Race Calendar 2018

Pol O'MurchuNov 28 2017, 12:47amProvisional Race Calendar for 2018 up now...

Many thanks to Laura Flynn, Karen Devenney, Brian Flannelly, Jeff Fitzsimons, Leo Mahon, Cormac Mac Donnell & the rest of the committes's both in Leinster & Munster for their hard work over the past few weeks working on this. Few more to be added over the coming days but most are up now. Time to get training!
naughton stephenNov 28 2017, 12:35pmHi
Am I right in thinking that the Glen Of Aherlow ultra on sept 15 2018
is sold out already.
Gavan DuffyNov 28 2017, 12:51pmHa! What a silly statement!

Do the guys have to respond to that?
Gavan DuffyNov 28 2017, 12:51pmHa! What a silly statement!

Do the guys have to respond to that?
Gavan DuffyNov 28 2017, 12:51pmHa! What a silly statement!

Do the guys have to respond to that?
Angus TynerNov 28 2017, 1:21pmHa!
Not if you'd actually answered the question Gavan!

Stephen, online entry will open much nearer the event, this year it was end of July, probably similar next year.
Lillian DeeganNov 28 2017, 1:22pm.
Hi Stephen,
All races detailed on the, for now, provisional 2018 calendar will become available for purchase nearing the event date. No race has sold out as yet therefore.

Gavan - naughty, naughty! I don't think this chaps query beats another trying to enter a race already entered. There is always a 1st time for everything. Let us all play nice :)
Gavan DuffyNov 28 2017, 2:02pmI do apologize for my off the cuff remarks.
Stuart ScottNov 28 2017, 2:10pmWell done everyone. Great seeing both Stone Cross and one of the Circuits back on the calendar!
Anthony AlexanderNov 28 2017, 2:27pmGood stuff. Great to see Seefingan on the calendar also. However, the course link to the Garmin website does not work. Can someone take a look?

I've very interested to see where the loop goes, as it's my local mountain...
Richard ChurchNov 28 2017, 2:42pmCongratulations to the committee, I think its an exciting calendar of races and great to see some new and old races back.

Anyone up for the Slieve Donard and Mount Brandon weekend challenge? :-)
Brendan LawlorNov 28 2017, 2:47pmHi Anthony and others

The race details posted for 2018 are all provisional (dates, routes, pubs, course lengths, etc) and are all subject to change sometimes at short notice...

What doesn't change is that IMRA will need Race Directors for each of these very lovely races. We had lots of new people sign up as novice Race Directors during 2017 and they were rewarded with a very handsome IMRA Race Directors top (The must have piece of IMRA merchandise .. nearly as prestigious a badge of honour as a Club 100 top)

So as ever Pol and Laura and Karen and Jeff and Brian and Leo and Cormac and all the other trojan committee workers will very soon be coming looking for next years Race Directors

Ask not what IMRA can do for you but what you can do for IMRA as JFK used to say when he was hillrunning...
Brendan LawlorNov 28 2017, 2:49pmAnd from memory the map on the IMRA site is indicative of the Seefingan route..ignore the Garmin link
naughton stephenNov 28 2017, 3:27pmThanks for clearing that up folks, in my defence the rhe 2018 link I looked at stated it was sold out after 6 weeks, this paragraph is now replaced with 2018 membership details. It was not last years link I was looking at, 2018 top of link.
Nice fast response Gavan, looking forward to seeing what other speed you have
Mikey FryNov 29 2017, 10:04pm"Where has all the sugar gone" :((
Graham K. BusheNov 30 2017, 9:19amThe "Sugar" has moved to December. Very interesting... I had thought it was gone too. But it's there Dec 27 :)
Mike JordanDec 1 2017, 9:26amWell done to the committee on the 2018 calendar - lots of mountain running to be excited about. Great to see some of the returning and retained races on there and some interesting new routes too. Alot of work clearly went into it.
Obviously with a calendar this jam packed there are going to be clashes but the 2 that caught my eye that I would like to very gently maybe get looked at again are Stone Cross to Lug and a Nav Challenge on the same weekend (probably attract a similar crowd). Also Circuit of Avonbeg and Galtymore being the same weeeknd (last races in Leinster champs and Irish champs and Mourne Seven Sevens has been the same weekend the last few years). (Also Mt Leinster clashes with the Rogaine but there's always loads of races on midsummer.)

And now for a not-very-well-thought-through-suggestion - Stone Cross is a great event but numbers tend to be low. Could Leg 1 be a Leinster Champs race? It would mean everyone in the solo would get a result in the Leinster Champs (as there Leg 1 split could be their result for the LC race) and the people who want to do the relay could join forces with people who want to run Leg 1 in order to get a LC result. Probably a lot of pitfalls to this idea that I haven't considered (like the awkwardness of having a point-to-point race) but just doing some outside the box thinking.
Thanks again and see you in the hills in 2018 :D
Val JonesDec 1 2017, 1:42pmGood suggestion Mike - but perhaps Leg 3 would be better for the Leinster Championship race, for a variety of reasons?
The finish for everyone would be in Fentons, for pints, BBQ perhaps, and prizegiving. Leg 1 is the shortest and has a lot of road running, also navigation has been tricky on it several times in early morning mist. There could be a start at 1 PM at the Wicklow Gap for those not in a team or doing the solo.
Pol O'MurchuDec 1 2017, 10:22pmThe following IMRA Races have qualifying points from ITRA next year (2018). These points can be used to apply for races such as UTMB, Lavaredo and other races that have a qualifying points requirement.

- Slí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí (3rd March): 4 Points
- Wicklow Way Ultra (7th April): 3 Points
- Wicklow Glacier Lakes (25th March): 2 Points
- Ballyhoura Trail Ultra race (28th April): 3 Points
- Wicklow Way Race (9th June): 5 Points
- Glendalough Clover (24th February): 4 Points
Ray LonerganDec 10 2017, 8:04pmIt is great to see the creation of the new Irish Ultra Championships. I am wondering though why the SLÍ GAELTACHT MHÚSCRAÍ at 72km and 4 ITRA points is not included in the championships. Any body know why it is not included?
Paul SmythDec 26 2017, 9:08pmJust starting looking at the calendar for next and I'd like to second Mike's request for resolving the clashes between the Stone Cross to Lug and the Nav Challenge which are on the same weekend and especially the Circuit of Avonbeg and Galtymore races which are also on the same weekend. This is particularly problematic as Avonbeg is a LC race and Galtymore is an IC race.
Conor MurphyDec 29 2017, 2:09pmNot complaining or anything, but pity Brandon and Donard are on the same weekend. Would have thought some doing the Irish Championships would have relished the thought of tackling an iconic mountain that's been off the calendar for some time.
Laura FlynnDec 29 2017, 3:04pmThanks for your comments on this which I’m only getting to look at now due to work pressures etc, so apologies for that. We will take your comments on board and see if any changes can be made. However it is getting more and more difficult to expand the calendar and, at the same time, avoid clashes or disappointments.
As races Coordinator I am primarily responsible for the calendar but this year I had a huge amount of help from other members mentioned by Pól below In putting the calendar together. I say this only so people are aware that we don’t just copy and paste but rather that a good deal of thought and effort is put into trying to finalise the calendar. The comments of members are welcome and important and if any members have any other suggestions or comments I would welcome them in the next few days before we carry out a final review.
Laura FlynnJan 5 2018, 7:48pmWe’ve changed Mount Brandon to July 15th.
Re the Nav Challenge dates, this series generally has its own race director, Gavan Doherty in most recent years. The race director can came to us with dates if they wish and as long as they’re workable vis a vis the rest of the calendar and permits etc we can probably make the changes. If you want to take on the role Paul, or anyone else, I’m happy to talk to or meet with you.
Re your suggestion Mike, this is something we can look at fir next year, or if you’re very keen and want to meet with me to discuss I’m happy to do so. I’m not familiar with the race so would need your input.
Laura FlynnJan 5 2018, 7:56pmAlso, will see if anything can be done about Avonbeg Circuit and Galymore on same weekend. Committee are meeting Monday so will post after that
Paul SmythJan 7 2018, 11:48pmThanks Laura. Much appreciated.
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