Unclamied Prizes

Jimmy synnottAug 1, 12:40pmHi folks has its comming close to yet another end of a great year for IMRA we find that we have just a little house cleaning to do with regards prizes,a number of worthy prize winners have yet to collect.Could Suzanne Kenny,David Power,Brenda Malley,Noel Brady,Maeve O Grady,and Geard Bulter,or at least someone who knows any of the above contract me,or any of the committee and we can arrange collection. Me i am getting a little tired of cleaning said prizes and its sort of hard to explain to people who come to my home just how come i had won so many in the one year,and i am sort of getting caught out when asked about the ladies ones.So unless some one can come up with a very good story for that will have if not collected find a new home for them.Cheers jimmy
John CondonAug 2, 8:16pmHi jimmy. I've still to collect my hoodie. I'm not around next week but can collect at a race the week after. Is this cool? Cheers, John
jimmy synnottAug 3, 9:27amNo problem see you there
Paul O'GradyAug 3, 10:40amHi Jimmy,

Myself and Roisin had our second child on the 18th of July - so I wont make the trail league this year. Can you hang on to a large hoody for me please?

I have to do my non-running volunteering - but I'm going to do that at one of the coming races.


David PowerAug 8, 9:30amHi Jimmy - thanks for notification, could you bring any prizes to Djouce tonight? If not can you email me your details and I can pick up?

Dermot MurphyAug 8, 10:10amHi David, Jimmy will have your prize later at the Djouce race.
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