Wicklow Way Solo

Pol O'MurchuMar 31 2013, 2:58pmJust wondering what kind of early start options might be available for this event?
Jeff FitzsimonsMar 31 2013, 4:27pmI will be sitting down over the next few days to put some plans together for this, Pol. Once I have run them past the committee I will update the page.
Luke RaffertyApr 10 2013, 8:52pmHey Jeff - hope you are well? I am planning on doing this run and would like to raise a few quid for a friend of mines 6 yr old son who needs an operation to help him walk. Is this ok to do?
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 11 2013, 9:29amHi Luke. It's no problem at all to use the event as a fund raiser.

I'm aware it's thin on details at the moment but I'm just trying to confirm the start time at the moment.

For anyone considering running please be aware of the following.

1. Those intending to run should have completed an ultra in either 2012 or 2013.

2. I'm aiming for a start time of 00:00 on May 25th. To be confirmed soon.

3. The cut off time for completion will most likely be 21 hours, with interim cut offs between Marley and Clonegal.

A more complete picture to follow soon.

Also, volunteers!! Don't be shy, hit the volunteer button, your ultra runners need you. Those running in the relay might consider doing a few hours whilst down in deepest Wicklow. We could have a spread of 8 hours or more between first and last finishers so I will need a few good men. Or one good woman would probably be as good as a few men.

luke raffertyApr 11 2013, 4:39pmthat's great Jeff, thank you.
you opening up for registration soon?
Robert CostelloApr 12 2013, 10:43amJeff, is that a 12am (night time) start?

I'll be training for the Western States 100 miler in June so this is an ideal build up run for me. Count me in.

Jeff FitzsimonsApr 16 2013, 4:37pmRobert, yes, 12 at night, I'm awaiting confirmation as to whether we'll have access to the park or be starting from outside but a 12 midnight start is what we're looking at.
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 16 2013, 4:40pmCan those interested in taking part please let me know via a post here on the forum or email me on jeff.fitzsimons@gmail.com if you're shy.
Juju JayApr 17 2013, 12:09amthats funny jeff "Or one good woman would probably be as good as a few men" you maybe right about that!!.. i live in Gleandalough you need any help around this way as i wont be in dublin that day... or is it all happen in Dublin?.. peace
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 17 2013, 10:27pmJuju, I will indeed need someone for Glendalough, if you're available that would be great.
Robert CostelloApr 18 2013, 9:58amSo the first five hours will be in darkness. This will be fun. Count me in for sure. I'll dust off my old petzel headlight. Hopefully it's a clear nigh. Will it be the usual checkpoints per the relay race? I'll hopefully have one or two friends as support crew.

Jeff FitzsimonsApr 18 2013, 10:31pmRob, check points will differ a little from the relay, I will get the details updated before the weekend is out so you can see what's ahead of you.

Also, great to hear that you anticipate having some people to help you out, we will be tight for volunteers given the distance we will have to cover and the possible range of paces through the field.
Juju JayApr 20 2013, 10:24amthats cool jeff.. just let me know where & what time & am there..i wont be doing the race this year so am all good for helping dude.. if ya want to email me you can on jaystats@gmail.com are just say on here..
peace dude..
John KellyApr 21 2013, 10:56pmHI Luke

Why not put up a link for people to donate. Sounds like a good cause
Robert CostelloMay 2 2013, 11:38amHi Jeff,

Do you have any idea of the numbers for the race yet? And if you could let me know the checkpoint info that would be great as I'll be organising my support crew (my two brothers) to meet me at each point. They would also be available to help out on other aspects of the race if required but will be following me around the course.

Robert CostelloMay 3 2013, 10:32amI'm training on the Wicklow Way this Monday morning if anyone wants to join me? Planning on starting at Jonnie Foxes and running to Lough Tay and back (route of the WW Ultra). Hopefully conditions are better than back in March!

Email me on robbicosta at g mail dot com if you are keen.

Tim ChapmanMay 3 2013, 8:26pmJeff ill have eve so will have to stay close to the motor. Can be free from9-4 let me know what where and when.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 14 2013, 4:24pmRobert, juju, Tim: Thanks for the offers of help, I'll be in touch soon and you'll regret ever offering!

Robert, I've added the checkpoints to the race details and sent them by email also so hopefully that answers your questions.

Anyone intending to race who has not contacted me please do so I can get a better idea of numbers. At present I'm expecting somewhere between 8 and 13 runners.
Liam CostelloMay 16 2013, 10:21amHi Jeff - what is the situation with drop bags? Can runners leave one at each of the listed checkpoints? Is there a compulsory list of gear? Will there be water stations on route or should this be included in drop bags. Not saying I will be doing it but just want to find out more details to help me decide. Thanks.
Mick HanneyMay 16 2013, 10:55amPosted this on the Relay forum, but reposting here for full WW runner's info.

There is a marked diversion on leg 6 which will bring runners a lot earlier onto the road at the Drumgoff Recreational area signpost. This is c. 5k into the leg. You now face c. 2.4k of road running before you enter the trail on opposite side of the road.

This shortens the overall leg from the advertised 12.7k to 11.7k. I got 470m climb vs the advertised 566m.

This is my leg 6 Garmin so you'll see the earlier road connection than usually.

Joe LalorMay 22 2013, 3:31pmMarked route from Dying Cow to Shillelagh for Relay runners only (black arrows on canes), Solo runners continue to follow WW markers (little yellow men)
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 22 2013, 4:24pmThanks Mick/Joe.

Liam, I think I've already replied by email to you, if not let me know!

But for the benefit of all.

Drop bags will be taken to the checkpoints, have them marked with your name and the checkpoint name.

Competitors should carry a phone with my number, which I'll give you on the night. A map is advisable if unfamiliar with the route and light/reflective clothing for the night time section.

I'll have a complete update by email to all tonight and will post here also.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 22 2013, 10:35pmI'm struggling with the event details page and making things look reasonably presentable so below is a link to updated details for the race.

Anything I've missed let me know.


Robert CostelloMay 23 2013, 12:20pmWould anyone happen to be driving through Dundrum on the way to the race tomorrow? I was going to jog up but I'd probably regret the additional 3kms at the back end of the race!

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 23 2013, 4:53pmRob, I'll collect you if needs be. I'm a two minute drive from the start so collecting you is no problem.

You can do without a warm up tomorrow!
Hazel ThompsonMay 24 2013, 4:05pmHeard Eoin Keith sounding very chirpy, as usual, on Morning Ireland this morning chatting about the Wicklow Way Race - Ireland's longest off road race. Good luck to all competitors setting out tonight. Hopefully we will see some of you in Shillelagh afterwards.

Tom O'SullivanMay 24 2013, 5:23pmYou can listen back to Eoin on Morning Ireland on the RTE Player. The segment is 5min30s into the 8.40am sports bulletin. The presenter, Darren Frehill, is suitably flabbergasted!

Brendan LawlorMay 24 2013, 5:47pmEoin Keith targeting his own record and hoping to be in Clonegal by 1pm - I need a lie down just thinking about it.

Best of luck to Eoin, to all WW Solo entrants and of course to all WW Relayers - see you lovely Leg 2 people tomorrow
Mick HanneyMay 24 2013, 6:36pmBest of luck guys. God bless Jeff's stamina for coordinating.

It will be interesting to see whether the midnight start is helpful or not in the context of a record attempt.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 24 2013, 7:53pmAnyone free between 11 and 7 tomorrow to lend a hand at a checkpoint and give others a break give me a call anytime, literally anytime as I'll be up all night!

Richard NunanMay 24 2013, 8:28pmVery best of luck to all the Solo runners tomorrow. The terrain is great out there at the moment so may the weather gods shine upon you.

The list of Entrants is as follows :

Juraj karca
Eoin Keith
Rory Campbell
Pol O'Mhurchu
John Cronin
Don Hannon
Robert Costello

Going to be a historic day being the first time have ran this race. Good luck to Jeff and the Volunteers!! See you out there on the hills !!
Greg ByrneMay 24 2013, 8:36pmFair play to every single one of you and I hope you all have a great day on the trails.
Brendan LawlorMay 26 2013, 5:51pmEoin Keith breaks his own record for running the Wicklow and also becomes the 1st winner of the Wicklow Way Race - New Record time 12 hours, 25 minutes and 7 seconds.

Congratulations Eoin, great achievement.

Well done also to all WW Solo competitors, 14km of it was plenty for me
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 26 2013, 10:52pmResults of the Wicklow Way Race are below. Congratulations to all finishers and hard luck on the two runners who didn't complete, on another day I'm confident both the lads would have got round comfortably.

I'd like to thank all the volunteers who helped on the day, in particular Robbie who was out for the entire duration of the event.

DLR CC were very co-operative in opening Marlay park for us outside of normal hours, a crucial element for the viability of this race as it's just not worth doing if it's not covering the entire route. I'm sure Mr. Keith and his new record will agree on that point!

Thanks to Richie Healy for making the wonderful trophies and finishers prizes. They are beautiful, unique pieces of art that should reflect the hard work the runners put in to earn them.

Thanks also to the friends and family of the runners who were a great help to one another on the day, to their runners and the race volunteers. It was a great display of the spirit of ultra running.

Finally, thanks to the IMRA committee for supporting the event and me in putting it together.


1. Eoin Keith 12:25:07
2. John Cronin 16:01:44
3. Rory Campbell & Juraj Karcak 16:51:32
4. Pol Ó Murchú 19:19:50
5. Donna McLoughlin & Don Hannon
Eoin KeithMay 27 2013, 9:42amThanks everyone for all the messages of support.

That was a fantastic day all round. Deciding to organising a race over the length of the Wicklow Way was a huge undertaking, so huge Kodos to the committee members who suggested it and decided it was worth trying. And massive thanks to Jeff Fitzsimmons for agreeing to be the race director. There was a large amount of preparations work, from organing the park opening, commissioning special trophies, and all the usual RD tasks, but multiplied out over a full 24 hours. The whole thing went off brilliantly, right down to perfect weather, so full credit to Jeff on a job very well done indeed. Needless to say Jeff couldn't have done it all on his own, so a big thanks to all the other volunteers for their help and enthusiasm. Special thanks to Robbie Williams who drove up from Cork and was out on the course for the entire race making sure everyone was looked after.

Personally, my biggest thanks goes to Helen Dixon for doing a perfect job of supporting me over the remotest and hardest to navigate parts of the course.

Well done to all the other runners. It was really great to see so many people make it to the finish. It's worth noting that until 2008 the record for running the WW was about 18:25, so you can see how good the standard of running was when you compare the finishing times to the old record.

Well done to Richard Healy who made the prizes for both the solo and relay races. The Trophies are superb. I think it's probably the best trophy I've ever won.

Needless to say I'm delighted with everything. It was pretty much a perfect run for me, with everything going right...perfect weather, no navigation issues, excellent support etc. When I first ran the WW in 13:46 I thought I had set a very good record that would be hard to better, so 12:25 has to be one of my best ever runs. Race report will follow at some point soon...
Robert CostelloMay 27 2013, 12:29pmJeff/Robbie,

Thanks for putting on such a good race. I'm gutted I didn't finish but I just had a bad day. I ran with John for the first 30k and was feeling good. He took off after Djouce but I was confident that I would stay pretty close to him. But the further I went the more tired I felt. It's a funny one as I've run 100kms before and not felt so tired/lacking energy so early.

I got to Glendalough feeling pretty smashed and a bit down but willing to continue. Legs were fine though so I took off up the hill. I then took a wrong turn - probably due to the tiredness - and ended up looping back on myself and down to the lakes again. That was enough for me to pull the plug. Not an ideal race but a very decent training run and lessons learned for next time. Congrats to all of the finishers on some fantastic times. See you out on the trails again soon.

Rory CampbellMay 27 2013, 2:32pmMy report of the experience just submitted. Thanks to all.
John CroninMay 27 2013, 10:59pmThanks again Jeff and Robbie for making the race day go so smoothly, I wish the legs went as smooth for the 127km!

Well done again Eoin, I can’t understand how those times are possible but we all live in hope I guess!

Rob, it was nice meeting and running with you for the 30km at the start, sorry to hear about the wrong turn, disheartening with that much to go. It’ll always be there so we might have an even longer chat next year! I slowed up a nice bit after Glendalough myself so I was wondering alright when you weren’t appearing up behind me. Ultra’s are a long day out! Best of luck with the rest of your WS100 training, that'll be some race.

Delighted to meet lots of new friendly IMRA people, looking forward to the next day out already.
Pol O'MurchuMay 27 2013, 11:35pmRace report up now too. Not the only thing Rory bet me at this week :-)

Fantastic event. Well done to Jeff and Robbie and their little band of dedicated helpers for the day. Run superbly for such a long event they made it seem so easy but we all know only too well the hard work that was put in behind the scenes with all the planning and organising everything not to mention the long long night and day that they had. Well done guys.

To the other competitors as well fantastic to meet ye all, Rob hard luck with having to drop out I know you were really looking forward to it. Can only imagine how annoying it must be to go so far wrong in what is already such a long event. No doubt we'll see you at the finish line next year! Well done Eoin on a fantastic time. It will be hard to see that beaten except maybe next year by Eoin Keith :-)
Brendan LawlorMay 28 2013, 9:31amVery inspirational report there Pol. There was a time when there were a handful in the Wicklow Way Ultra but that grew and grew - same could happen with the WW Solo.

Looking forward to Mr Keith's musings now...this is a very special era in endurance mountain running in Ireland

Well done to Jeff and Robbie and other helpers - you went well beyond the call of duty
Eoin KeithSep 11 2013, 1:47pmIt has been a long time coming, but I finally got around to writing my race report from the Wicklow Way race. It can be viewed on my blog here : http://eoinkeith.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/wicklow-way-race-2013/

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