Race vouchers & timing chip

Williams AvaJan 4 2018, 1:50pmHi, I purchase the 50euro race voucher, are these posted out to me or do I pick them up at my first race?
Also are we using the same timing chip as we did for last years races?
Jim FitzharrisJan 6 2018, 11:04amSomeone else also asked about the timing chip. Do we continue to use the existing one or do we need a new one for 2018?
Mick HanneyJan 6 2018, 12:43pmWould expect the chip to usable year after year. Now where did I put mine last time I used it? :-)
Williams AvaJan 6 2018, 12:54pmHope you find it Mick ;)

What about the book of vouchers I bought. Do I pick them up at my first race back with my new number?

Thanks :)
Andrew HanneyJan 6 2018, 5:05pmRace vouchers bought online can be picked up at races.
Williams AvaJan 6 2018, 5:15pmThanks Andrew!
Garret NolanJan 11 2018, 2:44pmHi, I'm new to this, I have registered and got my email reply to my registration, is the race number posted out or collected at the first race? (Howth on Sunday)
Pol O'MurchuJan 11 2018, 2:59pmRegarding Chips for 2018 if you ran in ran in 2017 and still have your chip please bring it along to your first race. It will need to be assigned to your new number but will work fine. If you have not run in 2017 or before you will be given a new chip. If you have lost 2017 chip we can arrange to replace this. Many thanks.
Conor O'FarrellJan 11 2018, 4:30pmWhat about 2018 Pol? ;-)
Pol O'MurchuJan 11 2018, 5:07pmsee above...
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