Roger TegartDec 31, 11:21pmThinking of entering the UTMB lottery for 2019. What races would I need to do in 2018 to get enough points?
John J BarryDec 31, 11:43pmYou do whatever you want as long as they have UTMB points that add up to the point requirements for your event. You should read the UTMB / ITRA Web sites to see the list of qualifying events and their corresponding points. A little bit of maths to see how many events you want/need.
John McCann72Jan 1, 1:47amHi Roger

Here's the link


You need 15 points in a minimum of 3 races to qualify. Wicklow Way race in June is worth 5 points. You will need to go outside the IMRA calendar for the other two. For example Wicklow Way 100 and Kerry Way Ultra are both worth 6 points.
Roger TegartJan 1, 12:14pmThanks for the comments. Just need to get running then!
Pol O'MurchuJan 1, 12:54pmThe following IMRA Races have qualifying points from ITRA next year (2018).
- Glendalough Clover (24th February): 4 Points
- Slí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí (3rd March): 4 Points
- Wicklow Glacier Lakes (25th March): 2 Points
- Wicklow Way Ultra (7th April): 3 Points
- Ballyhoura Trail Ultra race (28th April): 3 Points
- Wicklow Way Race (9th June): 5 Points

You will need a minimum of 15 points as John said but can be accumulated over 2 year. You could achieve this by any combination. 5+5+5, 5+4+6 or 6+6+3 but yes you will not get all points from IMRA races so you could look at the Kerry Way Ultra (7/8th September) or Wicklow 100 Mile (7/8th December) or to the UK for a 6 pointer. Registration for UTMB usually opens mid December and you need to have all your points by then. Then there's the lottery! It's been getting harder each year with a lot of interest from Ireland.
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