Mountain Running/Navigation Beginner

Kieran MinehaneJan 5 2018, 8:05amHi Folks,

New to mountain running, looking for some advice. Are there any navigation courses that are run around Munster, would like to get a bit of a grasp of it.
Also would you guys have recommendations for gear? For footwear would I get away with running shoes initially until I figure out the right ones for me or is this a no go?
Any other advice much appreciated!

Ronan McCarthyJan 5 2018, 11:51amI'm no seasoned campaigner myself but trail running shoes are a must straight away in my opinion. I forgot my trail runners on one training day on the Wicklow Way and the risk of slipping/injury was multiplied by 10 (especially on the downhills). I wouldn't run any trails/mountains without them. Invest in a proper pair too straight from the off rather than going cheap. Try them on in-store to make sure they fit well, your toes will take a bit more of a pounding on the mountains than they do on the roads so i always like to move a size up for my trail shoes. Most people would recommend Inov8 or Salomon. I myself am currently using Nike Air Zoom Terra Kigers.
Derek O'BrienJan 5 2018, 12:32pmI got a pair of Inov8 parkclaw 275 and they are great. They are for road and trail running which is handy when you need to do a bit of road running to get to the trails.
Stuart ScottJan 5 2018, 12:41pmHi Kieran,

IMRA occasionally run nav courses in the Leinster area but if you sign up to the MMRA page on bookface (Munster Mountain Running Assoc) they might be able to suggest something nearer. But most IMRA runs are fully marked anyway so you shouldn't need to worry unless you want to do some of the championship races.

Re footwear, a lot depends on the weather and terrain but I'd recommend you just do your first race in normal runners and then ask around afterwards to see what people are wearing. You'll find the downhills quite treacherous but be prepared to walk them until you do have the grip! There are so many types and makes of runners to choose from so you're best seeing them first hand before spending the money.

Hope this helps,

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