Nav Challenge 1

Stephen BailieAug 3, 11:54pmNot a IRMA member but completed this years Dublin Mountain Plod. Can anyone enter these 3 Nav challanges
Dermot MurphyAug 4, 7:00amThe Navigational challenge races are open to all - don't expect a marked course....

If you ran the Plod, you are an IMRA member this year. We don't care if you are a member of IRMA or not!
Aug 4, 10:41amHi,

I am just wondering when will the start point for this race be announced?


Philip BrennanAug 7, 3:55pmNav Challenge 1 - hereby renamed Colonel Darling's Garden will start at the Kippure Adventure Centre, Co Wicklow @ 12noon on Sunday 12th August with registration open from 11.15am.

The purpose of these nav challenge races is to get more mountain runners out running in the mountains on a self sufficient basis - without the aid of marked routes /stewards etc. The first race will be between 10 to 13km and the navigation will be relatively straightforward - navigational difficulty will increase marginally over the three races. For anyone aspiring to call themselves a genuine "mountain runner" these races are simply a must!

This year we will revert to the old format whereby each runner must bring their own map (Harveys is the one to use) and will be given a list of co-ordinates so that they can plot the points/controls on the map. These will be given out at 12 noon sharp.

Minimum kit requirements will depend on weather but you will need to bring map & compass, some food & drink & mobile phone for the run & possibly extra clothing.

Any other queries let me know.
Zoran SkrbaAug 7, 4:54pmHi Philip what are the start location coordinates? Thanks.
Stephen BailieAug 8, 12:55amThe map your using is it sheet 56 OSI
Philip BrennanAug 8, 8:59amJust to clarify the map is Harveys Map of Wicklow - not the standard OSI map.

I will post grid co-ordinates later today.
Philip BrennanAug 8, 10:16pmGR084141 - Start Location
Stephen BailieAug 9, 12:00amYou say on front page pre marked maps supplied and later you say bring your own. just wondering which it is. thanks
Dermot MurphyAug 9, 8:34amIts bring your own map - event page updated.
declan o'dwyerAug 9, 9:05pmPresume eastwest maps will do the job?
Philip BrennanAug 9, 10:18pmidea is that you bring your own map & mark the course down before you run. By tomorrow I will be able to advise whether Harveys or East West (Barry Dalby) is preferable, Barry's map seems to be more up to date but will confirm after a recce on the ground tomorrow.
Philip BrennanAug 10, 9:33pmrecommended map is Harveys for Sunday's race
declan o'dwyerAug 10, 10:02pmPhilip,

As a newbie to the navigation series, without access to Harvey's am I wasting my time turning up with East West only, or will I survive?

Kyle HeronAug 11, 10:33amHey, Is anyone driving out to this from Dublin, or via the Red Cow, with a space in their car? It would be much appreciated!
Sam ScrivenAug 11, 11:03amKyle. I can give you a spin. I'll give you a buzz later on.
Stephen BailieAug 11, 1:10pmLads That harveys map is hard to get. (tried 53 degree north and easons this morning) Would you get by using a sheet 56 OSI. These are the only maps we use in the defence Forces. But I know the scale is 1 to 50,000. or has anybody got a spare one. Thanks
Donal TroddynAug 11, 1:17pmThe Harvey's maps do have a fair bit more detail than the OSI Discovery maps, but they use the same grid, so you should be able to navigate with Sheet 56. You just won't have the same detail and the OSI may be a little out of date (not much, though, there's a 2010 edition).
Gareth LittleAug 11, 3:12pmBest place to get the Harvey's map or any other map for that mater is in the great outdoors in town.
Ger LawlorAug 11, 7:44pm1 space available if anyone needs it. Will be passing through red cow around 10.45am
Philip BrennanAug 11, 9:49pmI have a couple of spare Harveys maps - will bring them along. They have a few pre-marked checkpoints but would be ok to use
Philip BrennanAug 13, 11:38amResults (in minutes) of yesterday's race as follows:

Kyle Heron 73
Conor Short 78
John Bell 85
Sean Scriven 86
Owen Syron 89
Barry Moore 89.30
Kieran Rocks 91
Ruth Lynam 92
Brendan Delaney 95
Fergus Byrne 108
Oliver Castle 126
Declan O'Dwyer 126.30
Daniela Bohen 127
David Butler 128
Pat Reid 129
Derek Kellett 134
Catríona Ní Caba 143
Eileen Walsh 143
David Duffy 144
Paul Duffy 144
Peter Bell 148
Dave Kelly 149
Ger Lawlor 149
James Curran 150
Joe Lawlor 153
Stephen Bailey 157
Brendan Lawlor 158
Rachel Cinnsealach 175
Harry McGee 198
Aisling Corkery 200
Ger Power 201
Mick Kellett 222
Jill Brangan 222
Justin Rea DNF
Trevor Kavanagh DNF
Peter McKay DNF

This race started in the grounds of the Kippure Adventure Cenre (formerly the hunting lodge and shooting grounds of auld Colonel Darling) and took a circuitous route along the river Liffey, up through the Coronation Plantation, underneath Carrigvore (aka Bár Ná Beg) before sweeping back along Glenflugh Flats, onto the elusive summit of Ballinabrockey with a nice downhill finish through the ferns & across the wooden footbridge which some competitors managed to avoid - if only to wash their shoes in the river.

Originally the race was to take in the slopes of Seefin to the north but I decided not to use this as the ground simply does not match the map & would have confused any runner. Fortunately the shorter course proved to be a sufficient challenge for most competitors and with the exception of part of the route to the first control most of the course had pretty good runnability. The weather on the day was mixed with showers and a bit of cloud to hinder visibility. This proved to be the downfall of many a runner and the times of some of the normally fast runners reflect this.

Kyle Heron had a very good run & clearly his form is very strong after his creditable performance on the Lug Relay. Conor Short was in not long after him and the irrepresible Ruth Lynam once again showed all the ladies (& most of the men) how it is done. Contratulations to all the runners who competed it was great to see so many out on the first of the NC series. Lets hope we continue to get this many out for the next two races - they will be a little bit longer but with similar levels of navigational difficulty.

Thanks to Brian Power & Brendan Doherty for controls in & out & to Kippure for the use of their facilities.

John BellAug 13, 10:21pmThanks to Philip and the volunteers on this really good event. It was great fun especially as I didn't get lost (much), which was the main aim of the day. Seeing my brother Peter got lost for a good bit added to the enjoyment.

As a newbie to the navigation series I'd recommend it to anyone who has been doing the LL.

Pól Ó MurchúAug 13, 11:20pmAny chance of getting the coordinates for the controls? Would love to have a look.
Pat ReidAug 14, 7:41amThanks to Philip and helpers. This was my first Nav Challange, enjoyed it even though I wasn't supposed to run it in reverse, but given that we could choose our own route I thought that I could go which ever way so long as I got all the controls. Ah well I will no better next time. Unfortunately I will be working when the next 2 are on, so guess I will have to wait for a while to get it right next time. Thanks again to all involved,
Pat Reid
Derek KellettAug 14, 9:05amThanks All, really enjoyed the day, roll on 2 weeks time.

Pat, I think I saw you coming into my third control & thought the direction you came into it was a bit odd, however while we were given the controls in an order, I don't think they were actually numbered, so ......
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