Mournes Seven Sebens

Aidan RoeJul 30, 12:04amDoes anyone know of Its possibile to start early on Sat morning. Need to be back home early.
Ronan HickeyJul 30, 12:18amFrom the NIMRA site for the race:

"Note that NIMRA members who wish to start earlier than 10.00 (as in other long races) and still be considered for classification within the race results should consult the race organiser beforehand by phoning 028 9085 4673."

Aidan RoeJul 31, 11:40amThanks Ronan,
I missed that bit at the end. Do we need to be NIMRA members or can we just turn up and run on the day.
Ronan HickeyAug 1, 12:09amHi Aidan,

I'm not sure to be honest. Having had a look at both their site and the Spartan Red Sox (who organise the walk part of it) I don't see it. Best thing to do is drop the NIMRA lads a line I guess on their contact page (

Best of luck in the race, looks like a gem.

Paul SmythAug 1, 12:20amHi Aidan,

You don't have to be a member of NIMRA. Just turn up on the day. Some NIMRA races also accept entries in Euros but you should probably check with the organiser or bring Stg. just in case.

It's a superb race.

aidan roeAug 1, 7:04amthanks lads.
Ken CowleyAug 7, 10:34pmSo, I think Aidan and me were the only two who ventured up?

It's a great race, but savagely tough. I actually found it as hard as the Art O'Neill, maybe harder..

Anyway, excuses, mishaps and more, are gone in to on a race report I've written of my 'Mourne 7-7s' experience, plus a short report of a fell-race I did in the Pennines the week before, on my blog;

Aidan RoeAug 8, 8:00pm This is one of the best runs I've done to date. Legs are completely trashed. First half done in mist/fog. Second half in blazing sunshine. Stunning scenery. Met some great people out on course and with an early start got to see lads in action at the business end of things (momentarily).Really well organised as. Winner finished this year in a stunning 4.03. Pity not to see some of our stronger runners up there competing. Can I suggest that its given a mention on the IMRA events page in the future. I'd like to thank organisers and NIMRA for a quality day out. Aidan.
Paul O' ConnorAug 9, 11:55pmAnyone know where I can see the results of the race?

Tempted to run (well walk uphill, run downhill) this next year and would like to know what sort of times the more 'leisurely' runners posted.
Martin BagnallAug 13, 9:43amThe results are here:
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