethamAug 14, 1:43pmDermot, apologies but somethings come up and Im not sure I'll make it down early enough to volunteer so best count me out. I can help out after with numbers whatever and if I do happen to get there early I'll come find U to see if I can assist. Bronagh
John J BarryAug 14, 3:28pmI'll be leaving Blackrock about 5 p.m. to get there on time for volunteering duties if anybody wants a lift. I'll be hitting N11 at Leopardstown Junction

Other option is to met at "Ashford House" to car pool from there - say 5:40?

Zero Eight Seben 6058095

David RouseAug 14, 10:04pm1 place left- email address above.
David RouseAug 15, 10:28amSpaces filled.
Steven GriffinAug 15, 10:50amHi,

Just wondering if the race will go ahead this evening with the storm warning?


Steven Griffin's MomAug 15, 10:55amSteven, I told you already that you cannot go outside in the rain, go to your room this instant!
caitlín bentAug 15, 11:29amNot a bad question Steven.
Steven GriffinAug 15, 11:42amNo, just try stop me. I'll do what I like.
Steven Griffen's FatherAug 15, 11:42amNot a bad punishment either
John CondonAug 15, 11:50amDon't think a bit of wind and rain ever stopped in IMRA Race.
We're hardcore we are.
John J BarryAug 15, 1:18pmWe just need a nice comfortable van for the Laptop operators(s) to sit in dry comfort and watch the world run by :-) Jimmy? (we can sit on the spare hoodies )
Dermot MurphyAug 15, 1:19pmThe race will definitely go ahead, just in case anyone is wondering. The route is in a forest, so reasonable protection from the elements, which are due to improve later anyway.
Eanna CunnaneAug 15, 1:38pmMasochist that I am, I was planning on biking out to this race from Dublin. The gale force winds have me reconsidering how wise that is, so if anyone has space for a last minute life, please let me know - eanna dot cunnane at gmail dotcom
Gareth LittleAug 15, 2:26pm
I'll have sponsorship cards for the Mountain Rescue benefit race next Wednesday with me at tonight’s race. Just give me a shout if you want one.


Peter O'FarrellAug 15, 11:42pmClass race course, great fun all the way, many thanks to all the volunteers and to Rene's prerace spiel on his fine website for whetting my appetite.
claire mcenteeAug 16, 11:28amthanks a million to all the volunteers for coming out in that weather. the course was class and GREAT craic!
John AhernAug 16, 3:37pmThanks to those who stopped to check on me when I banged my head off that tree trunk crossing the path down by the river. I really hit it with an almighty bang. Sorry to have added a minute onto all your times!
jimmy synnottAug 17, 7:41amA john is that the same tree trunk that every one was asked to look out for at the race start .See you found it then.hope head is ok Cheers jimmy
John AhernAug 17, 8:52amI'm sure we were warned about it but it was v windy at race start and Rene's voice didnt carry very well so I missed that specific warning. I should have remembered that trunk from previous years. Oh well, no long term harm done. My neck is still stiff but it'll be fine in a couple of days I'm sure.

As I think about it, I think there was warning tape on that trunk on previous years - I think it would be a good idea to stick a bit on when we're next back in Devil's Glen.

Anyway, great season. See you all next year!
Red & White Warning tapeAug 17, 10:39amThere was a few of us red & white warning tape on and around that branch. Have you been to Specsavers recently?
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