Alternative Wednesday's

Brendan LawlorAug 16, 11:05amA few of us have kept the Wednesday mountain runs going for a month or two beyond the formal IMRA races for the last few years..we've even tempted some of the reclusive CIMRA heads back out an odd time (Beth and Gerry where are u??)

I'll propose the venues for the first week or two and if other regulars have any route suggestions please feel free to suggest them

Wednesday 29th August - Curtlestown Wood - run up to Ravens Rock (7pm)
Wednesday 4th September - Kilmashogue - run out on Wicklow Way (7pm)

If you want to come along, please be there at 6.50pm, ready to run at 7 sharp. If you're a little late just run out the route and hopefully you'll meet us eventually. All standards catered for, usual run time 45-60 minutes

These are NOT officially organised IMRA events, so you run at your own risk, and please don't get lost. Pints in local pub afterwards optional
Gareth LittleAug 17, 9:18am
I should be on for this Brendan, thx for organising.
diarmuid o'colmainAug 18, 10:57amWell done Brendan, I'm on for this too. There is a lovely route around Barnaslingan and Carrickgolligan (Scalp) I could lead on another Wednesday. Mind you, maybe I would need to brief a faster runner than me about the route! (or this could be how I could finish first - being the only one to know the route)
brian fennessyAug 20, 8:53amHi Brendan,

Sounds great myself and a couple of the other lads would be well up for continuing the Wednesday run.

Also there's a good run up at altidore which goes through part of the army rifle range up at the back of the willow grove, its more of a trail run but even by my standards its a quick 9k so might be a nice one to do once the evening get a bit shorter also the pints in the grove after are quality.

pat barryAug 20, 10:40amMy club's training runs on the hills go right through the winter. In fact some of our best runs have been in freezing cold nights with the moon and starts. Just need a decent head touch.
Pat barryAug 20, 1:39pmPity this editor does not allow editing!! starts and touch?? - stars and torch.
Alan AylingAug 25, 9:26pmTo second what Mr Fennessy said above, the pints in the Grove are legendary. Good enough even to arrange a genuine IMRA event around after-race pints at that particular establishment, if anyone knows of parking linking up to a race route around Downshill. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
Justin O'KeeffeAug 26, 3:13pmThere is indeed a right of way, slightly bit overgrown that leads from willow grove directly up to downs hill. Involves a bit of small road getting from the grove / devereaus up the the ROW & then about 500m of tight path up to the fire roads up around downs hill - stunning views.
Alan AylingAug 26, 11:38pmMy friend Pedantic Pete wants to know why there is an apostrophe in the title of this thread.
Donal TroddynAug 27, 1:01amAlan, it's for the same reason my parents couldn't get rid of me - it's an uncorrectable error.
Anne ClearyAug 28, 12:17pmHi Brendan / all - Just wondering if I can join these Wednesday runs - starting next Wed 5 Sep? Having never done any mountain running at all (but a decent amount of road running)....feel free to say no if ye're pace is a bit too quick...I wont be offended!!
Brendan LawlorAug 28, 3:02pmAnne, no problem coming along, we'll match you up with someone who knows the route and similar pace. I've put up a new thread called 'Wednesday training run' which you need to look at and follow if you want to join in
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